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1 The 2020 San Francisco exodus is real, and historic, report shows
2 Coronavirus confessions — we want to hear from you
3 10 large Bay Area tech companies employ no Black women, study finds
4 Police search for man caught on video in Piedmont vandalizing BLM signs
5 San Franciscans are keeping legendary Red’s Java House alive
6 The man who tried to find fame by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge
7 Unearthed footage of San Francisco's Market Street in the '60s looks like a different city
8 Wealthy buyers reportedly in 'mad rush' to leave San Francisco
9 The ghost who haunts the smallest park in San Francisco changed America
10 'Learning pods' threaten to widen the privilege gap in Bay Area schooling
11 We want to see your work from home set-up
12 I went to Gravity Hill, the Bay Area's most confusing road
13 For-sale homes in San Francisco hit recession-level high
14 SF company receives government warning over COVID-19 cure claims
15 After 250 years, Big Sur land finally returned to Native American tribe
16 Murders of California indigenous women 7 times less likely to be solved, report finds
17 Caltrans ordered to pay $2M for destroying Bay Area homeless camps
18 See the messages of hope across San Francisco
19 Halloween in the Castro: How violence destroyed the best party San Francisco ever had
20 Is there a San Francisco accent? This man tried to find out
21 Effigy found hanging in Oakland day after nooses removed
22 Apple announces remote work until 2021
23 Tenants in a giant co-living Bay Area palace are looking for new roommates
24 SF Muni driver beaten with bat after asking passengers to wear masks
25 Mysterious WWII letter found in East Bay wall, sleuths try to find ‘Little Rat Babe’
26 San Francisco dog shelters struggle to keep up with the 2020 puppy frenzy
27 Is San Francisco about to return to its Bohemian roots?
28 The Cliff House closed its doors this week. Here's its fiery, doomed history
29 'Stay out of Tahoe': Angry residents plan on fighting back against tourists 'trashing' the region
30 Report: 1 in 4 Calif. kids don't have adequate internet access to learn from home
31 The bear on the California state flag lived in Golden Gate Park
32 See the exact moment 3 California wildfire cameras were consumed by flames
33 'They want to get the hell out of where they're at': Tahoe real estate demand spikes
34 Rattlesnake sightings three times higher than normal in the Bay Area
35 Iconic SF building part-owned by Trump is looking for a new owner
36 Here's how the plunge in the SF rental market breaks down by neighborhood
37 Raccoons break into Bay Area bank
38 Pygmy goats and laundry rooms: SF shares their work-from-home setups
39 Fairyland’s PPP loan ran out last week. Reopening date now uncertain.
40 What would you be doing today if the pandemic had never happened?
41 Tolls reportedly coming to 'many if not most' Bay Area freeways
42 Did Alcatraz's most famous escapees survive? Two SFGATE writers disagree completely
43 San Francisco street to be renamed in honor of the city's first Black firefighter
44 Where is San Francisco's actual steepest street? This guy found out the hard way.
45 Two Berkeley public schools to be renamed in response to BLM movement
46 Redditors share their weirdest Oakland facts
47 Historic San Francisco building to be lifted 10 feet due to rising sea levels
48 BART tweets information on airflow, farts and ... more
49 Bay Area applicants flood program that pays them $10,000 to leave California
50 Muir Woods announces reopening
51 SF Ballet creates mesmerizing dance 'chain letter' from home
52 NEOWISE hurtles past Earth: Everything you need to know about the comet
53 Silicon Valley investor tries to create 'microschool' in his yard, backlash ensues
54 Latinos make up half of SF's COVID-19 cases, despite community making up 15% of population
55 Survey: 2 out of 3 tech workers would leave SF permanently if they could work remotely
56 Video shows mountain lion watching child play on bike in Bay Area
57 How the largest blaze in Calif. history compares to global fires of the past
58 New photos show the extent of the destruction inside California's oldest state park
59 San Franciscans share photos and creative solutions to stifling blanket of smoke
60 Illegal fireworks and trash-can fires in the Berkeley Hills are freaking out residents
61 Will Bay Area schools reopen in-class this fall? Here's what we know
62 The California Academy of Sciences announces reopening date
63 The pandemic giveth, the pandemic taketh away: Bay Area game shop deals with financial rollercoaster
64 Bay Area co-living start-up fails, angering stranded tenants
65 You told us how your 2020 would look if COVID never happened
66 A dramatic hike right in the middle of San Francisco
67 How a mysterious piece of jewelry inspired the Bay Area's most iconic logo
68 San Francisco birds have changed the way they sing in the shutdown
69 Adulthood interrupted: Millions of Gen Zers move back into their parents' homes
70 Bay Area site surprisingly named one of America’s most endangered places
71 Bay Area kids summer camp canceled, no refund offered
72 Coyote bites woman in Marin, park rangers track its DNA from clothing
73 The post-shutdown Bay Area commute may be hell
74 Airbnb asks people to donate money to landlords, backlash ensues
75 Study: San Francisco and Oakland are the most gentrified cities in the US
76 Californians are buying their own fire trucks on Craigslist
77 National Park Service opens 'missing piece' of historic Bay Area land to public
78 Stitch Fix lays off 1,400 California employees
79 'We have rights given to us by God': Calif. rodeo draws thousands
80 After sinking 18 inches, SF's Millennium Tower finally has a fix
81 The racist history of San Francisco's bougiest street
82 Pics reveal shockingly large chunks of ash falling on Bay Area streets
83 New drone footage of shutdown SF eerily evokes film noir
84 There is no way to cross the Bay at night right now without a car
85 California wildfires now as big as the Grand Canyon
86 See the boarded-up designer storefronts in San Francisco's Union Square
87 Family bonding and breaking during shut down
88 Data reveals SFPD curfew arrests disproportionately targeted Black people
89 Wild hogs are ransacking lawns in San Jose
90 SF gyms may reopen in weeks, here's how they'll look different
91 SF couple get engaged on the Golden Gate Bridge during protest
92 California camping is back today
93 At least 4 San Francisco schools may be renamed amid BLM push
94 Studies show wildfire smoke linked to spike in asthma, strokes and heart attacks
95 Tahoe ski resort considers changing its 'racist, sexist' name
96 Do you recognize any of these Bay Area John and Jane Does?
97 Golden Gate Bridge officials look to fix 'screeching that sounds like torture'
98 Videos show nightmarish Calif. wildfire devastation up close
99 Bird plucks an alarmed shark from the ocean, takes it for a ride
100 New footage: Coyotes take to SF rooftops, frolic in yards