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1 New privacy legislation is 'the beginning of the story,' say experts
2 "It's absurd": Ex-Ontario privacy chief blasts Cadillac Fairview for collecting shopper images
3 Personal identifiers must be stripped in AI use, experts urge
4 Genetec kicks off new podcast series with Privacy by Design Architect and former Ontario Privacy and Information Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian
5 Coffee Briefing, November 20, 2020 – A licence-exempt spectrum proposal, news from HPE, Commvault, and MSPs on Reddit talk mental health
6 Digital privacy concerns will follow Sidewalk Labs to next venture, says former consultant
7 Dr. Ann Cavoukian: Why Big Business Should Proactively Build for Privacy
8 Cavoukian, colleague spar on need for sunset laws for COVID apps
9 Scaling up in rural Canada: BC tech firm’s success a blueprint for growth outside of big tech’s shadow
10 Ann Cavoukian, former Ontario privacy commissioner, resigns from Sidewalk Labs
11 There is a way to track coronavirus through people’s data and protect their privacy
12 What the coronavirus pandemic means for digital privacy
13 The Business Leadership Podcast: Ann Cavoukian, Expert-in-Residence, Privacy by Design Centre
14 COVID-19: What is digital contact tracing and is Canada using it?
15 Will Privacy First Be The New Normal? An Interview With Privacy Guru, Dr. Ann Cavoukian
16 Ann Cavoukian still has problems with Sidewalk Labs' approach to data with Quayside
17 Leading with a security-first mentality
18 Privacy advocates hail Clearview AI's exit from Canada
19 Building Privacy-Centered Contact-Tracing Apps
20 Victims of CRA hackers vulnerable to other cyberattacks: experts
21 Sidewalk Labs Abandons Toronto Waterfront Megaproject
22 Can we protect digital privacy amid push to use phone data to fight COVID-19 spread?
23 New homeowner 'freaked out' when stranger took control of her security system
24 Privacy experts raise red flags as Ontario first responders get access to COVID-19 info
25 'City of surveillance': privacy expert quits Toronto's smart-city project
26 Interview: Privacy guru Ann Cavoukian
27 EU ruling on US agreement may nudge Canada to update our privacy law: Cavoukian
28 Contact tracing information at Ontario bars, restaurants raises privacy concerns
29 Did the London Police Service lie about the use of Clearview AI surveillance technology?
30 Airline temperature checks raise privacy concerns, experts say
31 Sidewalk Toronto project loses privacy expert over data anonymization policy
32 Coronavirus tracing app not yet OK’d by privacy watchdog, but outside experts give thumbs up
33 Securing data in 'digital wallet' needs to be priority: expert
34 Durham College to participate in siberXchange Live summit
35 Google’s smart city dream is turning into a privacy nightmare
36 What the cancellation of Sidewalk Labs in Toronto means for Ryerson
37 Leaders must do more to reassure Canadians on COVID Alert app, says tech lawyer
38 COVID contact tracing has privacy concerns: security expert
39 Cooler Screens Provides Consumers Better In-Store Experiences By Taking A Privacy-First Approach
40 Controversial Clearview AI app could 'end privacy.' So, what now?
41 Nationwide COVID-19 contact tracing app set for launch
42 CIPS honours Cavoukian as a fellow
43 National | CBA National
44 Privacy experts support call for national plan for COVID-19 contact tracing app
45 De-identifying data at the source is the only way Sidewalk can work
46 OPS tested facial recognition software, but doesn't use it
47 London police clear up use of controversial Clearview AI facial recognition technology
48 named the world's first AI company to attain Privacy by Design Certification
49 Are there privacy concerns with Canada's new COVID-19 contact tracing app? | Watch News Videos Online
50 What is contact tracing? Here's what you need to know about how it could affect your privacy
51 Privacy expert calls Toronto police’s use of Clearview AI ‘appalling’
52 New deal with Sidewalk Labs a huge win, says Waterfront Toronto’s privacy consultant
53 Are Privacy Concerns Halting Smart Cities Indefinitely?
54 Richard Hsu Interviews Ann Cavoukian
55 Andrew Yang’s plan to take back control of Americans’ personal data is fine, but privacy by design is better, says Cavoukian
56 Privacy, safety advocates clash over 'Textalyzer' test for distracted drivers
57 Privacy fears at an all-time high, former Ontario privacy commissioner says
58 WeChat's surveillance of international users boosts censorship in China, researchers say
59 Privacy experts concerned with locally-accessible parking app (update)
60 Clearview AI shows government needs to be agile in making tech regulation: experts
61 #TrueNorth19 speakers argue the future of privacy is the cloud
62 Viral photo editor behind all those aging celeb photos is raising privacy concerns
63 When we protect privacy, we give Torontonians the freedom to succeed — in Quayside and elsewhere
64 Not all fun and memes: What's the trouble with TikTok?
65 Using Hamilton's parking app could send your personal data into the U.S.
66 Facial recognition in public spaces can be 'so damaging,' privacy expert says
67 COVID-19: Toronto mayor sparks debate on possible use of cellphone data for infection detection
68 Surveys show conflicting support by Canadians for COVID-19 tracing app
69 Nonconformist Innovation Summit to explore privacy and digital identity, NIST to discuss bias in AI
70 National police to limit, but not stop use of facial recognition technology
71 Government privacy breach leaks info on 9,000 Children's Disability Services clients
72 Zoom facing increased privacy, security backlash as popularity soars
73 Making privacy by design the business default
74 Two-thirds of Brass Rail patrons exposed to COVID-19 provided fake contact information
75 Former Ontario Privacy Commissioner Supports Apple's COVID-19 Contact Tracing Solution
76 'Unconscionable': Landlord service Naborly draws criticism for creating 'blacklist' of tenants who missed April 1 rent
77 Where Ryerson stands on Sidewalk Labs Toronto
78 Hamilton police accessed database with COVID health information more than 10000 times
79 Tackling Privacy by Design: Practical Advice Following Multiple Implementations
80 Manitoba government's email error leads to potential data breach
81 Canadian and Quebec Ministers for Digital Government, Global Indigenous Data Experts, Health Networks, Privacy Experts and More Speaking at IdentityNORTH
82 'We're sorry': 15M LifeLabs customers may have had data breached in cyberattack
83 Are Smart Cities really a good idea?
84 Waterfront Toronto extends Sidewalk Labs approval deadline due to COVID-19
85 B.C. man says temperature-taking for COVID-19 is discriminatory, experts weigh in
86 Mayor Watson interested in deploying surveillance cameras in ByWard Market
87 Apple and Google's contact tracing apps only work on new phones. That's a problem
88 COVID-19: Tracking individuals vs privacy: delicate balance
89 COVID-19 eroding global internet freedom, Canada among the most free, report says
90 Alberta privacy commissioner considering investigation of new ID scan system at liquor stores
91 Privacy experts slam National Bank asking customers for their password at other banks
92 Preventing a second wave of COVID-19? There might be an app for that
93 Did a Sidewalk Labs ‘misunderstanding’ about privacy lead to Cavoukian’s resignation?
94 Waterfront Toronto pushes back Sidewalk Labs deadline, responds to CCLA lawsuit
95 CAVOUKIAN: Loss of privacy leads to society devoid of freedom
96 Privacy-by-design principles: Getting it right from the start
97 Cannabis websites are prime targets for cyberattacks. Here's how to protect yourself
98 ‘Anything TikTok knows, assume China knows’: Experts urge Canadians to be wary of app
99 Halton police installing 'side cameras' on cruisers to nab distracted drivers
100 The case for making political parties follow the same privacy rules as corporations