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1 A non-native lizard is now making its home in Virginia. It likely hitchhiked on plants.
2 Anolis Lighting Scheme for Southampton Mayflower Theatre
3 New Anolis Lighting Scheme for the Porte de Bourgogne
4 Niabi Zoo welcomes the hatching of four Smallwood's Anoles
5 Invasive lizards running rampant in Taiwan, threatening biodiversity
6 S.A.’s Common Critters: Nothing common about the green anole, San Antonio’s most common lizard
7 Anolis Lights It In Red | LiveDesignOnline
8 Lack of evidence for plasticity-led evolution in lizards: Recent findings suggest the repeated evolution of similar traits in island lizards was not channelled by developmental responses to the environment, as commonly thought
9 Hurricanes twist evolution in island lizards
10 $1.2M grant to study evolution of Central American lizards
11 Hot time in the city: Urban lizards evolve heat tolerance
12 Research: Flashy lizards are more attractive to mates and to predators
13 No falling iguanas here, but maybe tegus
14 New Anolis lighting scheme for the Porte de Bourgogone
15 Hold on Tight: Researchers Say Caribbean Lizards Grow Bigger Toes to Survive Hurricanes | The Weather Channel
16 Predators drove a lizard population to extinction without eating them
17 First Anolis Eminere UK Installation at Mirfield Underpass
18 Study highlights lack of evidence for plasticity-led evolution in lizards
19 Creatures Among Us: Green and Brown Anoles: One Native, One Introduced
20 Rare lizard fossil preserved in amber
21 Lookalike Lizards and the Predictability of Evolution
22 An Embarrassment of Anoles
23 Latest non-native lizard to expand in state, UF/IFAS scientists warn
24 'Scuba-diving' lizard can stay underwater for 16 minutes
25 Anolis
26 Cold snap makes lizards evolve in just a few months
27 Parasites 'mite' help curb the spread of invasive lizards
28 Are newer brown anoles driving away Louisiana's green lizards?
29 Anole Lizard Discovery Confirms That Evolution Is Predictable
30 Movement behavior of an anole species surprisingly dynamic
31 Anolis landestoyi: New Species of Chameleon-Like Lizard Found in Dominican Republic | Biology
32 The Anomalies: The Dewlap
33 Leaping Lizards | |
34 Lizard Forefoot Found Preserved in Dominican Amber | Paleontology
35 Ask SAM: Are the lizards I see in my yard dangerous?
36 Godzilla vs. Megalon? Nope, just Carolina vs. Cuban anoles
37 New lizard found in Dominican Republic is already at risk
38 New study sheds light (and some shade) on anole diversification
39 Analyze This: Hurricanes may help lizards evolve better grips
40 Meet Lizard Man, a reptile-loving biologist tackling some of the biggest questions in evolution
41 Cuban anoles at war with native Carolinians
42 City lizards have evolved to beat the heat
43 What cold lizards in Miami can tell us about climate change resilience
44 Competition drove these lizards to evolve big, sticky feet in just 15 years
45 Meet the first gene-edited reptile: An albino lizard
46 WATCH: First-Ever Footage of a Lizard Breathing Underwater
47 Biodiversity may limit invasions: Lessons from lizards on Panama Canal islands
48 Invasive species trigger rapid evolution for lizards in Florida
49 Mystery of the Lizards That Know the Way Home
50 Lizard man
51 The lizards rewriting the rules of ecology
52 The Green Anole, Your Resident Backyard Lizard, Is Being Pushed Out By Its Uglier Cousin
53 Look out for the only native lizard, the green anole
54 Gothenburg library picks Anolis lighting for 'swooshy' pillars
55 A surprising new anole
56 The color of your clothing can impact wildlife
57 Lizard Love | The UCSB Current
58 Anolis lights 1,360-metre Icelandic lava tunnel
59 Blue Anoles of Gorgona Island – Guapi, Colombia
60 Anolis Illuminates Rhyl
61 City Lizards Adapt Fast to Urban Living
62 Wild About Texas: Brown anole got to Texas as fast as it could
63 A tiny lizard adapts to become faster, stronger to survive in a warmer climate
64 Baby Anoles Hatch at Roanoke Aquarium
65 Anoles Going Strong on Hispaniola Millions of Years Later
66 'Game-changing' gene edit turned this anole lizard into an albino
67 Natural selection could have influence on lizards' 'personalities'
68 Island lizards are expert sunbathers, and researchers find it's slowing their evolution
69 Putting on an Exhibition in London | LiveDesignOnline
70 Natural selection in action: Hurricanes Irma and Maria affected island lizards
71 Lizards Released and Stranded on Islands Show Evolution at Work
72 Signature Lighting Design for Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
73 Czech LED lighting producer Anolis appoints new sales director
74 Lizards gone wild! UC Berkeley researcher’s ‘feminist science’ bucks male-dominated inquiry
75 Sticky feet evolved differently in geckos and anoles
76 Rapid-fire evolution
77 Researchers Create Albino Lizards Using CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing | Genetics
78 Anolis Lighting appoints Darin Fowler US business development manager
79 Hurricanes have warped how lizards evolve, and still throw in a twist
80 Fortune — and nature — favors the bold
81 Leading evolutionary biologist Jonathan Losos to deliver 2020 Darwin Day Lecture
82 Why are there so many types of lizards?
83 How do new predators change an ecosystem? Watch the prey, say Princeton researchers
84 Lizard species found to reduce head bobbing mating ritual when predators are around
85 Backyard wildlife offer entertainment if you watch closely
86 Lizards' grip became ten times stronger after hurricane Maria
87 Lizard Genome Unveiled
88 Climate change may even threaten one of the world's most resilient lizards
89 Adaptation: Evolution of Island Lizards Remains a Mystery
90 Where did all the little brown lizards come from?
91 Whipping up a little natural selection
92 What Miami's freezing lizards tell us about climate change
93 Scientists create the world’s first gene-edited lizards
94 This Odd Scuba-Diving Lizard Can Stay Underwater For 16 Minutes Thanks to This Trick
95 Competition puts the brakes on body evolution in island lizards
96 Leggy lizards and hurricane survival
97 'Lizard Isles' reveal natural selection at work
98 Interview: Tropical paleontology and being #BlackInNature | NOVA
99 Lizards are taking over where Hurricane Michael hit last year
100 Common lizards in Florida gardens