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1 No wonder the Trump administration doesn’t want Anthony Fauci on TV
2 Dr. Fauci warns new mutation may allow COVID-19 to more easily replicate
3 Don't 'balance lives against the economy' in unprecedented pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci warns
4 US Can Stop Surge, Says Fauci: 'It Does Not Have To Be 100,000 Cases A Day' : Shots
5 The coronavirus may have mutated to become more infectious, Dr. Anthony Fauci says
6 Dr. Anthony Fauci: “I Would Not Be Surprised If We Go Up To 100,000 [New Cases] A Day; Clearly We Are Not In Total Control”
7 Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick criticizes Dr. Anthony Fauci
8 Fauci: Americans ignoring science during pandemic is "frustrating"
9 Distinguished person of the week: Fauci finally breaks through
10 Fauci says states should rethink reopenings if hospitalizations increase and urges Trump rally attendees to wear masks
11 Fauci: Next few weeks critical to tamping down virus spikes
12 Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Coronavirus Turned ‘Out to Be My Worst Nightmare' and It ‘Isn't Over'
13 Fauci says task force 'seriously considering' new testing strategy
14 Sacramento Press Club Interview With Dr. Anthony Fauci
15 Dr. Fauci's wake-up call to my med school class
16 Fauci: Coronavirus cases could go up to 100,000 per day
17 White House hasn't approved requests for TV interviews with Fauci, official says
18 Fauci, Birx mostly missing from TV airwaves amid surge
19 Fauci Warns Coronavirus Cases Could Reach 100,000 a Day, as Surge Delays Reopenings
20 Dr. Anthony Fauci says WHO's remark on asymptomatic coronavirus spread 'was not correct'
21 How Dr. Anthony Fauci Is Using Science and Data To Battle Coronavirus
22 ‘We just need some more optimism’: Rand Paul’s crusade against Anthony Fauci takes a curious turn
23 Amid COVID-19 resurgence, fewer deaths. Dr. Fauci explains why.
24 Dr. Anthony Fauci: I don't get a lot of sleep
25 Dr. Anthony Fauci says he's no roadblock to NFL season
26 Dr. Anthony Fauci: COVID-19 Will End and We Will Get Control Over It
27 Dr. Anthony Fauci says new virus in China has traits of 2009 swine flu and 1918 pandemic flu
28 Fauci Warns That the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Far From Over
29 Analysis | The Health 202: The Trump administration is eyeing a new testing strategy for coronavirus, Anthony Fauci says
30 Dr. Anthony Fauci Explains How to Stay Safe From the Coronavirus This Summer
31 As Trump’s Hostility to Masks Fuels a Public-Health Nihilism, Fauci Issues a New Plea
32 Dr. Fauci gets upset with GOP lawmaker's question
33 How Dr. Anthony Fauci Persuades Individuals To Fight Coronavirus As A Team
34 Dr. Anthony Fauci Talks COVID-19, Vaccines, and Brad Pitt (Podcast)
35 Anthony Fauci's Boss on Why Things Could Be Much Better Soon
36 Dr. Anthony Fauci Aspires to Have Covid-19 Vaccine Available By the End of the Year
37 Dr. Anthony Fauci calls Covid-19 his 'worst nightmare'
38 White House denies CNN's request to interview Fauci
39 Anthony Fauci confirms Joe Biden’s central attack on Trump
40 Anthony Fauci hopeful for a vaccine by late 2020, but warns of critical weeks ahead
41 Anthony S. Fauci: ‘We are still in the first wave’ of coronavirus
42 MLB's latest tactic to start its season comes courtesy of Dr. Anthony Fauci
43 Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Reopening of Schools Depends on Number of Infections in an Area
44 Charlie Baker says ‘mixed signals’ came from all directions in early coronavirus response
45 Challenges and Similarities in HIV, COVID-19 Crises: A Q&A With Anthony Fauci, MD
46 Fauci tells ABC's 'Powerhouse Politics' that attending rallies, protests is 'risky'
47 Donald Trump says Anthony Fauci ‘has nothing to do with NFL football’
48 Anthony Fauci calls for action to prevent coronavirus ‘surge’
49 Fauci concerned COVID-19 spikes could become 'full blown outbreaks'
50 Dr. Fauci explains what schools need to do to reopen
51 Dr Anthony Fauci Issues a Dire Coronavirus Plea
52 Massachusetts reports zero new covid-related deaths while infections soar in South and West
53 Anthony Fauci, CDC slam airlines' plans for full flights amid COVID-19
54 WSSU chancellor to host Dr. Anthony Fauci on Facebook Live
55 Coronavirus Live News and Updates
56 Fauci: U.S. could reach 100,000 new cases a day
57 2020 Aspen Ideas Festival: Dr. Anthony Fauci, David Byrne, Stacey Abrams
58 Dr. Anthony Fauci Gives Progress Report On DC Reopening
59 'Of Course Not.' Fauci Says He Wouldn't Attend Trump's Oklahoma Rally Amid Pandemic
60 Coronavirus: What is pool testing? Doctor explains how it could help in COVID-19 fight
61 Cocktails, Sexiest Man Alive, and Shirts: Dr. Anthony Fauci On Becoming a Pop Culture Icon
62 Fauci says White House told NIH to cancel funding for bat virus study
63 Misleading the public on masks
64 Dr. Anthony Fauci warns that 'nightmare' pandemic isn't close to over
65 A ‘second wave’ of coronavirus cases? Not yet, Fauci and other experts say
66 Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Maryland Has 'Done Well' In Its Response To The Coronavirus Pandemic
67 Ben Volin’s NFL mailbag: Honestly, I did not bash Dr. Anthony Fauci
68 Dr. Anthony Fauci to Be Subject of HBO Max Anthology
69 Anthony Fauci's quiet coronavirus rebellion
70 This is what top U.S. health officials say we should do differently for the next pandemic
71 Anthony Fauci Explains How To Make It Through His 'Worst Nightmare'
72 Dr. Anthony Fauci Warns U.S. Could Soon Record 100000 Coronavirus Cases a Day
73 Anthony Fauci: 'We're Far From Out of the Woods'
74 Coronavirus Vaccine Wont Be 100% Effective, Fauci Fears: [POLL]
75 States might not need to do an 'absolute shutdown' if they run into coronavirus trouble, Dr. Fauci says
76 COVID-19 vaccines to enter late-stage trial by end of July, Dr. Anthony Fauci says
77 Coronavirus updates: Senate extends deadline application for PPP loans; California will 'tighten' restrictions; FDA talks vaccine
78 Daily reported coronavirus infections in the U.S. top 50,000 for the first time
79 Dr. Anthony Fauci's warning, the father of dead Marine demands answers and farewell to a comic genius
80 Dr. Anthony Fauci lends support to NBA restart plan
81 Laura Ingraham Spews Yet Another Wild Conspiracy Theory About Anthony Fauci
82 Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Slams Dr. Anthony Fauci: 'He Doesn't Know What He's Talking About'
83 Immunity to the coronavirus is 'fragile' and 'short-lived,' immunologist warns
84 How Fauci, 5 other health specialists deal with COVID-19 risks in their everyday lives
85 Anthony Fauci warns spread of COVID-19 'could get very bad', says no guarantee of vaccine
86 Dr. Fauci, CDC Director Redfield testify before Senate as states struggle to contain coronavirus
87 No turning back for Florida, Texas? The next two weeks are 'critical' for US, Fauci warns
88 Why Weren't We Wearing Masks From the Beginning? Dr. Fauci Explains
89 Fauci contradicts Trump, says no slowdown in testing ordered
90 Top members of coronavirus task force advised against Trump's Tulsa rally
91 Louis Farrakhan Accuses Anthony Fauci And Bill Gates Of Attempting To ‘Depopulate The Earth’ With Vaccinations
92 What We're Reading: Okla. Votes to Expand Medicaid; Fauci Warns of 100,000 Daily Cases; Public Health Funding Cuts
93 Fauci says the WHO's comment on asymptomatic spread is wrong. Here's the difference between asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spread
94 Anthony Fauci delivers special message to Johns Hopkins graduates
95 Amid Surging COVID-19 Cases, WH Task Force Returns to Podium
96 Long Before COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci 'Changed Medicine In America Forever'
97 Coronavirus breakthrough: dexamethasone is first drug shown to save lives
98 Not His First Epidemic: Dr. Anthony Fauci Sticks to the Facts
99 How Anthony Fauci Became America’s Doctor