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1 Antarctic Ice Sheet Retreat Could Trigger Chain Reaction – Possibly Came Close to Collapse in the Past
2 Trace gases from ocean are source of particles accelerating Antarctic climate change
3 Antarctic ice sheet retreat could trigger chain reaction
4 New Zealand is seeking industry info to build Antarctic patrol vessel
5 The Antarctic Expedition That Changed Modern Medicine
6 Catastrophic Sea-Level Rise From Antarctic Melting Is Possible With Severe Global Warming
7 Antarctic rocks on the rebound could raise sea level much more than expected
8 South Pole Ice Core Reveals History of Antarctic Sea Ice
9 Abundant harvest in Antarctic greenhouse shows promise for moon agriculture
10 Artists chronicle climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic
11 Why Did Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton Keep 'Conking Out'?
12 Astronauts' Mental Health Risks Tested in the Antarctic
13 Scientists observe rapid ozone fluctuations over the Antarctic polar vortex edge area
14 Study says Antarctic Ice Sheet melt to lift sea level higher than thought
15 Catastrophic Sea-Level Rise From Antarctic Melting Possible if Paris Climate Agreement Isn't Met
16 Antarctic ice model shows unstoppable sea level rise if Paris target is not met | Penn State University
17 Madhouse at the End of the Earth: a Doomed Antarctic Expedition, Insanity, and Penguin Meat | Bon Appétit
18 Antarctic ‘doomsday glacier’ may be melting faster than was thought
19 Antarctic Study Shows How Much Space Dust Hits Earth Every Year
20 Antarctic ice melt poised to raise sea levels around the world — but it's not too late to stop it
21 Protecting Habitats in the Antarctic
22 The Antarctic Cruise Season Will Look Different This Year
23 Antarctic rift was active more recently than thought
24 Enormous Antarctic iceberg that became an internet star finally melts away
25 Madhouse at the End of the Earth: A Brief History of People Losing Their Minds in Antarctica
26 Melting of Antarctic ice sheet could raise sea levels by 20%, new study finds
27 Antarctic Peninsula warming is expected to continue
28 What Was Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton's Mystery Illness?
29 The Tale of a Chaotic and Failed Attempt to Explore Antarctica in 1897
30 Antarctic Media Program now open for applications
31 Explosive cyclones off Antarctica contribute to ice shelf calving
32 The Aircraft Buried In The Antarctic
33 Freezing cold snap will last until WEDNESDAY after an Antarctic front swept across Australia
34 Antarctica’s Doomsday Glacier: How Doomed Are We?
35 Antarctica’s ice could cross this scary threshold within 40 years
36 Get Krack!n’s Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney set their sights on Antarctica and climate change in comedy podcast Slushy
37 Momentum builds for Southern Ocean protection — Australian Antarctic Program (News 2021)
38 New Centre for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Technology
39 Is Antarctica the new Eldorado? The sixth continent between claims and international law
40 A study revealed that melting Antarctic ice favors cloud formation
41 Sir Ernest Shackleton had to return home from the South Pole in 1901 due to a bout of 'beriberi'
42 A68: Enormous Antarctic iceberg finally melts
43 New warning on rapid melting of glaciers
44 Paris Climate Agreement: Exceeding 2°C Will Melt Unstable Antarctic and Increase Sea Level Catastrophically
45 ‘Madhouse at the End of the Earth’ Review: Freezing for Belgium
46 Antarctica's Upside Down World
47 What's the coldest the Earth has ever been? | Weather Blog
48 Lean Fall Stand: Eloquent mapping of geographer’s disorientation
49 Protect the Antarctic Peninsula — before it's too late
50 Quake info: Moderate mag. 4.6 earthquake
51 Huge Atmospheric Rivers Could Quicken Antarctic Ice Melt
52 What's the Coldest Place on Earth? | HowStuffWorks
53 Substance found in Antarctic ice may solve a martian mystery
54 Celebrating IceCube's First Decade of Discovery | Berkeley Lab
55 Climate models predict runaway sea level rise if Paris targets overshot
56 Scientists find unexpected animal life far beneath Antarctica’s floating ice shelves
57 A Vital Resource Supporting Antarctic Research
58 Gravity Data Reveal Unexpected Antarctic Ice Variations
59 A third of Antarctic ice shelf risks collapse as our planet warms
60 New cyanobacteria species spotlights early life: Anthocerotibacter panamensis, a newly discovered species of cyanobacteria, can help researchers study the dawn of oxygenic photosynthesis
61 Southern Ocean waters are warming faster than thought, threatening Antarctic ice
62 Early Melting Along the Antarctic Peninsula
63 Study Reveals Deepest Point In Each Ocean
64 Antarctic seafloor exposed after 50 years of ice cover
65 East Antarctic Expedition Scientists Focus on Predators of Krill—A Critical Food Web Component
66 Antarctic Ice Sheet is primed to pass irreversible climate thresholds: Researchers
67 Human impacts in Antarctica — Australian Antarctic Program
68 Daily briefing: Shock discovery of life under Antarctic ice shelf
69 Over a third of Antarctic ice shelf could collapse as climate change warms the Earth
70 The new face of the Antarctic
71 Antarctic peninsula likely to warm over next two decades
72 New Polar Strategy Must Focus On China’s Long March To Antarctica
73 Evidence of Antarctic glacier's tipping point confirmed for first time
74 Stations — Australian Antarctic Program
75 Changes in Antarctic marine ecosystems
76 Antarctic Commission Rejects Proposed Marine Sanctuaries
77 Psychological forest: What trees reveal about Antarctic researchers
78 109th Airlift Wing wraps up Antarctic research support
79 Lakes isolated beneath Antarctic ice could be more amenable to life than thought
80 Antarctica is Earth's one virus-free continent: science fights to keep it that way
81 With New Gear And Bases, China Is Beginning To Make A Play For Dominance In Antarctica
82 Scientists uncover Antarctic sea creatures 'trapped under ice' for 50 years
83 'Colder and deeper’: Scientists close in on spot to drill Antarctic ice core 1.5m years old
84 Radar images capture new Antarctic mega-iceberg
85 Antarctic Peninsula warming up due to heat in Tasman Sea
86 Ice shelves propping up two major Antarctic glaciers are breaking up and it could have major consequences for sea level rise
87 COVID has reached Antarctica. Scientists are extremely concerned for its wildlife
88 The secret of how Amundsen beat Scott in race to south pole? A diet of raw penguin
89 A third of Antarctic ice shelves could collapse at current pace of warming
90 NASA's AIM Sees First Night-Shining Clouds of Antarctic Summer
91 Antarctica is still free of COVID-19. Can it stay that way? By CARA ANNA and
92 Modelling ancient Antarctic ice sheets helps us see future of global warming: Clearer picture of mid-Miocene Antarctic ice sheet
93 Antarctic sea ice may not cap carbon emissions as much as previously thought
94 Geochemists uncover evidence of massive Antarctic meteorite explosion 430000 years ago
95 Mysterious Sponges Live on a Boulder Under 3000 Feet of Antarctic Ice
96 Everything you need to know about Antarctic icebergs
97 How stable is the Antarctic ice sheet? Scientists investigate which factors determine the stability of ice masses in East Antarctica
98 Antarctica in a Changing Climate
99 Frequently asked questions: torpor in Antarctic Lystrosaurus
100 Evidence of Antarctic glacier's tipping point confirmed