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1 QAnon: anti-Semitism repackaged?
2 Redefining anti-Semitism on Facebook
3 The Anti-Semites Who Pushed Prohibition on America
4 Why the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' is still pushed by anti-Semites
5 End fake anti-Semitism charges
6 Where do you draw the line with anti-Semites?
7 Anti-Semitism, Trump, And The Republican Convention
8 'Decoding anti-Semitism' project trains AI to stop online hatred
9 QAnon an old form of anti-Semitism in a new package, say experts
10 Trump adviser falsely accuses Ocasio-Cortez of anti-Semitism
11 QAnon is an old form of anti-Semitism in a new package, experts say
12 The fight against anti-Semitism faces a new enemy: QAnon
13 Wake Up America, and Smell the Anti-Semitism
14 Anti-Semites exploit COVID-19 to blur line between Jews, Zionism
15 Generation Z is Urged to Combat Anti-Semitism Wherever it Is
16 Anti-Semitism in Germany increased due to coronavirus protests
17 The GOP hides its bigotry only when caught
18 Why do all these anti-Semites keep appearing in the Republican Party?
19 How Anti-Semitism Has Lost Any Connection With Reality
20 Anti-Semites break into Zoom prayer services for Alabama Jews
21 Israel's false flag anti-Semitism – Middle East Monitor
22 Holocaust Knowledge Steeply Drops among Younger Americans
23 New York Times interview with Ilhan Omar is faulted for going easy on anti-Semitism
24 Criticizing Soros Is NOT Anti-Semitic, Soros Is A Bad, Anti-Semitic Dude
25 Ted Cruz: Antisemitism on far Left will be ‘in ascension’ if Biden wins
26 “Hitler was elected”: Myth or fact? – Communist Party USA
27 Henry W. Rosenberg: The Blakes deserve empathy
28 GOP-backed Senate candidate Lauren Witzke frequently shares content from white nationalist site VDare
29 A Case For Trump: Showing Appreciation Is A Torah Value
30 ‘Moderate Democrats don’t have the guts to stand up,’ says Dershowitz about anti-Semitism in the party
31 'The Steady State:' Conspiracy Theories
32 Repairing the World by Embracing Antisemites: American Jews and Black Lives Matter
33 On Rosh Hashanah call, Trump tells American Jews 'We love your country' and asks for their vote
34 Terrorism by the West, and our ally Israel, is not considered terrorism but 'self-defense', says Can
35 Repulsive anti-Semitism -- from the right and left -- needs to have consequences
36 SCGOP wants Harrison staffers to resign after their old offensive tweets surfaced
37 August Complex Closing in on 850000 Acres
38 Anti-Semitism is on the rise, 75 years after the end of the Holocaust and Second World War
39 Board candidate defends anti-Muslim posts | City News |
40 How Jewish Twitter users and celebrities took down a virtual anti-Semitic mob
41 Despite recent anti-Semitic comments, Jews and Black people have long been allies
42 New Report Notes Rise In Coronavirus-Linked Anti-Semitic Hate Speech
43 Keir Starmer sides with Tony Blair and says Jeremy Corbyn ‘deserved’ to lose election
44 The Cults of Wagner | by Jed Perl
45 ‘Wildly irresponsible’: FBI bashed for tweeting link to anti-Semitic ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’
46 How Donald Trump is stoking anti-Semitism while claiming to fight it
47 Bernie Sanders
48 SCOTT TAYLOR: Right-wing extremists must be driven out of the army
49 Nick Cannon let go by ViacomCBS over anti-Semitic comments
50 Why Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise in the United States
51 Thanks to the Trump administration, one QAnon theory is panning out
52 Is It Still Safe to Be a Jew in America?
53 Calling out racism and anti-Semitism is a responsibility
54 Acts of anti-Semitism are on the rise in New York and elsewhere, leaving Jewish community rattled
55 How Anti-Semitism Rises on the Left and Right
56 Revisiting Louis Farrakhan's Influence Amid Celebrities' Anti-Semitic Comments
57 Amid the Pandemic, Anti-Semitism Flares Up
58 Anti-Semitic attacks show a society at risk of falling apart
59 Daily Kickoff: 25-year-old Madison Cawthorn says he wants to be the GOP's AOC + Gottheimer's resolution on Palestinian payments
60 Film examines rising, worsening global anti-Semitism
61 Del. Sen. candidate Witzke retweets support from group with 'white nationalist' ties
62 In Germany, Anti-Semitism Creeps into Covid-19 Protests
63 Biden can't have it both ways on Sarsour and anti-Semitism
64 Brooklynites Bader Ginsburg, Schumer, Bernie Sanders and My Father
65 Michigan neo-Nazi leader takes curious path after Charlottesville to become peace advocate
66 Trust Donald Trump to make Henry Ford’s virulent anti-Semitism relevant again
67 Lipstadt Details Anti-Semitism During Pandemic
68 Driving right-wing extremism out of the Canadian Armed Forces
69 Black Lives Matter hijacked by anti-Semitism
70 Why are Georgia Roadways Honoring Anti-Semites?
71 Anti-Semitism now, anti-Semitism then: The Ezra Klein Show talks with Deborah Lipstadt
72 Bernie Sanders may soon have to confront this anti-Semitic myth
73 Op-Ed: USC's reckoning with its past needs to include how anti-Semitism was allowed to flourish there
74 What Does the Reaction to Tyler Wright's Stand Say About Surfers?
75 Fighting Anti-Semitism in Sweatpants and Slippers — Detroit Jewish News
76 AJC condemns Ilhan Omar for invoking anti-Semitic tropes
77 Anti-Semitism in the US today is a variation on an old theme
78 How to stop the horrifying resurgence of anti-Semitism
79 Let's cut back on dialogue with anti-Semites
80 Thousands Join 48-hour Twitter ‘Walkout’ to Protest Anti-Semitism on Platform
81 In case you thought there couldn’t be more bad news: Anti-Semitism is spiking
82 Trump Campaign Launches New Outreach Initiative to American Jewish Voters
83 Anti-Semitic crime in Germany hits highest level in nearly two decades | TheHill
84 Why are anti-racism forces silent on anti-Semitism? | TheHill
85 Anti-Semitism examined as a social virus in new PBS documentary
86 Coalition of more than 120 NGOs Calls on Facebook to Create a Comprehensive Hate Speech Policy on Anti-Semitism
87 Some Ohio coronavirus protesters using anti-Semitic symbolism
88 Since we’re debating labels, stop calling it anti-Semitism. It’s Jew hatred.
89 Lessons ignorance about Holocaust should teach us
90 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Where Is the Outrage Over Anti-Semitism in Sports and Hollywood?
91 Trump’s anti-Semitic attacks on American Jews keep coming
92 The return of populist anti-Semitism
93 Anti-Semitism and Hate During COVID-19
94 Want to fight anti-Semitism, a year after Pittsburgh? Here’s one easy way.
95 Ice Cube's Long, Disturbing History of Anti-Semitism
96 Biden closes convention the way he launched his campaign: Repudiating anti-Semitism
97 Anti-Semites 'Zoombombed' our Shabbat services
98 Starmer takes on anti-Semites
99 BLM-LA leader and anti-Semitism
100 Ice Cube is posting anti-Semitic memes and conspiracy theories on Twitter