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1 Clashes break out in Norway at anti-Islam rally
2 Malmo: Violence erupts after anti-Muslim activity
3 Board candidate defends anti-Muslim posts | City News |
4 Republican nominee for Congress frequently pushed anti-Muslim rhetoric in Minnesota
5 Facebook executive who shared anti-Muslim post apologises: Report
6 Danish far-right set to stoke tensions in Sweden with new anti-Islam protests
7 At Homeland Security, Anti-Muslim Activist Katharine Gorka Maintained Ties With Islamophobes
8 Norway launches National Action Plan against Islamophobia
9 Anti-Islam protests in Sweden and Norway spark debate on free speech
10 Dutch politician acquitted of inciting discrimination with anti-Islam rhetoric
11 Joy Reid addresses anti-Muslim bias in media, but offers no apology
12 Charlie Hebdo Republishes Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad That Prompted 2015 Attack
13 India's Government Is Not Anti-Muslim
14 An Amalgam of Anti-Islamic Hate + Anti-LGBTQ Bigotry
15 Young Afghan Women, Men Perform Sufi Dance Together
16 China's Abuses Against Uighurs in Xinjiang Spark Anger in Islamic World
17 As Portland braces for more protest violence, progressive activists and police agree on who is to blame
18 Riots in Sweden after Koran burning by far-right activists
19 How the Trump Administration Has Harmed Faith Communities
20 Statement by Secretary Pompeo on the Return of UN Sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran
21 CAIR Condemns Trump's Latest 'Racist and Xenophobic' Attack on Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota
22 At US Islamist convention, Owaisi alleges 'pogrom' against Muslims in India
23 Yogi Adityanath’s anti-Mughal stand has reasons. Akbar identified himself as a ghazi
24 Dutch lawmakers demand answers after U.S. ambassador holds party for right-wing populists at embassy
25 Anti-terrorism probe opened after 2 wounded in Paris stabbing
26 Kashmir's suffocating patriarchy!
27 What Role Does the State Play in Pakistan's Anti-Shia Hysteria?
28 US Muslim groups face pressure over ties to Israel-friendly Emgage
29 Lewis and Clark Community College board chairman David Heyen responds to comments about 'anti-Muslim, racist, anti-immigrant' Facebook posts
30 China accused of demolishing thousands of mosques to 'erase' Uighur culture
31 With spy series 'Tehran,' Israelis reach out to an enemy
32 Post 9/11 America: Islam and Muslims still suspect
33 Finally, a Trump Statue in Slovenia That Can’t Be Burned
34 Terrorism by the West, and our ally Israel, is not considered terrorism but 'self-defense', says Can
35 'Protest against Charlie Hebdo proves Pak as terror recruits'
36 Ongoing oppression of Rohingya highlighted again
37 Sudan separates religion from state ending 30 years of Islamic rule
38 The Coronavirus Exposes the Idiocy of Islamophobia
39 QAnon conspiracy theorist to feel warm embrace of Republicans in Congress
40 ‘Was tasked with getting arms’
41 Rise in Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes as Islam Wrongly Blamed for Coronavirus
42 Modi’s Madness: India’s secularism on trial
43 Tennessee Newspaper Apologizes for ‘Utterly Indefensible’ Anti-Muslim Ad
45 India's new anti-Muslim law shows the broad allure of right-wing Islamophobic policies
46 Conflicting 'disclosure statements' of JMI student leader in chargesheet
47 The Toxic Confluence Online of Anti-Muslim Literature and Jihadist Messaging
48 Why Is Europe So Islamophobic?
49 Three years into his presidency, what's the impact of Trump's anti-Muslim actions?
50 Islam's anti-racist message from the 7th century still resonates today
51 Avi Yemini, The Far-Right Activist Who’s Suing The Victorian Government, Has Been Banned From Facebook Again
52 Canadian Armed Forces to expel local Ranger – The Rocky Mountain Goat
53 Why the Child's Rights Act still doesn't apply throughout Nigeria
54 New USAID adviser sparks furor over past anti-Islam comments
55 Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Factions Reunited for 'Holy War' Against Islamabad
56 From Xinjiang to Germany: how did Islamophobia become a global phenomenon?
57 Anti-Muslim Attacks, Boris Johnson, China’s New Cases: Your Monday Briefing
58 US army announces new deployments in Syria
59 Why does Islamophobia exist in Muslim-majority countries?
60 CAIR Calls on Senate Committee to Oppose Trump's Anti-Muslim, Racist Nominee Douglas Macgregor as US Ambassador to Germany
61 German football club Koln give anti-Muslim fan the boot
62 At UN, No Signals From Saudi King on Peace With Israel
63 Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Is an Engine of Anti-Muslim Hate the World Over. Don't
64 Bosnians in Montenegro wake up to anti-Muslim graffiti
65 Chinese Private Security Companies Along the BRI: An Emerging Threat?
66 Anti-Muslim candidate wins Georgia primary, paving way for seat in Congress
67 Anti-Muslim attacks in France soar 54% in 2019 | Daily Sabah
68 Afghanistan is India’s one reliable neighbour, but Hekmatyar’s surprise entry can change this
69 In Canada, Homegrown Islamophobia Gets a Boost from Modi's Supporters in India
70 Man sent anti-Muslim tweets to a political candidate who then helped pay his medical debt
71 Wanted: Banks to Join the Front Lines in the Battle Against These Financial Crimes
72 Monetising hate: covert enterprise co-opts far-right Facebook pages to churn out anti-Islamic posts
73 More than 5,000 members of anti-Islam group join U.K.'s Conservative Party
74 Delineating Islamophobia: Anti-Muslim racism in West
75 Next year in Jerusalem: The Serbian Embassy and Kosovo go on pilgrimage with Trump
76 New USAID religious-freedom adviser has history of anti-Islam comments
77 He Defended Anti-Gay and Anti-Muslim Causes. Now He's an Immigration Judge.
78 Anti-Muslim Propaganda Is Seeping Into Online Discourse About The Coronavirus
79 Islamophobia in the US did not start with Trump, but his tweets perpetuate a long history of equating Muslims with terrorism > News > USC Dornsife
80 A short history of President Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry
81 Masks to Sharia: QAnon is spreading anti-Muslim ideology via coronavirus opposition
82 Anti-Muslim violence in Delhi serves Modi well
83 Police investigate UK far-right groups over anti-Muslim coronavirus claims
84 It Was Already Dangerous to Be Muslim in India. Then Came the Coronavirus
85 India’s anti-Muslim fake news factories are following the anti-Semitic playbook
86 Three more Indians face action in the UAE for alleged anti-Muslim hate speech
87 Absurd fact-finding report on Delhi riots whitewashes anti-Muslim violence
88 From Orientalism To Islamophobia: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric And The Rise Of Hate Crimes In America
89 Anti-Muslim incidents bound to attract negative attention abroad; need to change domestic reality, says Tharoor
90 Mar-a-Lago Won’t Host Anti-Muslim Group’s Gala, Trump Organization Says
91 US official who replaced 'Islamophobic' councilman denounced for anti-Muslim posts
92 Anti-Islamic slogans spray-painted near mosque in Brixton
93 Facebook's Apology for its Role in Sri Lanka's Anti-Muslim Riots Should Spark Change
94 Anti-Islam Pegida rally meets resistance in Dresden
95 The Rise of Sweden Democrats: Islam, Populism and the End of Swedish Exceptionalism
96 Expanded travel ban gives world's democracies more cover for anti-Muslim measures
97 Sweden: Far-right groups spew anti-Muslim hate online
98 Denounce ‘anti-Muslim bigotry’ — Facebook staff in US, other countries write to company
99 Citizenship Amendment Act not anti-Muslim: Rajnath Singh
100 Pamela Geller: Purveyor of anti-Muslim prejudice