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1 Fauci says lack of candor from Trump administration 'very likely' cost lives
2 The US can vaccinate up to 85% of adults and begin a return to normal by fall, Fauci says
3 Dr. Fauci vows to be 'completely transparent' on Covid-19
4 Fauci says he has "liberating feeling" from working in new Biden administration
5 (8) Fauci says it "has not been an easy thing" to have to contradict Trump on scientific facts
6 Fauci announces US intention to resume major role in global health
7 Dr. Anthony Fauci to join W&M Pres. Rowe for virtual community conversation
8 Dr. Fauci, Lafayette Councilman Burks discuss COVID-19
9 Lafayette proclaims 'Dr. Anthony Fauci Day' to honor 80th birthday as city gets praise for virus response
10 Fauci Says U.S. Needs More Time To 'Catch Up' On Vaccine Rollout
11 Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks on vaccine efficacy, next steps in Austin
12 Fact-checking Sen. Rubio's criticism of Dr. Fauci
13 'Out of control': Dr. Fauci on Covid-19 surge
14 Dr. Anthony Fauci answers LIers' questions about COVID-19 vaccines
15 'This Week' Transcript 1-3-21: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Stacey Abrams
16 Dr. Anthony Fauci says COVID vaccine is key to returning to "some form of normality"
17 BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
18 UNMC Chancellor Dr. Gold, Dr. Anthony Fauci offer Midwest pandemic update
19 Fauci Suggests Theaters Could Reopen ‘Some Time in the Fall’
20 Dr. Anthony Fauci says theaters could reopen by fall 2021
21 Newsday Live presents Dr. Anthony Fauci
22 Alert: Dr. Anthony Fauci says the US will join World Health Organization project to deploy vaccines around the world
23 ONLY ON 7: Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses whether Capitol riot was a superspreader event
24 Video: Anthony Fauci says new COVID-19 strain ‘needs to be taken seriously’
25 Dr. Fauci says slow Covid vaccine rollout has been 'disappointing'
26 The Conversation: 10 reasons why Anthony Fauci was ready to be the face of the US pandemic response
27 'New disease, no treatment, no cure': how Anthony Fauci's fight against Aids prepared him for Covid-19
28 Fauci pushes back on Trump: Covid death numbers are 'real'
29 Fauci predicts normal life won’t return in U.S. before fall 2021
30 Dr. Anthony Fauci celebrates his 80th birthday
31 Dr. Anthony Fauci, Gov. Ralph Northam will join public talk on coronavirus with Virginians
32 Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses whether Capitol riot was a superspreader event
33 First responders serenade Fauci for his 80th birthday
34 The Mayor of Washington DC has created a "Dr. Anthony Fauci day" in their district
35 CNBC Transcript: Dr. Anthony Fauci Speaks with CNBC's Meg Tirrell Live During the CNBC Healthy Returns Livestream Today
36 Sen. Marco Rubio: Dr. Fauci lied about coronavirus to manipulate our behavior — that's appalling
37 Dr. Fauci says US won't delay second dose of vaccine
38 Fauci Wouldn't Be Surprised If Mutated Virus Is in U.S.
39 Trump threatens to fire Fauci in rift with disease expert
40 Straight-talking Anthony Fauci has been the nation's voice on the coronavirus. Who is he?
41 Dr. Anthony Fauci's Esteemed Career in Photos
42 Long Before COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci 'Changed Medicine In America Forever'
43 Anthony Fauci, MD: Science as a voice of reason
44 How Anthony Fauci Became America’s Doctor
45 Fauci: No scientific evidence the coronavirus was made in a Chinese lab
46 Dr. Anthony Fauci On U.S Efforts To Develop A Coronavirus Vaccine
47 Dr. Anthony Fauci, explained
48 With mutation, Fauci says travel ban may be 'premature'
49 5 a.m. wake ups and 1,000 emails: Inside a typical day for White House Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci
50 Fauci Says US Could Reach 100,000 Coronavirus Cases a Day
51 Trump Attacks Fauci Over Coronavirus
52 Anthony Fauci says he's accepted job as Joe Biden's chief medical adviser
53 Not His First Epidemic: Dr. Anthony Fauci Sticks to the Facts
54 Anthony Fauci Explains Why the US Still Hasn’t Beaten Covid
55 10 reasons why Anthony Fauci was ready to be the face of the US pandemic response
56 Dr Anthony Fauci on Health Disparities Affecting People of Color
57 Dr Fauci Tackles the Issue of Antiscience Sentiments
58 Dr. Fauci on his proudest moment from the pandemic so far — and the darkest
59 Anthony Fauci offers a timeline for ending COVID-19 pandemic
60 Anthony Fauci tells Congress new coronavirus cases could reach 100,000 a day without changes
61 US Can Stop Surge, Says Fauci: 'It Does Not Have To Be 100,000 Cases A Day' : Shots
62 Dr Anthony Fauci Discusses the Systemic Effects of COVID-19
63 Anthony Fauci to speak at University of Chicago on March 4
64 ‘Food for the soul’: Dr. Anthony Fauci recalls his 1993 Bates Commencement visit
65 Dr. Anthony Fauci Doesn't Get Much Sleep : 1A
66 What Fauci says the U.S. really needs to reopen safely
67 Why Dr. Anthony Fauci Runs
68 Fauci says states should rethink reopenings if hospitalizations increase and urges Trump rally attendees to wear masks
69 Dr. Fauci: Full COVID-19 impact of holiday gatherings lies ahead
70 Elton John honors Anthony Fauci on World AIDS Day
71 White House advisor Dr. Fauci works 20-hour days and his wife reminds him to eat, sleep and drink water
72 Dr. Anthony Fauci says coronavirus turned 'out to be my worst nightmare' and it 'isn't over'
73 How Dr. Anthony Fauci became Trump's coronavirus truth teller
74 Fauci says US should double its testing over next several weeks
75 Anthony Fauci discusses challenges of COVID-19, reasons for hope during Stanford Medicine event
76 Dr. Anthony Fauci says he and his family have been receiving 'serious threats'
77 Dr. Fauci outlines 5 ways to blunt COVID-19 pandemic's resurgence
78 White House advisor Anthony Fauci on keeping up with Covid-19 news: 'It's like drinking from a fire hydrant'
79 Dr. Anthony Fauci pleads with young people: 'You're propagating the pandemic'
80 Dr. Anthony Fauci on Bobbleheads, Brad Pitt and Fame: 'You Can’t Start Thinking You’re a Celebrity'
81 Before He Became Dr. Anthony Fauci, 'Fauch' Led His H.S. Basketball Team
82 Dr. Anthony Fauci closes distance with social media generation
83 Dr. Anthony Fauci hasn't spoken with Trump in two weeks
84 Anthony Fauci Has Some Very Good Reasons to Be Optimistic
85 Dr. Fauci warns the U.S. will see a 'surge upon a surge' of Covid cases following the holidays
86 America Is Thirsty for Anthony Fauci
87 White House advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci on burnout: 'I am running a bit on fumes' but 'doing fine'
88 Fauci says it might be time to mandate masks as Covid-19 surges across US
89 'I'm going to keep pushing.' Anthony Fauci tries to make the White House listen to facts of the pandemic
90 Dr. Anthony Fauci urges Americans to 'think twice' about holiday travel plans
91 Dr Anthony Fauci Speaks to the Likelihood of Vaccines for HIV and COVID-19
92 Dr. Fauci: ‘For the first time in more than 30 years, I’m not spending the Christmas holidays with my daughters’
93 Coronavirus in Context: Dr. Fauci: Not Caring Means You Are Propagating a Pandemic
94 How Fauci says the U.S. can get control of the pandemic
95 Dr. Anthony Fauci Discusses The Latest Coronavirus Facts
96 Dr. Anthony Fauci: COVID-19 Will End and We Will Get Control Over It
97 Dr. Anthony Fauci Clarifies Comments on Football Being Played This Fall
98 Meet Anthony Fauci, the epidemic expert trying to shape the White House's coronavirus response
99 Don't Worry, Kids: Fauci Says Santa Is Vaccinated
100 Dr. Fauci uses this line from 'The Godfather' to help deal with stress and politicians