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1 These Animal Crossing Characters Could Return in New Horizons
2 Joe Biden has his own island on 'Animal Crossing' where you can learn about his campaign
3 The Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing bundle is reduced again if you missed it on Prime Day
4 Halloween is coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons
5 If you're looking for a Nintendo Switch, the Animal Crossing edition is the only one in stock
6 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' is $10 off for the first time in months
7 Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.5.1 Update Now Out, Fixes A Handful Of Bugs
8 Hellmann's® Animal Crossing Island returns to educate consumers on the horrors of food waste this Halloween
9 5 Lessons on Mental Health from 'Animal Crossing' That We All Need
10 ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Nintendo Switch Is In Stock & On Sale Prime Day
11 Animal Crossing: Check Out the Least Popular Villager in New Horizons
12 Fan-favorite hacked Animal Crossing: New Horizons items removed in Halloween update
13 Animal Crossing: Everything You Need To Prepare For The Halloween Event
14 Things are getting spooky in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
15 Weekend Outlook – Watch an Animal Crossing-inspired comedy show
16 Super rare Nintendo Switch: Animal Crossing edition console deal back in stock today
17 Adorable Animal Crossing: New Horizons clothing line debuts next week
18 Cranston Animal Crossing New Horizons: What You Need to Know
19 Ready politician one: How the election made its way into video games
20 Animal Talking, the talk show made in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is returning with three big guests
21 Japanese Charts: Animal Crossing Has To Settle For Second As FIFA 21 Tops The Table
22 Animal Crossing: New Horizons- Follow these Simple Steps to Create Your Own Nook Phone
23 Animal Crossing: How to Use NookLink to Enhance Your Gameplay
24 Animal Crossing's Most Popular Accessory, Revealed By Data
25 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played ‘Among Us’ in a bid to get out the vote
26 Animal Crossing's Isabelle Gets An Aggretsuko Parody Trailer
27 Animal Crossing players can get in on the Among Us fun with new fan-made rules
28 How to Get Halloween Skin Tones and Eye Colors
29 AOC’s Among Us livestream hints at Twitch’s political power
30 How Animal Crossing became an unlikely art haven during the pandemic
31 BEZAWADA: 'Among Us' encapsulates angst of 2020
32 The best spooky video games to play this Halloween
33 AOC Broke Gamer Internet by Streaming on Twitch Last Night. But She's Not the Only Political Gamer Out There.
34 REVIEW: Mesmer is An Enchanting Revolution Sim With An Animal Crossing Vibe
35 Twitch stars are lining up to stream Among Us with AOC
36 A game in the purest Animal Crossing style
37 Review: 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'
38 6 Video Games Where Dressing Up Is Part of the Fun
39 Why Animal Crossing Is the Game for the Coronavirus Moment
40 Animal Crossing Is the Perfect Way to Spend Quarantine
41 'Animal Crossing,' a Nintendo Switch bestseller, now lets you go swimming
42 The Quiet Revolution of Animal Crossing
43 'Animal Crossing' Is the Game We All Need Right Now
44 Animal Crossing catapults Nintendo to stratospheric earnings
45 28 Surprising Tips to Master 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'
46 Animal Crossing: New Horizons review: a chill life sim that puts you in control
47 The fun never stops in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It's a problem
48 Nintendo Switch and 'Animal Crossing' are quarantine bestsellers. Here's why
49 Animal Crossing: New Horizons: everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch adventure
50 Nookazon, data miners, and online tools are evolving Animal Crossing's economy
51 ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ and the limits of today’s game economies
52 ‘Animal Crossing’ Gives Nintendo New Horizons
53 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' sets sales record
54 Inside academia’s growing interest in ‘Animal Crossing’
55 Dive into summer fun with new updates to Animal Crossing New Horizons
56 Animal Crossing’s next summer update adds dreaming and cloud saves
57 Pandemic "dream job": Company offers $1,000 to play Animal Crossing
58 How ‘Animal Crossing’ Became Coronavirus Therapy
59 Animal Crossing: New Horizons: hands-on with Nintendo’s adorable Switch life sim
60 'It's uniting people': why 11 million are playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons
61 Nintendo’s ‘Animal Crossing’ Goes Upscale With Museum Masterpieces
62 Animal Crossing is emerging as a media channel for brands in lockdown
63 Newest Nintendo 'Animal Crossing' Arrives
64 Nintendo profits soar 41%, mainly from 'Animal Crossing'
65 I Am Not At All Relaxed by 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'
66 Amid quarantine, thousands are escaping to tropical islands — via 'Animal Crossing'
67 Elijah Wood visited a stranger on 'Animal Crossing' to sell turnips and make friends
68 Animal Crossing is the most soothing thing on Twitch
69 Animal Crossing New Horizons: A World Full of New Features
70 This music video was shot entirely in Animal Crossing, and it’s great
71 In extraordinary times, Ramadan finds a place in Animal Crossing
72 Biden campaign launches official Animal Crossing: New Horizons yard signs
73 Taiwanese Police Found The Owner Of A Lost Nintendo Switch By Playing Animal Crossing
74 Why Animal Crossing: New Horizons Attracts Millions of Players?
75 Ikea gives its 2021 catalog an Animal Crossing-themed makeover in Taiwan
76 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' a hit locally and nationally for isolated gamers amid COVID-19
77 Nintendo's Video Game Animal Crossing Spurs Real-Life Commerce
78 Wednesday's Best Deals: Animal Crossing Switch Console, KYOKU Knife Block, Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies, Beats Solo Pro, N95 Masks, and More
79 Animal Crossing is home to 2020’s hottest late-night talk show
80 Nintendo’s new Animal Crossing-themed Switch looks amazing
81 A New Game Has Beaten Out ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ For Biggest Launch Of The Year
82 Nintendo put together a virtual performance of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ theme song
83 Nintendo online subscriptions soar driven by 'Animal Crossing' fans
84 'Animal Crossing' and coping with pandemic stress
85 Animal Crossing is finally being played at the right speed
86 WATCH: A Fascinating Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island that Took 915 Hours to Decorate
87 A New Switch Game Has Unseated ‘Animal Crossing’ For The EShop’s #1 Spot After Three Months
88 You can win $1,000 if you play 'Animal Crossing' for 50 hours
89 Nintendo's 'Animal Crossing' series returns after 7 years
90 Welcome to Lauren Lapkus’s Animal Crossing island
91 Welcome to Mark Hoppus’s Animal Crossing island
92 Animal Crossing: New Horizons: September to Bring Heaps of New Additions
93 Aurora woman petitions Nintendo to include more diverse hair options in Animal Crossing
94 The psychology behind video games during COVID‐19 pandemic: A case study of Animal Crossing: New Horizons
95 Nintendo says Tom Nook is a ‘good guy.’ They’re right, and not for the reasons you think.
96 Animal Crossing : New Horizons – Visiting Islands on Dream Suites is a Must for Beginners
97 How Animal Crossing Will Save Gen Z
98 I Am Obsessed With a Tragic Hidden Backstory in Animal Crossing
99 Animal Crossing “Cannot be Sustained Without Change,” says Director
100 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Floods His Entire Island