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1 As Germany Takes Over the EU Presidency, Chancellor Angela Merkel Has an Opportunity to Tackle Some Unfinished Business
2 Merkel says coronavirus exposes leaders who rely on 'fact-denying populism'
3 July 9 coronavirus news
4 Angela Merkel’s Viral Moment
5 What Merkel wants
6 Analysis | This Is Angela Merkel's Swan Song as Leader
7 Employee of Merkel's press office suspected of spying for Egypt
8 Opinion: Finally! Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats introduce a gender quota
9 German officials alarmed by Trump's calls with Merkel, kept secret: CNN
10 Angela Merkel approaches the end in a state of grace
11 Will Angela Merkel save Europe?
12 Last chance for Angela Merkel | Daily Sabah
13 Chancellor Angela Merkel Addresses AJC Virtual Global Forum Opening Plenary
14 Opinion: Angela Merkel's moment to define the EU's future
15 Angela Merkel warns Brexit talks on the brink as EU ramps up preparations for no deal exit
16 Germany's Angela Merkel warns that coronavirus pandemic is not yet over
17 Merkel's CDU aim to fill half of party posts with women by 2025
18 Angela Merkel will be sorely missed
19 Angela Merkel humiliated: Chancellor's big defeat which made Germans warn 'she must go'
20 Stop EU from drifting apart amid pandemic: German Chancellor Angela Merkel
21 Germany's Merkel 'cannot confirm' her attendance at G7 summit in US during coronavirus pandemic
22 Angela Merkel presents German Presidency priorities to the European Parliament
23 Angela Merkel crisis: Germany dealt devastating blow after shocking prediction
24 For virus-tamer Merkel, global alliances trumped nationalism
25 Brexit warning: UK told Angela Merkel will NOT help Britain secure a deal with Brussels
26 Merkel: Negotiating chapters with Tirana and Skopje could be opened this year
27 Trump called May and Merkel 'losers' after their political setbacks, ex-officials say
28 America's relationship with Germany may never be the same again, Berlin warns
29 Post-Trump era a possibility, Europeans see no quick fix to U.S. ties
30 The Secret to Germany’s COVID-19 Success: Angela Merkel Is a Scientist
31 How Angela Merkel went from lame duck to global leader on coronavirus
32 What Trump could learn from Angela Merkel about dealing with coronavirus
33 German Chancellor Angela Merkel goes into self-quarantine
34 German Chancellor Angela Merkel Warns Against Reopening Germany Too Early
35 Germany: Angela Merkel quashes talk she may seek 5th term
36 Angela Merkel's succession plan is in tatters. Who runs Germany next is anyone's guess
37 How the Coronavirus Revived Angela Merkel
38 Angela Merkel: Germany’s crisis manager is back
39 60% to 70% of the German population will be infected by the coronavirus, Merkel says
40 What's Angela Merkel's secret to crisis leadership in Germany?
41 Angela Merkel and her view of the world
42 How The 2010s Were German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Decade
43 Merkel in quarantine after contact with positive case
44 Angela Merkel draws on science background in Covid-19 explainer
45 The Leader of the Free World Gives a Speech, and She Nails It
46 Angela Merkel is running out of road and should step down
47 Merkel warns coronavirus crisis 'still just the beginning'
48 Chancellor Angela Merkel's Chosen Successor Steps Away, Adding To German Uncertainty
49 The new European revolt against Angela Merkel
50 2015: Angela Merkel
51 The fratboys vying to succeed Angela Merkel
52 Is Angela Merkel Still in Charge?
53 Angela Merkel praised for 'direct, vivid and emotional' crisis comms
54 Germany: Angela Merkel becomes second-longest-serving chancellor
55 Germany's Angela Merkel calls for 'climate-friendly' coronavirus response
56 Germany is gradually reopening under plan set out by Angela Merkel
57 German Chancellor Angela Merkel to visit Turkey
58 Coronavirus in Germany: Angela Merkel explains the risks of loosening social distancing too fast
59 West German Men Fill Race to Replace Chancellor Merkel
60 Why Merkel's Coronavirus Address Matters
61 Opinion: Germans rally behind Merkel amid coronavirus crisis
62 It is no longer certain that Angela Merkel will complete her term as German chancellor
63 Angela Merkel lambasts her party's cooperation with far-right AfD
64 The Race to Succeed Angela Merkel Has a New Front Runner
65 Who wants to follow in Merkel's footsteps?
66 PM call with Chancellor Angela Merkel: 13 March 2020
67 Did Angela Merkel Just Make a U-Turn in Her European Policy?
68 Angela Merkel warns EU: ‘Brexit is a wake-up call’
69 Angela Merkel doesn’t use war imagery for Covid. In fact, she hardly uses metaphors
70 Angela Merkel must go – for Germany’s sake, and for Europe’s
71 Meet Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Potential Successors
72 Coronavirus: Why Merkel may help fund Europe's recovery plan
73 Merkel Quarantine Puts Another Crack in Europe Virus Defense
74 Chancellor Angela Merkel defends Germany's coronavirus restrictions
75 Angela Merkel ally's loss casts doubt on German coalition
76 Angela Merkel Can’t Isolate Herself From Pressure to Save Europe
77 Angela Merkel stumbles onto stage at business event
78 Germany's would-be chancellors struggle in Merkel's shadow
79 German chancellor Angela Merkel's political party rocked by members' neo-Nazi link allegations
80 Merkel: East German upbringing influenced my leadership style
81 Racism is a problem, not only in US, but also in Germany: Merkel
82 Angela Merkel says press freedom vital in time of coronavirus
83 Angela Merkel compared to Hitler by Malta ambassador who then quits
84 20 years since Merkel took helm of Germany's Christian Democrats
85 Angela Merkel, on her way out, rises again
86 Why The World Needs More Angela Merkel Right Now
87 Trump Undermines Merkel as She Tries to Stand Up to Putin
88 ‘Intensive’ talks over possible rescue for Lufthansa: Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel
89 Opinion: Angela Merkel, Queen Elizabeth II show how to communicate
90 Angela Merkel takes her cue from Alexander Hamilton to overhaul the European Union
91 Auschwitz visit: Angela Merkel says Germany must remember Nazi crimes
92 The Race to Succeed Angela Merkel Could Bring Surprises
93 German chancellor Angela Merkel again tests negative for coronavirus
94 Why is Angela Merkel so popular? | Op-eds – Gulf News
95 Could Angela Merkel's successor be a Green?
96 CDC recommends masks, U.S. deaths rise by more than 1,000 in one day
97 'It's up to us': how Merkel and Macron revived EU solidarity
98 The paradox of Merkelism
99 Angela Merkel quarantined, Rand Paul tests positive, Ohio on lockdown
100 Majority of Germans support Angela Merkel, want her to finish term