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1 'Animorphs' Movie in the Works from Scholastic Entertainment, Erik Feig's Picturestart (Exclusive)
2 Q&A with ANIMORPHS Illustrator Chris Grines — GeekTyrant
3 The ANIMORPHS Writers Have Left The Film Adaptation
4 Animorphs books now free: Read about kids shapeshifting into rats and cats
5 Animorphs: The Graphic Novel is a 'visceral' adaptation, creator Chris Grine says
6 8 Questions I Have About a Potential Animorphs Movie
7 Animorphs Film Adaptation in the Works
8 The disturbing end of 'Animorphs'
9 Animorphs: The Nickelodeon Series Was WAY Before Its Time | CBR
10 How 'Animorphs' Transformed Into a Graphic Novel
11 Authors of ‘Animorphs’ Book Series Leave Movie
12 You Can Read Every ANIMORPHS Book for Free Right Now
13 Animorphs Dives into Film |
14 Animorphs Authors Exit Upcoming Movie Over Creative Differences
15 Animorphs Movie Loses Creators Over Creative Differences
16 Shawn Ashmore: 5 Best Moments As Iceman In X-Men (& 5 As Lamplighter In The Boys)
17 A new Animorphs franchise is everything one could want in 2020
18 New Materials in Ozark Regional Library System
19 Beloved YA Series Animorphs Will Morph Into A Graphic Novel
20 New Animorphs Graphic Novel Coming This October | Screen Rant
21 What's new at North Davidson Public Library?
22 Animorphs comes to graphic novels in this exclusive first look
23 JK Rowling's Anti-Trans Tweets Led to Animorphs Trending on Twitter
24 Review: ANIMORPHS: THE INVASION Is an Absolutely Fun Graphic Novel Read
25 I read all 54 Animorphs books in five days and it almost killed me
26 The Hork-Bajir Chronicles Was One of Animorphs' Most Powerful Books
27 Thanks To 'Animorphs', Nothing Terrifies Me More Than Parasites
28 This Scholastic Book Fair Quiz Will Reveal A Deep And Personal Truth About You
29 Here’s how a ‘90s app made those transforming Animorphs book covers
30 Scholastic Entertainment Teams Up with PICTURESTART on First-Ever Animorphs Feature Film
31 Why the Animorphs Are Overdue for a Revival
32 Animorphs Graphic Novel Artist Reveals Approach To Adapting Classic Book Series
33 An Artificial Intelligence Researcher Has Developed An Algorithm That Transforms Humans Into Animorphs
34 37 Extremely Specific Things Millennials Did In Their Childhoods
35 Animorphs Deserves A New Video Game Adaptation With Next-Gen Graphics
36 Watch This AI Algorithm Change Humans into Animorphs
37 WIRE Buzz: Ray Bradbury's Halloween Tree growing; Animorphs movie morphing; Hulu renewing
38 Summer Reading List: What Writers Are Reading During The Pandemic
39 How Media, Comic Books Could Remake Scholastic
40 A Reminder That Those 'Animorphs' Books Were a Dark Parable of Why War Is Hell | RELEVANT
41 5 Ways Animorphs Shaped Who I Am
42 Animorphs Desperately Deserves A TV Show Reboot In 2019
43 Kids Can Participate in Scholastic's Virtual or Drive-Through Book Fairs, Which Are Going On Now!
44 How the Animorph books became vital representation for trans kids
45 ANIMORPHS is Coming Back as a Graphic Novel — GeekTyrant
46 Vote for Your Favorite Books in the Goodreads Choice Awards
47 The Animorphs Are Getting Their Own Movie Because Nostalgia
48 The 10 Best Books In The Animorphs Series, According To A '90s Kid Who Read Them All
49 SDCC ’20: GRAPHIX panel previews upcoming Scholastic graphic novels
50 Animorphs
51 Episode 9
52 The Unexpected Connection Between Tolkien's Orcs and Animorphs' Villains
53 A Reading List For The Social Distancing Era, From Author Ben Philippe
54 Adapt This: K.A. Applegate's 'Animorphs' series
55 Read This: Animorphs served as an unlikely parable for trans readers
56 Scholastic, Paramount partner on new YA film
57 The cheesy sci-fi Animorphs books heightened the strangeness of adolescence
58 Let's Fan Cast The 'Animorphs' Movie
59 Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey's contrasting aesthetics have become a Twitter meme
60 Animorphs Graphic Novels Are in the Works | CBR
61 Acrossing the Miles: MEGAN BRENNAN of Jellicle
62 'Matrix 4' Style "Shifted" From Original Trilogy, Says Neil Patrick Harris
63 Scholastic to Give Animorphs New Life
64 Miami Book Fair’s virtual programming is a feast for literary lovers
65 Animorphs Authors Part Ways With Upcoming Movie
66 Stuff We Love: The unforgettable, sometimes creepy, covers of Animorphs books
67 Sometimes Saving the World Really Sucks
68 It Is Your Destiny: 5 Conversations About Becoming the “Chosen One”
69 A Few of our Favorite Authors Talk Fantasy Worldbuilding and Writing Advice!
70 Wolfwalkers Is a Beautiful Reminder of the Joys of Conventional Animation
71 Disney+ orders modern reboot of Doogie Howser
72 Anthony Yarde-Lyndon Arthur official for December 5
73 CoolGames Inc Animated: The unspeakable body horror of Animorphs
74 Why The One and Only Ivan author Katherine Applegate has hope for the future
75 Girlboss Alum Neha Gandhi Joins Picturestart to Head Digital Strategy
76 Zarrow Award ceremony goes virtual
77 Game Day Skull Session: Get Dumped Then, Penn State | Eleven Warriors
78 Your Favorite Literary Passages, From Dostoevsky to Animorphs
79 'Unpregnant' Producer Erik Feig Talks HBO Max Hit and Adapting to the Streaming Age
80 Will Smith to Star in Slavery-Era Thriller Emancipation, and More Movie News
81 Animorphs
82 'The One and Only Ivan': The Book The Disney+ Movie is Based On
83 Morph Club is the Best Kind of Animorphs Nostalgia
84 Q & A with Katherine Applegate
85 The best (and worst) TV shows adapted from novels
86 Japanese Transformers Beast Wars Beast Generations Mook Listed On
87 Junji Ito Gives Animorph Series An Honest Horror Rating
88 Wildlife Camera Trap Unexpectedly Snaps Funny Photo of Mystery Man Striking a Pose
89 Kidscreen » Archive » Scholastic Entertainment develops creepy show
90 The best sci-fi shows of the '90s
91 The Boys Season 2 Casts Shawn Ashmore As Ex-Seven Member Lamplighter
92 SCAD grad John W. Wells III readies debut novel The Last Angel Warrior
93 There's no cultural escape from coronavirus
94 How Those Haunting Animorphs Covers Got Made
95 "Why are horror and fantasy so queer-coded?": LGBTQ celebs discuss the appeal of magic and monsters
96 Artemis is the movie most foul
97 Disney's Mulan remake offers less heart, soul, and empowerment than the original
98 Video: the last Animorphs mystery solved by star Shawn Ashmore
99 'Wishbone' Movie in the Works from Universal, Mattel
100 Randall Munroe Loves Outdated Views of the Future