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1 Missionary models in prison how we should live in quarantine
2 NASA Scientist, Detained in Turkey for Years, Returns to U.S.
3 Turkey expels Protestant missionaries for 'threatening public order'
4 Bolton Exclusives 5: ‘Hit ‘em, finish ‘em,’ Trump said as Turkey held Brunson
5 Hagia Sophia, foreign Christians targeted in Turkey
6 Erdogan Fans the Flames of Religious Intolerance: Christians Blamed for Bringing COVID-19 to Turkey
7 Twenty-Five Things That Caught My Eye Today: Help for Foster Kids, SCOTUSBlog Misunderstandings, Celebrating Ramesh & More (July 9, 2020)
8 Andrew Brunson on surviving 2 years in a Turkish prison
9 Could being Christian in the U.S. become risky? Freed American pastor Andrew Brunson thinks so.
10 Andrew Brunson at NRB 2020: He Is Worthy, and He Is Worth It
11 2017 Washington, DC
12 Opinion: Freed Pastor Andrew Brunson Prays for Trump in White House
13 Andrew Brunson, pastor imprisoned in Turkey for Christian faith, tells 'God's side of the story'
14 Andrew Brunson, ex-imprisoned pastor in Turkey, says 2016 prison dream 'has happened'
15 Freed Pastor Andrew Brunson to Speak at NRB 2020 in Nashville
16 Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake runner Ryan Allison a national champ -- virtually
17 It's been a year since Pastor Brunson's release. What's he doing now?
18 What Andrew Brunson, imprisoned by Erdogan and championed by Trump, thinks now.
19 Amid Syria turmoil, Andrew Brunson, pastor who'd been imprisoned in Turkey, visits GOP in DC
20 Turkey Frees Pastor Andrew Brunson, Easing Tensions With U.S.
21 VVS 2019 Faith, Family, and Freedom Gala Will Honor Pastor Andrew Brunson
22 Report: Trump’s calls with foreign leaders alarm officials
23 Andrew Brunson tells of 'fight for my faith' in Turkey
24 Who is Andrew Brunson, the detained pastor central to the US-Turkey dispute?
25 Brunson, of Black Mountain, featured in Trump letter to Turkish president Erdogan
26 USCIRF Statement on Anniversary of Pastor Andrew Brunson's Release
27 Andrew Brunson Expected Persecution. He Didn't Expect to Feel Abandoned by God.
28 Turkey’s American Hostage Speaks Out
29 Days spent in prayer enabled Brunson to endure Turkish prison
30 Andrew Brunson, one year in freedom
31 Released from Turkish prison, Pastor Andrew Brunson urges Congress to heed others being held
32 Pastor Andrew Brunson
33 Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Pastor Andrew Brunson
34 US pastor Andrew Brunson leaves prison in Turkey
35 Pastor Andrew Brunson says he's probably 'one of the most hated men in Turkey' where he was detained
36 'Don't Be a Tough Guy. Don't Be a Fool!' President Trump Wrote to Erdogan About Turkey's Advance Into Syria
37 President Trump Addresses Values Voter Summit 2019; Andrew Brunson Honored
38 Andrew Brunson: US 'increasingly hostile' to Christianity; following Jesus will come at personal risk
39 Andrew Brunson: the US pastor at the heart of an international crisis
40 Brunson at religious freedom summit: 'It's wonderful that I can be here in person'
41 Rebuilt by God: Missionary talks about imprisonment in Turkey
42 Saturday marks 1-year anniversary of release of Black Mountain pastor
43 U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson Is Remanded in Custody in Turkey
44 Andrew Brunson was a missionary in Turkey for 24 years. Now he's at the center of a crisis
45 Charges against Brunson contain a strange mix of conspiracy theories — and a food video
46 How Norine Brunson Prayed When Her Husband Was Imprisoned | CT Women
47 Andrew Brunson: US hits Turkey with sanctions over jailed pastor
48 U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson goes on trial in Turkey, denies 'illegal activity'
49 Pastor Brunson is free. But the West still needs a policy on Erdogan’s hostages.
50 Erdoğan used Brunson as bargaining chip to make Israel release Turkish woman
51 Pastor imprisoned in Turkey for his Christian faith says youth aren’t ‘prepared for what is coming’
52 President Trump Addresses Values Voter Summit |
53 Brunson and Christian History in Anatolia
54 US Pastor Andrew Brunson launches appeal to Turkey high court on house arrest
55 US evangelical Pastor Andrew Brunson denied release from Turkish prison
56 Andrew and Norine Brunson attend State of the Union address
57 Despite a Murder and Visa Denials, Christians Persevere in Turkey
58 Anniversary of pastor's release reminds of thousands still imprisoned for faith worldwide
59 Erdogan says there was no deal with US, Israel to free American pastor detained in Turkey
60 Andrew Brunson row: Turkey 'agrees to resolve issues' over US pastor
61 Turkish star witnesses against US pastor Andrew Brunson are his expelled congregants
62 Andrew Brunson case: US takes narrow view in dispute with Turkey over pastor
63 Turkish Court Orders Release Of Pastor Andrew Brunson
64 Black Mountain pastor held hostage in Turkey gives opening prayer to U.S. Senate
65 U.S. rejects Turkey's terms for release of jailed pastor
66 Turkey Frees American Pastor, Moving to Ease Tensions With U.S.
67 How Jay Sekulow Got Involved in US Foreign Policy – Mother Jones
68 Erdoğan Defies Trump. So Why Do They Get Along?
69 American Pastor Andrew Brunson Meets With Trump After Being Released From Turkey
70 Andrew Brunson, the American pastor caught in Erdogan's crackdown.
71 Countdown to Camp: 5 Key Developments from the Giants Offseason
72 US Congress members call for release of political prisoners in Turkey
73 Norine Brunson grateful for prayer amid Turkey ordeal
74 Trump presses Turkey's Erdogan to release jailed US pastor
75 US pastor released from Turkish detention
76 Evangelical Magazine Christianity Today Calls for Trump’s Removal
77 Trump calls Turkey's Erdogan 'a friend of mine'
78 U.S. Embassy in Ankara has not made statement regarding pastor Brunson: official
79 Profile: Andrew Brunson, missionary at centre of Turkish currency crisis
80 Turkey’s Erdogan tests the limits of Trump’s threats
81 Qatar Comes to Aid of Turkey, Offering $15 Billion Lifeline
82 Brunson: 'Tsunami of prayer' from Turkish prison
83 Secret witness testifies against US pastor Andrew Brunson in Turkey
84 Turkey to put Andrew Brunson on trial
85 Trump to Turkey: Release Pastor Brunson or Face 'Large Sanctions'
86 Pastor Freed by Turkey Talks of Breakdown, Forgiveness
87 Turkey's Erdogan Suggests Swap: Jailed U.S. Pastor For Turkish Cleric
88 Pastor Andrew Brunson Headed Home To US After Being Released From Turkish Prison.
89 Sen. Thom Tillis: Democrats threaten our freedom of religion – Beto O’Rourke leads assault
90 Turkey May Target Mormons Next After Case Against US Pastor
91 Turkish court keeps U.S. pastor in jail; Trump calls on Erdogan to act
92 Military honors pay tribute to Air Force veteran
93 Freed pastor prays for Trump in White House
94 Turkey’s Assyrian community says arrest of priest ‘second Brunson case’
95 Pastor Andrew Brunson becomes a Hungarian citizen
96 Senators seek to free imprisoned US pastor Andrew Brunson
97 Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Survivors of Religious Persecution
98 How The World Series of Poker Went From Wild West Murder To Prop Bets
99 Free Pastor Andrew: Christians Rally for Missionary Jailed in Turkey | News & Reporting
100 Turkey's Erdogan links fate of detained U.S. pastor to wanted cleric Gulen