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1 Germany extends lockdown but paves way to relax more rules
2 What will Germany's foreign policy be after Angela Merkel?
3 Vail Symposium to discuss Angela Merkel's leadership and legacy
4 Germany To Recommend Oxford Covid Vaccine For Over 65s: Angela Merkel
5 Angela Merkel did not "refuse" the AstraZeneca vaccine, despite this being reported
6 Joe Biden has a lesson in democracy for Angela Merkel
7 Beam me up? Bavarian governor eyes top job after Merkel
8 Has Angela Merkel's Germany given China too much leeway?
9 German Chancellor Angela Merkel warns mutations could wreck progress in virus fight
10 Germany: Angela Merkel says coronavirus lockdown must be lifted cautiously
11 Germany to extend Covid lockdown till March 28, but will ease curbs from next week
12 Coronavirus: Germany's Merkel 'hurt' by parents' struggles
13 Merkel's call to Iran sparks new demands on nuclear deal
14 Could Angela Merkel Save the UN? She’s Not Interested
15 Angela Merkel faces lockdown rebellion as German regions loosen Covid restrictions
16 Europe's East Risks Being Cut Adrift as Biden Comes, Merkel Goes
17 COVID-19: France approves AstraZeneca vaccine for over-65s
18 Have You Seen This? Angela Merkel forgets to mute Zoom at world leaders' G-7 meeting
19 Angela Merkel urged to take UK vaccine live on TV as Oxford jab shunned in Europe
20 Watch: Angela Merkel ‘panics’ after forgetting mask, netizens say ‘have been there’
21 Angela Merkel's Potential Successors Laschet, Soeder Spar on Covid Lockdown Exit
22 'Total s**tshow!' Merkel's deputy hits out at EU in extraordinary Cabinet tantrum
23 Merkel Defends Extension of Germany COVID-19 Lockdown
24 Merkel rages at Brussels: Germany refuses to reopen borders despite EU legal threat
25 Germany's Merkel faces growing pressure to ease Covid-19 curbs
26 Germany Puts Far-Right Party Under Suspicion of Extremism
27 Political Malpractice: Chancellor Merkel's Failure in the Coronavirus Pandemic
28 Germany approves AstraZeneca vaccine for over-65s
29 Angela Merkel ally tells MSPs he feels like Scotland is already a new EU member
30 Merkel calls for 'fundamental rethink' at CDP Europe Awards 2021
31 Queen puts Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron to shame over virus – Yorkshire Post Letters
32 Berlin's custodians of silence look forward to museums reopening
33 Angela Merkel ally offers to help Scotland with EU matters
34 The Latest: Virus cases up 9% in Europe in significant shift
35 'Italy couldn't dare!' Angela Merkel's EU 'independence' laid bare by Italexit campaigner
36 Angela Merkel endured as others came and went. Now world's crisis manager steps down
37 Readout of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Call with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany
38 Merkel under pressure to 'break away from EU' over vaccines
39 Peace in Europe not possible without Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition partner warns, after EU deploys sanctions
40 Imagining Germany without Angela Merkel has got harder
41 Germany takes a step toward post-Merkel era but the race for her successor is wide open
42 Angela Merkel: Trump shares blame for US Capitol storming
43 Merkel pleads with Germans to avoid a 'last Christmas with the grandparents,' as country smashes daily death record
44 Angela Merkel: 15 years as German chancellor | All media content
45 Angela Merkel’s final year
46 Angela Merkel's New Year's speech: 'Toughest year' of chancellorship
47 How Angela Merkel went from lame duck to global leader on coronavirus
48 Germany's Merkel hits out at Twitter over 'problematic' Trump ban
49 Angela Merkel
50 Angela Merkel warns Joe Biden to expect ‘arguments’
51 Opinion of Merkel at or near all-time high across 14 countries in 2020
52 Germany’s Angela Merkel Is Done With Donald Trump
53 Angela Merkel Is Losing Her Touch at the Worst Possible Time
54 What Merkel Really Thinks About China—and the World
55 How Chancellor Angela Merkel Changed Fashion Politics
56 The Secret to Germany’s COVID-19 Success: Angela Merkel Is a Scientist
57 Who will succeed Angela Merkel as Germany's next leader?
58 Germany: Angela Merkel's coronavirus address honored as 'Speech of the Year'
59 Germany's Merkel 'cannot confirm' her attendance at G7 summit in US during coronavirus pandemic
60 As Angela Merkel steps down, German politics wobbles
61 Germany: Angela Merkel quashes talk she may seek 5th term
62 Car crashes into gates outside German Chancellor Angela Merkel's offices
63 How Merkel's Legacy Will Test Whoever Succeeds Her
64 Angela Merkel: COVID vaccines could be necessary 'for years'
65 Angela Merkel draws on science background in Covid-19 explainer
66 Angela Merkel is riding high as she steers Europe’s coronavirus recovery effort
67 Do not assume US still aspires to be a world leader, Merkel warns
68 Merkel to Biden: Europe ready to ‘take on more responsibility’
69 The Leader of the Free World Gives a Speech, and She Nails It
70 Focused on pandemic, Merkel has no time for retirement plans
71 Angela Merkel’s economic legacy: strong growth, ailing infrastructure
72 German Chancellor Angela Merkel Warns Against Reopening Germany Too Early
73 Can Angela Merkel Seal Her Legacy With a Coronavirus Rescue Deal?
74 The Enigmatic ‘Climate Chancellor’ Pulls Off a Grand Finale
75 Germany's Merkel cautions this is 'beginning' of coronavirus pandemic
76 Merkel laughs off suggestion that she was charmed by Trump
77 Everybody loves Merkel. Her likely successors? Not so much.
78 Merkel Set to Leave Office With Germany on Top of the World (
79 German Chancellor Angela Merkel goes into self-quarantine
80 Opinion: Angela Merkel's moment to define the EU's future
81 Angela Merkel: Germany’s crisis manager is back
82 What Trump could learn from Angela Merkel about dealing with coronavirus
83 Trump Undermines Merkel as She Tries to Stand Up to Putin
84 German officials alarmed by Trump's calls with Merkel, kept secret: CNN
85 Angela Merkel meets Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Belarus opposition leader visits Berlin wall
86 Angela Merkel returns to office after coronavirus quarantine
87 Obama heaps praise on Merkel in latest memoir
88 'You cannot fight the pandemic with lies' -- Angela Merkel knows how to insert a dagger
89 The Race to Succeed Angela Merkel Has a New Front Runner
90 Coronavirus in Germany: Angela Merkel explains the risks of loosening social distancing too fast
91 Coronavirus in Germany: Angela Merkel urges people to stay home 'whenever possible'
92 Angela Merkel's message to Joe Biden
93 Who could succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor?
94 How Angela Merkel’s Change of Heart Drove Historic EU Rescue Plan
95 Angela Merkel cautious on US vote comment, says she values science
96 Germany's Angela Merkel calls for 'climate-friendly' coronavirus response
97 How Angela Merkel's great migrant gamble paid off
98 Germany and France Oppose Trump’s Twitter Exile
99 Germany is gradually reopening under plan set out by Angela Merkel
100 Xi Jinping Speaks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the Phone