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1 New website “outs” Israeli profs who promote anti-Israel activity
2 Anti-Israel protest in New Jersey
3 'Day of Rage' replaces Al-Quds Day as Toronto's primary anti-Israel, anti-Jewish hate fest
4 Anti-Israel demonstrations are ruining Black Lives Matter
5 Antisemitism commissioner slams German parliament for anti-Israel bias
6 Jewish watchdog calls out Black Lives Matter for anti-Israel tweets
7 AOC letter on West Bank annexation boasts support from anti-Israel groups
8 Pro-Israel protest in Finland counters anti-Israel protest
9 Toronto restaurant owner being investigated for anti-Israel statements
10 Anti-Israel 'Day of Rage' Protests Target Major Jewish Organizations in San Diego, Boston
11 New website lists Israeli professors who are anti-Israel
12 ADL: Anti-Israel campus activities make Jewish students feel 'threatened'
13 At Brooklyn pro-Palestine rally, calls to eliminate both Israel and US
14 Recruiting us is harder than you think
15 New UK Labour head is flushing out anti-Semitism. Where will he stand on Israel?
16 Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz condemns the anti-Israel extremists within Black Lives Matter
17 Arab legislator appears with Hamas, PA officials in anti-Israel event
18 Iran's Anti-Israel Bill: Desperation Masquerading as Legislation
19 German politicians part of ‘Anti-Israel International,' says expert
20 I’m an ardent Zionist. But Israel’s annexation makes no sense.
21 Co-opting Black Lives Matter to target Israel
22 Paris racial justice protesters chant anti-Israel, anti-Jewish slogans
23 NFL star apologizes for posting anti-Semitic quotes attributed to Hitler
24 UN Human Rights Council doubles down on anti-Israel 'blacklist'
25 Labour and Everton FC investigate two over anti-Israel banner
26 Rabbis Want ‘Black Lives Matter’ to Purge Antisemitism
27 Candidate for Michigan city council under fire for anti-Israel activism
28 New York Jewish cultural center to host imam with anti-Israel background
29 German magazine accused of anti-Israel bias, turns terrorist into victim
30 In first, Spanish state calls attempts to boycott Israel a form of anti-Semitism
31 Exploiting the Floyd protests to demonize Israel
32 Why does Black Lives Matter depict Zionism as colonialism?
33 LEVY: Bloor St. shop dishes out vitriolic anti-Zionist tropes
34 Zionism Is Not a Colonial Movement | Jewish & Israel News
35 EU court: Anti-Israel activists wrongly convicted in France
36 The silent American Jews
37 Anti-racism rally in Paris infiltrated with hatred of the Jews and Israel
38 Reform rabbi openly supports President Trump | Opinion
39 Everton and Labour launch probe into anti-Israel banner stunt
40 Israel's Holden Caulfield: On Yair Assulin's “The Drive”
41 Set Up to Fail: The Liability of Being a Jew on Campus
42 Everton Football Club launch probe into anti-Israel banner including official club crest
43 Trump and Netanyahu face their rendezvous with destiny
44 Jamaal Bowman's Win: What Would It Mean for Palestinians?
45 Our Reader: Student Instagram pages broadcast anti-Semitic beliefs
46 Rally organized in central Paris calls for a boycott of Israel
47 Australia-Israel Relationship a 'Mateship' Based on Trade, Trust and Mutual Values
48 Jewish groups react to more anti-Semitic tweets by Ice Cube
49 Anti-Israel Soros Groups Cash In on Coronavirus Relief Funds
50 Nasrallah says Hezbollah ‘ready to do anything’ to prevent annexation
51 Ocasio-Cortez sought out anti-Semitic groups to bolster her Israel threat
52 Hezbollah anti-US, anti-Israel protest in Beirut
53 ZOA fires back at critics with official Conference of Presidents grievance
54 Dozens of Anti-Israel Israeli Professors Outed in New Website
55 UK Media: BLM Antisemitism is “Criticism of Israel”
56 NYU Condemns Grad Student Union for Call to Boycott Tel Aviv Program
57 Israel Orders Christian TV Channel to Stop Broadcasting | News & Reporting
58 South Florida Jews disturbed by FSU student’s posts
59 News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (July 1 – 7, 2020)
60 New Israeli espionage TV series tackles shadow war with Iran
61 Spurs and BBC distance themselves from BLM after 'gagged on Zionism' tweet
62 Police and AIVD had 'mole' in far-right group NVU for over two years
63 Qatar's Anti-Saudi Seeds of the Islamist Quartet
64 Netanyahu Reveals how Putin Foiled Obama's Anti-Israel Efforts at UN
65 Democrats' demonstrable leftist turn hurts Israel and US security
66 To Judge Edwin Cameron: ‘Let us talk to, and hear, one another, on the Israel-Palestine conflict’
67 Israel's attacks on Iran's nuclear sites signal a new phase of conflict
68 Welcome from Jewish leaders after Irish government drops ‘anti-Israel’ Occupied Territories Bill
69 AIR New Zealand: Electoral considerations
70 German lawmakers denounce Israel's sovereignty plan, say 'silence is not an option'
71 Nandy's call is music to the BDS movement's ears
72 South Africa's Chief Justice: 'There Will be No Retraction' of Pro-Israel Comments
73 Twitter Suspends Popular, Jewish, Pro-Israel Blogger for Anti-Semitism @Twitter @TwitterSupport
74 Police, intelligence agency infiltrated far-right party NVU: report
75 The Real Masters of 'Cancel Culture' – The Pro-Israel Lobby
76 Anti-lockdown protesters storm Serbian Parliament
77 Eliot Engel's challenger Jamaal Bowman is the best candidate for Jews who want justice and equality in the United States and Israel
78 President Obama Was Planning Another Hit Against Israel
79 The Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn Are Alone in the World
80 Sandwell Council leader suspended by Labour Party over 'anti-Semitic' tweets
81 ADL CEO under fire for partnering with antisemitic Al Sharpton, in pressing Facebook boycott
82 Farrakhan betrays today's black slaves
83 Civil Rights Group to Pelosi: Don’t Break the Law to Appease Israel Haters
84 Anti-Israel activists don't care about the facts
85 Anti-theft Startup TakeOver Expands Its Activities in North America: Automotive Expert Brett Riggs Joins Advisory Board
86 Analysis: Islamists befriend Black Lives Matter while hiding their anti-black bigotry
87 Fearing Israeli sanctions, PA banks refuse to disburse terrorists' salaries
88 The Anti-Israel Craze Hits High School
89 US: Iran's People Will Reject Islamist Rulers' Anti-Semitic Threats Against Israel
90 Global Anti-Icing Coating Industry (2020 to 2027)
91 ADL: Anti-Israel activities on campus contribute to Jewish students feeling 'threatened'
92 Black Lives Matter leader decries activists' anti-Israel stand
93 On the Frontlines of Progressive Anti-Semitism
94 Biden Calls Out ‘Anti-Semitism’ on the Left and Criticizes Israeli Policies
95 How Jewish anti-Zionist activists harm the Palestinian cause
96 Trump Targets Anti-Semitism and Israeli Boycotts on College Campuses
97 The foreign media is not anti-Israel | Dan Perry | The Blogs
98 Is B.D.S. Anti-Semitic? A Closer Look at the Boycott Israel Campaign
99 American association of professors awards women with anti-Israel portfolios
100 Washington Watch: Republican Jews brand Biden anti-Israel