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1 Paris plans first statue of black woman for anti-slavery heroine
2 Paris Mayor Hidalgo hits out at cement giant accused of Seine pollution
3 France vows to protect its Jewish community after stabbing
4 Anne Hidalgo re-elected as mayor, plans to transform Paris
5 How Should Feminism Target Sexual Abuse? A Battle in Patriarchal France
6 French Prime Minister Castex Arrives on Scene of Paris Stabbing
7 The French Government tries to halt the revolt against the closing of the bars
8 Paris Is About to Change
9 Anne Hidalgo Reelected As Mayor Of Paris Vowing To Remove Cars And Boost Bicycling And Walking
10 Anne Hidalgo: 'Being Paris mayor is like piloting a catamaran in a gale'
11 Anne Hidalgo likely to be reelected as Paris mayor after forging green alliance
12 Socialist Anne Hidalgo declares victory in re-election as Paris mayor
13 More Bicycles, Slower Speeds, a More Livable City: Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Plans an Ambitious Second Term
14 Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announces bid for second term amid debate on her vision, record
15 Five Paris voters assess Anne Hidalgo's record as mayoral race heats up
16 'We Heard Birds.' Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo on How Lockdown Offered a Glimpse at a Greener City
17 Anne Hidalgo elected as Mayor of Paris for a second term
18 Paris mayor unveils '15-minute city' plan in re-election campaign
19 Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo calls for referendum on seasonal rentals to ease housing burden
20 Mayor Anne Hidalgo is making Paris more friendly to cyclists – and more hostile to cars
21 Paris Speeds Up its Pursuit of a Slower Beltway
22 Paris braces for a 'big bang' if Anne Hidalgo wins as mayor again
23 Paris Mayor Hidalgo champions environment in bid for post-Covid re-election
24 Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo delivers speech during campaign meeting in Paris, France
25 French health minister to run for Paris mayor to end scandal
26 Hidalgo vows to hold referendum on Airbnb operations in Paris this year
27 Madame la Maire: Paris, Reform, and the Improbable Rise of Anne Hidalgo
28 Wanted: a cleaner, greener Paris after the coronavirus gloom
29 Paris became a cycling success story—and built a roadmap for other cities
30 Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo declares victory in her fight to win reelection and oversee the 2024 Summer Olympics
31 The Greening of Paris Makes Its Mayor More Than a Few Enemies
32 How Paris is Actually Walking the Climate-Change Walk
33 Anne Hidalgo's eco-friendly plans for Paris: Speed limits, parking spaces and bikes
34 Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo on How To Make the City More Attractive, If Re-elected in 2020
35 Hidalgo, Dati, Buzyn: Three women, three strategies in race for Paris City Hall
36 The 15-Minute City: Can New York Be More Like Paris?
37 Three women go head to head in race for Paris mayor
38 Paris’s temporary bike lanes to become permanent after Hidalgo’s re-election
39 Paris Deputy Mayor Quits After Protests Over Links to Pedophile Writer
40 Parisians To Elect New Mayor Sunday
41 Mayor of Paris Hidalgo, green alliance confident ahead of second round voting
42 Be My Mayor, Anne Hidalgo
43 Paris mayor's race sees incumbent Anne Hidalgo as narrow favourite for 2020
44 Will cars be banned in Paris after lockdown?
45 Every Street In Paris To Be Cycle-Friendly By 2024, Promises Mayor
46 Urban forests, bikes and Airbnb: Paris mayor Hidalgo sets out six-year plan
47 5 Surprising Things About Paris' First Female Mayor, Anne Hidalgo
48 France's Socialist Party Could Come Back From the Dead—With a Little Help From the Greens
49 Mayor announces plans to make Paris 100 per cent cycle friendly by 2024
50 Resurgent conservative Rachida Dati bids to seize Paris mayor's office
51 FACTBOX-Three women vie to become next Paris mayor
52 2024 Summer Olympics host Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo troubled by new IOC sponsor Airbnb
53 Airbnb faces backlash in Toronto and Paris
54 UPDATE 1-Socialist Paris Mayor beats Macron's candidate in election 1st round
55 'Paris has changed permanently': a day on duty with mayor Anne Hidalgo
56 Socialist Paris Mayor beats Macron's candidate in election first round
57 Mayor Anne Hidalgo's Pledge to Make Paris "100% Bikeable"
58 Paris mayor pledges huge new park in re-election bid
59 Paris Mayoral Race Upended By Sexting Scandal
60 Christophe Girard, Former Deputy Mayor of Paris, Accused of Sexual Abuse
61 Welcome to the 15-minute city
62 Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo's popularity on the wane, says poll
63 How Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Is Future-Proofing The City Of Light
64 What the reinvention of Europe's favorite city means for travelers
65 Emmanuel Macron may be about to lose in Paris
66 Inside Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo's Ambitious Plans To Create The Post-Car City
67 Victory for Anne Hidalgo: The Seine banks will stay car-free
68 Anne Hidalgo: 'I am who I am. I don't play a role'
69 UPDATE: Masks, tests and cycling
70 Interview: Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo
71 Au Revoir Les Automobiles: Paris Closes Rue De Rivoli To Cars
72 'We lit up the Eiffel Tower for Neymar, now it's his turn to do something for Paris' says City mayor
73 'My absolute priority is housing,' says Paris' first female mayor
74 Paris to make more streets cycle-friendly post lockdown
75 Anne Hidalgo putting Parisian politics on the national stage
76 Anne Hidalgo Calls Burning of Amazon Rainforest a “Crime Against Humanity.”
77 Empower women to avert climate crisis
78 How Anne Hidalgo plans to get cities to adopt climate action plans by 2020
79 Mayor of Paris Grows Into Her New Role as Comforter in Chief
80 Paris, our Paris, is suffering but alive
81 Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo visits LA, USC
82 Who Is Anne Hidalgo? Paris' Mayor Supports Attack Victims, Muslim Communities & Refugees
83 Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo puts brakes on electric scooters
84 Mayor of Paris: “The power of Notre-Dame goes beyond the religious”
85 Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo makes public transit free for youth
86 Meet Anne Hidalgo, one of Fast Company's Most Creative People
87 Spanish migrant Hidalgo becomes first woman mayor of Paris
88 Socialist Anne Hidalgo expected to become first female mayor of Paris
89 Olympic bid 2024
90 C40 appoints Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo as new chief
91 A Voice From Paris on Climate Change
92 Paris’s Socialist Mayor Faces the Wrath of Identity Politics
93 Thanks to Anne Hidalgo, there will soon be two refugee camps at the heart of Paris
94 Q&A: Anne Hidalgo, Mayoral Candidate in Paris
95 Anne Hidalgo, Paris's First Female Mayor, Isn't a Fashionista…and That's Quite All Right
96 Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo apparently proceeding with idiotic lawsuit against Fox News
97 Sadiq Khan and Anne Hidalgo rebuke Donald Trump over Muslim ban
98 Paris mayor: I'm suing Fox News over false report on Muslim 'no-go' zones
99 Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo: ‘Charlie Hebdo changed Paris. But everyone said: You will not kill our spirit’
100 Can Paris become the world's bicycle capital?