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1 Car crashes into gates outside German Chancellor Angela Merkel's offices
2 Germany's 'eternal chancellor' Angela Merkel marks 15 years in office
3 German Chancellor Angela Merkel marks 15 years in power
4 Germany: Angela Merkel agrees to compensate gay soldiers over discrimination
5 G20: Angela Merkel calls for global action to beat coronavirus
6 Merkel cautious on US vote comment, says she values science
7 Germany’s Angela Merkel Is Done With Donald Trump
8 Joe Biden Is Unlikely to Save Angela Merkel's Pet Project
9 Coronavirus: Angela Merkel defends lockdown, warns of 'difficult winter' in Germany
10 Germany: Angela Merkel's party to decide her successor in January
11 Germany's Merkel urges European border reform after terrorist attacks
12 US election: Merkel says Germany will stand 'side by side' with US on world issues
13 Angela Merkel's message to Joe Biden
14 Obama heaps praise on Merkel in latest memoir
15 Merkel Warns of Tough Winter Ahead Even With Glimpse of Vaccine
16 Who Are the Men Hoping to Succeed Angela Merkel?
17 Merkel Defends German Coronavirus Restrictions
18 Merkel allies in Germany criticise Trump's election behaviour
19 Biden could pressure Merkel to kill Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia
20 Biden's 'America is back' is good news for Germany
21 Bush, Obama, Trump: Will Biden become the fourth US president of Angela Merkel's tenure?
22 Merkel says fight against 'Islamist terrorism' is common struggle
23 The Last Throes of Trump's Wounded Alpha-Male Ego
24 Coronavirus: Merkel urges discipline as Germany mulls tougher restrictions
25 Kamala Harris versus Angela Merkel: which political culture is more old fashioned?
26 Germany set to extend partial shutdown well into December
27 Merkel Defends Latest Coronavirus Restrictions as Cases Surge in Germany
28 After Merkel, midgets
29 GUEST OPINION: Angela Merkel deals with 'tough guys' admirably
30 15 years since Angela Merkel became German Chancellor
31 Angela Merkel 'secretly plotting EU fiscal union before stepping down in 2021'
32 Prime Minister Janez Janša discussing compromise solutions for the recovery package with German Chancellor Angela Merkel
33 German police clash with protesters angry at Angela Merkel’s Covid-19 plans
34 German Citizen Accused of Spying on Angela Merkel's Press Office for Egypt
35 9 Trump moments Europeans loved to loathe
36 VIDEO : Car daubed with anti-globalisation message crashes into gate of Angela Merkel's Berlin office
37 Angela Merkel backs Boris Johnson to secure Brexit deal with EU in next FIVE weeks
38 Car crashes into gate of Merkel's office
39 Angela Merkel’s final year
40 Opinion of Merkel at or near all-time high across 14 countries in 2020
41 How Angela Merkel went from lame duck to global leader on coronavirus
42 The Secret to Germany’s COVID-19 Success: Angela Merkel Is a Scientist
43 Angela Merkel is riding high as she steers Europe’s coronavirus recovery effort
44 France and Germany Lock Down as Second Coronavirus Wave Grows
45 Angela Merkel’s economic legacy: strong growth, ailing infrastructure
46 Can Angela Merkel Seal Her Legacy With a Coronavirus Rescue Deal?
47 How Germany Fell Back in Love With Angela Merkel
48 'You cannot fight the pandemic with lies' -- Angela Merkel knows how to insert a dagger
49 Germany's Merkel 'cannot confirm' her attendance at G7 summit in US during coronavirus pandemic
50 Party disputes thwart Angela Merkel’s hopes of an orderly succession
51 This Is Angela Merkel’s Swan Song as Leader
52 German Chancellor Angela Merkel goes into self-quarantine
53 Everybody loves Merkel. Her likely successors? Not so much.
54 'For Europe to survive, its economy needs to survive': Angela Merkel interview in full
55 What Trump could learn from Angela Merkel about dealing with coronavirus
56 Angela Merkel's succession plan is in tatters. Who runs Germany next is anyone's guess
57 On Trump, Merkel's Face Does the Talking
58 German officials alarmed by Trump's calls with Merkel, kept secret: CNN
59 German Chancellor Angela Merkel Warns Against Reopening Germany Too Early
60 Germany: AfD files complaints against Angela Merkel in top court
61 Angela Merkel: Europe must learn coronavirus lessons as situation gets 'serious'
62 Angela Merkel: Germany’s crisis manager is back
63 How the Coronavirus Revived Angela Merkel
64 Coronavirus: Germany's Angela Merkel warns of hard months to come
65 Angela Merkel Guides the E.U. to a Stimulus Deal, However Imperfect
66 Angela Merkel says the pandemic stopped populism’s rise. She speaks too soon.
67 Angela Merkel is running out of road and should step down
68 Angela Merkel draws on science background in Covid-19 explainer
69 Coronavirus and Germany: Why the world is looking to Angela Merkel
70 German Chancellor Angela Merkel: 'Many Jews do not feel safe in our country'
71 Backroom bravado: Who will succeed Angela Merkel
72 Merkel laughs off suggestion that she was charmed by Trump
73 Angela Merkel returns to office after coronavirus quarantine
74 Merkel Gives Germans a Hard Truth About the Coronavirus
75 Who could succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor?
76 Chancellor Angela Merkel's Chosen Successor Steps Away, Adding To German Uncertainty
77 The Leader of the Free World Gives a Speech, and She Nails It
78 Chancellor Angela Merkel Addresses AJC Virtual Global Forum Opening Plenary
79 Germany's Angela Merkel calls for 'climate-friendly' coronavirus response
80 Angela Merkel's long chancellorship is nearing its close, but Merkelism will live on
81 Fact check: German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not the daughter of Hitler nor the controller of the US Democratic Party
82 Merkel makes improbable comeback as Germany’s ‘crisis leader’
83 West German Men Fill Race to Replace Chancellor Merkel
84 Merkel Picked Fictional Profits Over Real Values in China Deals
85 Germany's Merkel pictured wearing mask in public
86 Coronavirus in Germany: Angela Merkel urges people to stay home 'whenever possible'
87 The fratboys vying to succeed Angela Merkel
88 Germany is gradually reopening under plan set out by Angela Merkel
89 Germany’s would-be chancellors struggle in Merkel’s shadow
90 Germany's Merkel dismisses talk she might seek 5th term
91 What Merkel wants
92 Coronavirus: Merkel in fresh plea to stay at home amid record infection tally
93 Coronavirus in Germany: Angela Merkel praises 'key role' of health workers
94 Angela Merkel to meet Belarusian opposition leader Tikhanovskaya
95 2015: Angela Merkel
96 Coronavirus in Germany: Angela Merkel explains the risks of loosening social distancing too fast
97 Angela Merkel says press freedom vital in time of coronavirus
98 Last chance for Angela Merkel | Daily Sabah
99 Angela Merkel and her view of the world
100 Angela Merkel praised for 'direct, vivid and emotional' crisis comms