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1 Bernstein upgraded Amazon to outperform from market perform
3 Bernstein says Amazon pullback is an attractive ‘entry level’ after missing rally since March
4 Analysts get even more bullish on Amazon, Apple, Netflix & Nvidia
5 Amazon to Buy Zoox, in a Move Toward Self-Driving Cars
6 Wall Street analysts see upside in stocks like Amazon ahead of earnings
7 Wall Street’s Newest Way to Part Investors From Their Money
8 Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other highly successful people who sleep 7 to 8 hours a night
9 'UFO' in Congo jungle turns out to be internet balloon
10 Covid-19 Profiteers Are Making a Killing
11 Electric Automaker Fisker to Go Public
12 Netflix CEO donates $120 million to historically black colleges
13 Waymo’s robot minivans are ready to roll in the Bay Area for the first time since COVID-19 outbreak
14 IIHS study finds self-driving cars may only avoid a third of crashes
15 Kenya's internet balloons could help to bridge the digital divide
16 Amazon Buying Zoox May Save $20 Billion, Put Tesla on Its Heels
17 Ex-eBay employees charged with harassing journalists
18 Tech billionaires are donating to coronavirus relief. But are they giving enough?
19 Facebook cancels F8 conference, citing coronavirus concerns
20 Jeff Bezos Buys David Geffen’s Los Angeles Mansion for a Record $165 Million
21 This chart ranks everyone (even you) by their wealth, and it's a snapshot of inequality
22 Jeff Bezos added a record $13 billion to his fortune yesterday
23 A Brief History of Why Donald Trump Hates the Postal Service
24 Zoox, citing COVID-19 shutdown, lays off its autonomous vehicle backup drivers
25 Cruise commits to using ‘100 percent renewable energy’ to power its self-driving taxis
26 Coronavirus Has Made Jeff Bezos $33 Billion Richer as Amazon Reports Quarterly Profits
27 Jeff Bezos gains $24 billion while world’s rich reap rewards from coronavirus bailout
28 New Amazon shipping requirements could knock down USPS
29 In California, Which Self-Driving Cars Log the Most Miles?
30 Tech Giants Hunt for AI Startups—and the Brains Behind Them
31 A SoftBank-owned company used Theranos patents to sue over COVID-19 tests
32 Google countersues Sonos over alleged patent infringement
33 Why Are “Progressive Democrats” Siding With Amazon in Seattle?
34 Trump Sets Sights on Postal Service Vendetta Against Jeff Bezos
35 4 Underrated Climate Change Donors Who Are Actually More Generous Than Jeff Bezos
36 Google is reopening offices in July on a limited basis
37 As Coronavirus Hits America’s Billionaire Town, Seattle’s Tech Moguls Are Slow to Act
38 Cruise is defying San Francisco’s stay-at-home rules, backup drivers say
39 CES 2020: Someone Put Air Conditioning in a Baseball Cap
40 We’re blowing it with self-driving car safety reporting, Cruise says
41 Facebook VP of engineering Jay Parikh says he is leaving the company
42 Amazon executives defend Ring over security, privacy concerns
43 Elon Musk's Tesla making short work of the sceptics
44 Humans Are Listening to Google Audio Recordings Again, But Only With Your Consent
45 Coronavirus shows there’s still no such thing as a totally human-free self-driving car
46 Data protection: Democrats on who controls your online data and what happens when it’s lost
47 GM backs out of CES splash
48 Google Assistant can now use your voice to verify purchases
49 Amazon reportedly plans bigger cashierless supermarkets for 2020
50 How to Turn Off Google Assistant
51 US billionaires gaining net worth during pandemic as lowest earners struggle
52 Facebook's New Dating Feature Lets You Pick a 'Secret Crush' From Your Instagram Network
53 The thing to look for in a portable Bluetooth speaker: durability
54 Tech trends: What could see a breakthrough in 2020?
55 Autonomous Delivery Will Reduce The Cost Of Residential Package Delivery
56 Alphabet's executive shake-up could give it new direction, at last
57 Despite the name, private browsing doesn't give you much privacy
58 Philly Free Library director Siobhan Reardon is under growing pressure to quit amid racial discrimination comp
59 Sonos CEO Apologizes For Speaker Update Confusion
60 Potential of electric vehicles tied to solar research
61 Facebook delays dating feature in EU amid Irish regulator concerns
62 Amazon’s smart glasses don’t have a camera, but they are still a terrible idea (commentary)
63 Philly prosecutor lobbying for statue: Columbus was a ‘civil-rights activist’
64 Google Is One of the Best Investments in Tech Right Now
65 Nokia Shares Tank as 5G Costs Hit Q1 Outlook
66 Amazon Just Became the Everywhere Store
67 Bob Dylan’s new ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’ is his best in decades
68 Tesla’s Numbers Are Even More Dramatic Than Its CEO
69 Amazon will temporarily stop providing its facial recognition software to police
70 World's richest man Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion to help fight climate change
71 Amazon's 'Alexa Answers' is a hot mess, surprising exactly no one
72 Banish notification requests for good with your browser settings
73 Lower Merion prom is abuzz over Brandy, Kobe Bryant | From the archives
74 Civil Rights Groups Have Been Warning Facebook About Hate Speech In Secret Groups For Years
75 Sonos Can Pump Up the Volume
76 Former Camden County employee charged with stealing $114,000 from Cooper River rowing funds
77 Montgomery County has fired its top two public defenders
78 President Donald Trump to come to Philadelphia Saturday for the Army-Navy game
79 From the Oscars to the White House, check out these Buffalo TV angles
80 Son charged with beating his father to death in their Ambler home
81 Why Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Missed the Mark
82 Time To Switch to Microsoft and Alphabet from Pricey Cloud Names Twilio and Okta
83 CEO indictment hangs over latest startup
84 That’s a wrap: Center City art house theater Ritz at the Bourse to close by the end of January
85 Waymo Exec Explains Why Making Cars Is a Distraction for a Self-Driving Company
86 The next step in antenna design
87 Self-driving car trailblazer Anthony Levandowski charged with stealing trade secrets from Google
88 UN experts call for investigation into alleged Saudi hacking of Amazon CEO's phone
89 This fifth-grader convinced Elon Musk to try her business idea—here's what happened
90 8 Ways Google Plans to Tackle Security and Privacy in 2019
91 Apple’s salty CES ad slogan has a sinister history
92 Top business news: Salary comparison, Amazon's leadership, Operation Warp Speed
93 Loon helps restore internet access in Peru
94 Data Sheet—Cracking the Code of Apple’s Notorious Secrecy Efforts
95 A Green Light for AV’s
96 Chris Hughes Is Right: We Should Dismantle Facebook
97 Kenya approves roll-out of universal 4G coverage to ease COVID-19 disruptions
98 Tesla's self-driving technology vs. everyone: See how it works
99 Why Jeff Bezos Just Sold Another $3 Billion Worth of Amazon Stock
100 Elon Musk warns of ‘manufacturing hell’ to come—Tesla workers say factory safety is already worse than sawmills and slaughterhouses