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1 October: Annals of Botany Lecture | News and features
2 Losing coastal plant communities to climate change will weaken sea defenses
3 Bees? Please. These plants are putting ants to work
4 9 Types of Palm Trees That Thrive in Warm and Sunny Climates
5 The carnivorous woman – a saga from Charles Darwin to Wheatbelt Western Australia (Part 2)
6 Anesthetics have the same effects on plants as they have on animals and humans
7 A wild and whimsical world of flesh-eating plants (Part 1)
8 Native smokebush plant adapts to allow for ant pollination, researchers find
9 Other awful years in history
10 Coastal vegetation is a natural sea defence and should be given more attention: study
11 Sedate a Plant, and It Seems to Lose Consciousness. Is It Conscious?
12 Ant on Conospermum plant [image]
13 Garden Notes: Lovely June
14 Teaching Activities for: ‘Sedate a Plant, and It Seems to Lose Consciousness. Is It Conscious?’
15 Australian plant 'kangaroo paw' may hold clues to understanding biodiversity down under
16 Plants are not conscious, whether you can 'sedate' them or not
17 Puzzle of snail and slug feeding preferences solved
18 What's so fascinating about plants? | OUPblog
19 Rejection improves eventual impact of manuscripts
20 What Sedated Plants Can Teach Scientists About Anesthetizing People
21 General Anesthesia Works on Plants, Too
22 At the symposium: Botany and the early American family
23 Neurobotany: A Drastically Different Approach To Information Processing And Communication In Plants?
24 Plants seem to lose 'consciousness' after sedation
25 Striped maple trees often change sexes, with females more likely to die: Rutgers study shows how switching sexes could threaten populations
26 Study solves puzzle of snail and slug feeding preferences
27 Orchid wears the scent of death
28 What Rutabaga Does Better Than Anything Else: A Recipe for Rutabaga Noodles
29 A vegetarian carnivorous plant
30 Plants, Like People, Succumb to Anesthesia [Video]
31 Snails select sources of food based on dislike for smells rather than acceptable taste
32 Something Really Fascinating Happens When You Give Plants Anaesthetic
33 This plant sucks! (But how?)
34 Lichen that changes its reproductive strategy according to the climate
35 We can make plants pass out—with the same drugs that mysteriously knock us out
36 Moon's gravity could govern plant movement like the tides
37 Orchid lures flies with scent of rotting flesh
38 Researcher wants to show how the families behind the men helped push botany forward
39 New Organelle: The Tannosome
40 Webinar: Take Your Corporate Safety Culture to the Next Level with Data Analytics
41 Human-use anesthetics also knock out plants, weirdly, teaching us a lot about such drugs
42 Those Tiny Cotton Sprouts China Grew on the Moon? They’re Dead Now
43 More than one-third of critically endangered plants cannot be conserved in seed banks
44 The chocolate — and coffee — apocalypse is coming: Barnett
45 New cell component important to tea and wine-making
46 Sundews just want to be loved
47 When did the squash first come to Ireland?
48 How plants regulate their body temperatures: Implications for climate change science & policy
49 First known instance of a cricket as an orchid pollinator captured on film
50 No such thing as a free lunch for Venus flytraps
51 Plants with pocket-sized genomes
52 Cactus genes connect modern Mexico to its prehistoric past
53 Tannosomes and the trickle-around effect: a new cell organelle is discovered
54 Boron Is Essential For The Growth Of Plants And Animals
55 Temperature variability and wheat quality
56 Elevated CO2 Reduces the Inhibitory Effect of Soil Nitrate on Nitrogen Fixation in Pea Plants
57 Flight of the bumble bee reveals plants' flair for flower arranging
58 Trees in the Amazon are time capsules of human history, from culture to colonialism
59 Six Women in Science You Should Know
60 Germination of alpines: Climate change could shift the timing of seed germination in alpine plants
61 A plant that has evolved bird perch found: Scientists
62 Investors can help rein in Amazon deforestation
63 Some Carnivorous Plants Are Mostly Vegetarians
64 Ancient texts, paintings reveal the evolution of watermelon
65 Bird perch helps plants have better sex
66 Cardoons and artichokes? They all boil down to the same thing
67 Sexual deception in orchids | OUPblog
68 Frankincense collection can damage trees, and threaten the livelihoods of villages who depend on them
69 New Year, New Rule: Management Standards for Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals in Healthcare Facilities
70 Diversity in UK gardens aiding fight to save threatened bumblebees, study suggests
71 Coffee leaf may produce 'healthy' tea and other functional products
72 Chris Newman
73 July: Monty Don | News and features
74 Things We Want To Try: Coffee Leaf Tea
75 Pesky snails pick food by smell not taste
76 What Is Frankincense?
77 LAURELS: TechHub Wins Excellence in Retail Award
78 Carnivorous Plant Often Turns Vegetarian, Eats Algae and Pollen Grains
79 The Quest for Unconsciousness: A Brief History of Anesthesia
80 Coffee leaf tea could be your new caffeine fix
81 A hot hybrid: Coffee-leaf tea packs antioxidant punch
82 10 Saints who were leading scientists
83 The Patchwork of Regulations Surrounding Environmental Compliance
84 Love the Fig
85 In an African Forest, the Enduring Mystery of a Giant Butterfly
86 Help for a world drowning in microplastics
87 RA Fisher and the science of hatred
88 Making Medical Cannabis History
89 Death key to sex life of Satyrium pumilum orchid | Nature | The Earth Times
90 The Onion Test Is a Red Herring
91 The Real Nature of Thomas Edison’s Genius
92 Antioxidant Properties of Stone Fruits
93 The Many Gifts of Cultivating Cannabis
94 The evolution of Palestinian cuisine
95 A Place in Quiz Show History
96 Gardening in the zone of death: an experimental assessment of the absolute elevation limit of vascular plants
97 Caught Ovgard | New Zealand fishing mystery solved via email
98 A Tale of Two Hyper-diversities: Diversification dynamics of the two largest families of lichenized fungi
99 Glowing underground
100 BookNotes: The Australian prison colony’s first lending library