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1 Board candidate defends anti-Muslim posts | City News |
2 Anti-Muslim racism on the rise in Germany
3 At Homeland Security, Anti-Muslim Activist Katharine Gorka Maintained Ties With Islamophobes
4 Facebook takes down Trump-friendly group that posed anti-Muslim message
5 Paul Krugman's erasure of anti-Muslim hatred after 9/11, and why it matters
6 Facebook faces grilling by MPs in India over anti-Muslim hate speech
7 Republican nominee for Congress frequently pushed anti-Muslim rhetoric in Minnesota
8 Economist Paul Krugman says there was no anti-Muslim sentiment after 9/11
9 Facebook executive who shared anti-Muslim post apologises: Report
10 Malmo: Violence erupts after anti-Muslim activity
11 More anti-Muslim aggression since burka ban, foundation says
12 Paul Krugman doubles down on claims understating anti-Muslim sentiments post 9/11
13 French journalist condemned over anti-Muslim 9/11 remark | Daily Sabah
14 India's police 'complicit' in anti-Muslim riots, alleges Amnesty
15 Anti-Islam protests in Sweden and Norway spark debate on free speech
16 Clashes break out in Norway at anti-Islam rally
17 SPLC Asks Joy Reid to Issue Public Apology for Anti-Muslim Comments
18 Danish far-right set to stoke tensions in Sweden with new anti-Islam protests
19 Israeli government ‘funded’ anti-Muslim hate group in US
20 Turkey slams Charlie Hebdo for anti-Muslim cartoons
21 Israel approves funds for 'anti-Muslim hate group' to fight BDS
22 Ilhan Omar Is Not Here to Put You at Ease
23 Assaults, arson, slurs: report lists anti-Semitism in Berlin
24 OPM Nominee Pledges 'Nonpartisan' Governance Despite Anti-Islam, Conspiracy Theorist Views
25 How the Trump Administration Has Harmed Faith Communities
26 India's Government Is Not Anti-Muslim
27 Bloomsbury India pulls Delhi riots book after anti-Muslim controversy
28 Islamophobia in the US presidential election
29 Yogi Adityanath’s Mughal hatred based on Jizya. But BJP has many modern versions for Muslims
30 Indian media's anti-Muslim reporting on Ram Temple crisis | Daily Sabah
31 For AltNews, Muslims cease to be Muslims if they do not hate Narendra Modi or the RSS
32 Antecedents of anti Muslim bias in media including Sudarshan TV (Comment)
33 How Muslims Are Grappling With Anti-Blackness and Policing | Time
34 Anguish at Sudarshan TV’s misconduct offers a balm, but does little to curb anti-Muslim bias
35 Tarek Fatah: A Megaphone Of Anti-Muslim Misinformation
36 ISLAM – FRANCE Marie Leeze, a Muslim convert, left without a funeral
37 COVID-19 Drives Conspiracy Theories and Islamophobia
38 Terrorism by the West, and our ally Israel, is not considered terrorism but 'self-defense', says Can
39 At US Islamist convention, Owaisi alleges 'pogrom' against Muslims in India
40 Terrorism, extremism, sectarian violence in name of religion declared anti-Islam
41 Is the Muslim Brotherhood Helping Iran Skirt US Sanctions?
42 Facts Over Fear Webinar: Islam and Women's Rights
43 Controversial Israeli soccer club may be litmus test for UAE soft power ploy
44 How GOP House candidate Laura Loomer explains her history of hate-speech, Islamophobia
45 Sri Lanka cattle-slaughter ban mimics India's slight of Muslims
46 Family of bullied Muslim teen sues Minnesota school district, two years after his suicide.
47 Muslim Ban Dissent Is A Part Of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Legacy
48 Craig Considine speaks about his interest in religious interactions
49 Modi widens the assault on India's democratic forces
50 Iran- Turkey Partnership: A New Front in Libya
51 India Needs Western Allies Against China, but Modi Is the Obstacle
52 EU steps up its fight against racism
53 Bouie: Facebook has been a disaster for the world
54 Political Space Shrinking, Where Do Indian Muslims Go From Here?
55 The long history behind Donald Trump’s outreach to LGBTQ voters
56 As Bangladesh’s relations with India weaken, ties with China strengthen
57 Viktor Orban Joins Despot All-Stars Backing Trump 2020
58 Modi govt 'intimidating critics' amid pandemic
59 Saginaw Valley State says anti-LGBTQ preacher sparked student protest on campus
60 The Comey Rule: Whos Playing Who in the New Ripped-From-the-Headlines Series
61 The Coronavirus Exposes the Idiocy of Islamophobia
62 Delhi Police, your bias is showing. Look at your own data on the riots investigation
63 Canadian Armed Forces to expel local Ranger – The Rocky Mountain Goat
64 'Polio vaccine critical for your child's health': Religious leaders dispel rumours, endorse inoculation
65 ANI presents RSS-backed event as 'Muslim community' celebrating PM Modi's birthday at Nizamuddin
66 Three years into his presidency, what's the impact of Trump's anti-Muslim actions?
67 Rise in Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes as Islam Wrongly Blamed for Coronavirus
68 Responses to anti-Muslim ad in The Tennessean | Featured letters
69 India's new anti-Muslim law shows the broad allure of right-wing Islamophobic policies
70 India's Police Found Complicit in Anti-Muslim Mob Violence
71 From Xinjiang to Germany: how did Islamophobia become a global phenomenon?
72 Why does Islamophobia exist in Muslim-majority countries?
73 Ed Markey's Dangerous Anti-Police Rhetoric [OPINION]
74 Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Is an Engine of Anti-Muslim Hate the World Over. Don't
75 USAID Faces Mounting Pressure to Remove Latest Trump Appointee With History of Islamophobic Remarks
76 Anti-Muslim Attacks, Boris Johnson, China’s New Cases: Your Monday Briefing
77 Man sent anti-Muslim tweets to a political candidate who then helped pay his medical debt
78 Manager fired, training planned, money donated to Muslim council after ad runs in Tennessean
79 House OKs repeal of Trump travel ban decried as anti-Muslim
80 Trump declines to condemn India's anti-Muslim law
81 CAIR Calls on Senate Committee to Oppose Trump's Anti-Muslim, Racist Nominee Douglas Macgregor as US Ambassador to Germany
82 Anti-Muslim violence in Delhi serves Modi well
83 China's Modern Holocaust and Cultural Persecution of Muslims
84 Why Is Europe So Islamophobic?
85 China uproots ethnic minority villages in anti-poverty fight
86 USAID religious adviser appointee made harsh anti-Islam comments and warned of violence if Tea Party failed in 2010 elections
87 Islamophobia in the US did not start with Trump, but his tweets perpetuate a long history of equating Muslims with terrorism > News > USC Dornsife
88 In Canada, Homegrown Islamophobia Gets a Boost from Modi's Supporters in India
89 The Toxic Confluence Online of Anti-Muslim Literature and Jihadist Messaging
91 Anti-Muslim attacks in France soar 54% in 2019 | Daily Sabah
92 What you should know about India's 'anti-Muslim' citizenship law
93 A short history of President Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry
94 ‘I have a right to be here’: German Muslims push back against Islamophobia
95 Police investigate UK far-right groups over anti-Muslim coronavirus claims
96 Bosnians in Montenegro wake up to anti-Muslim graffiti
97 Anti-Muslim Propaganda Is Seeping Into Online Discourse About The Coronavirus
98 A New Wave of Anti-Muslim Anger Threatens India’s Virus Fight
99 Anti-Muslim flyers found in Anne Arundel County
100 German football club Koln give anti-Muslim fan the boot