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1 QAnon is an old form of anti-Semitism in a new package, experts say
2 Naomi Shulman: Why publish an anti-Semitic letter?
3 Miami Herald Editor Apologizes for 'Racist and Anti-Semitic' Insert
4 Governor Cuomo Directs Hate Crimes Task Force to Assist Investigation into Anti-Semitic and Anti-Black Graffiti Found on NYU Building
5 'Gut punch' trauma for Alabama Jewish community: Zoom call hacked with anti-Semitic bigotry
6 Police: Man drew large swastika other racist graffiti at New York University building
7 Police investigate possible hate crimes after Jewish students in Marin targeted with anti-semitic social media posts
8 Alleged Neo-Nazi Who Carried Anti-Semitic Sign at COVID-19 Protest Pleads Guilty to Gun Charge
9 Anti-Semitism on the rise as new semester starts
10 The US Army shouts out an anti-Semitic user on Twitch
11 American Jews condemn Trump for telling them Israel is 'your country'
12 Anti-Semitic Polish priest barred by Edmonton archdiocese
13 Anti-Semitism, Trump, And The Republican Convention
14 Anti-Semitic high school Instagram account calls to list Jews in N. California
15 Alabama Jewish prayer service ‘Zoombombed’ with anti-Semitic messages, Hitler images
16 Michigan GOP's John James linked to anti-semitism in ad from Jewish PAC
17 Black Americans sacrifice their moral credibility by indulging in anti-Semitism
18 Florida Latinos are being flooded with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories ahead of the election
19 Wake Up America, and Smell the Anti-Semitism
20 Why the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' is still pushed by anti-Semites
21 A present danger to Jews: How to combat rising anti-Semitism
22 Holy war in the city of knives: anti-semitism and football on the streets of Krakow
23 2 US senators warn Poland's president on anti-Semitism and restitution
24 Racists branded 'cowards' after anti-Semitic graffiti appears in Lochee
25 USGT passes resolution to address anti-Semitism on campus
26 Watchdog group launches new way to track anti-Semitism in medical field
27 Resident Who Sent Anti-Semitic Tweets Barred From Medicine
28 Hospital Seeks to Eject Resident for Anti-Semitic Remarks
29 Pro-Israel group urges NY medical board to investigate doctor over anti-Semitic online threats
30 ‘Wildly irresponsible’: FBI bashed for tweeting link to anti-Semitic ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’
31 Speaker removed from RNC program after tweeting anti-Semitic conspiracy theory
32 Trump ad featuring Bernie Sanders as puppet master for Biden is anti-Semitic, 2 left-wing Jewish groups say
33 A Mequon man yelled anti-Semitic slurs at his neighbors after removing their Joe Biden yard sign, complaint says
34 Eagles' DeSean Jackson says he's educating himself after anti-Semitic posts
35 Is 'Scabby the Rat' Antisemitic? U-M Grad Student Strike Sparks Controversy — Detroit Jewish News
36 Groups call Trump ad featuring Bernie Sanders as puppet master anti-Semitic
37 While synagogues are closed, keep your eyes open | Opinion
38 ADL says senator's tweet linking Kim Gardner to Soros evokes anti-Semitism. Does it?
39 Why is Fox News Protecting George Soros?
40 New QAnon-Allied GOP Senate Candidate Also Pushed Anti-Semitism, Flat Earthism, and 9/11 Conspiracies
41 Anti-Semites break into Zoom prayer services for Alabama Jews
42 Jaime Harrison campaign aides apologize for their old homophobic, anti-Semitic tweets
43 Man Charged After Anti-Semitic, Explicit Note Found at Vandalized NYC State Rep's Office
44 ‘Go beat up a Zionist’: NY hospital wants to fire doctor for anti-Semitic posts
45 National NAACP takes over Philly chapter after president's anti-Semitic Facebook post
46 DSA question not anti-Semitic
47 Passaic activist fired for anti-Semitic posts sues David Wildstein, New Jersey Globe
48 Denver Jews rally around Dr. Tre Pennie, Texas Republican Candidate for Congress
49 Arizona State student government adopts universal definition of anti-Semitism
50 A California state senator is facing anti-Semitic and homophobic attacks — as well as death threats
51 No antisemitic carnival in Belgium’s Aalst in February next year
52 ASU investigating after Nazi posters found on Tempe campus again
53 Anti-agent group in anti-semitic row after social media message
54 Remembering That We Are All in This Together, Especially When it Comes to Hate
55 The GOP hides its bigotry only when caught
56 Opera, Nazism and Richard Wagner’s painful legacy
57 College Administrators Must Address Anti-Semitism on Their Campuses | Opinion
58 DeSean Jackson discusses anti-Semitic posts
59 Lib Dems drop mayoral contender over antisemitic comment about Jack Straw
60 This Rosh Hashanah, ask yourself: ‘Who shall live?’
61 SCGOP wants Harrison staffers to resign after their old offensive tweets surfaced
62 DeSean Jackson says he has been 'educating himself' after sharing anti-Semitic posts
63 Florida Latinos are being flooded with antisemitic conspiracy theories ahead of the election
64 Almost two-thirds of millennials, Gen Z don't know that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, survey finds
65 Army removes officer at Fort Stewart from leadership roles after anti-Semitic TikTok post
66 National Guard gets Trolled by Neo-Nazis on Twitch
67 Biden closes DNC the way he launched his campaign: Repudiating anti-Semitism
68 In State of the Union address, EU Commission President mentions growing antisemitism, slams antisemitic carnival parade in Belgium
69 Mix of racist, anti-police Graffiti found at Brookside Elementary School in Dracut
70 Federal Minister Edtstadler Promises Action Plan Against Anti-Semitism
71 UC Berkeley pilot program aims to address anti-Semitism on campus, receives grant
72 QAnon explained: the antisemitic conspiracy theory gaining traction around the world
73 Anti-Semitic Incidents Surged in 2019, Report Says
74 QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded
75 Coronavirus lockdowns are fueling an 'explosion' of anti-Semitism online
76 Repulsive anti-Semitism -- from the right and left -- needs to have consequences
77 Anti-Semitism is on the rise, 75 years after the end of the Holocaust and Second World War
78 Despite recent anti-Semitic comments, Jews and Black people have long been allies
79 New Report Notes Rise In Coronavirus-Linked Anti-Semitic Hate Speech
80 How Jewish Twitter users and celebrities took down a virtual anti-Semitic mob
81 Seventy-Five Years After Auschwitz, Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise
82 We must define anti-Semitism in order to fight it effectively | Opinion
83 SWFL Jewish community reacts to NFL star's anti-Semitic post
84 Opinion: Virus brings spike in anti-Semitic posts
85 Is It Still Safe to Be a Jew in America?
86 Wiley dropped by management over anti-Semitic posts
87 Auschwitz 75 years on: Are anti-Semitic attacks rising?
88 DeSean Jackson's anti-Semitic posts are a critical teaching moment -- for everyone
89 Acts of anti-Semitism are on the rise in New York and elsewhere, leaving Jewish community rattled
90 Anti-Semitism and the Intellectuals
91 Calling out racism and anti-Semitism is a responsibility
92 Anti-Semitism also deserves our indignation
93 How Donald Trump is stoking anti-Semitism while claiming to fight it
94 Mitch Albom: Anti-Semitic posts — and tepid reactions — should enrage us
95 Rep. Maloney Condemns the Anti-Semitic Defacement of Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright's District Office
96 Rising anti-Semitism is a sign of America’s declining health
97 Left's anti-Semitism is more pernicious than the right's
98 An anti-Semitic wave may hit the world in the aftermath of the pandemic
99 ViacomCBS Fires Nick Cannon, Citing Anti-Semitic Podcast Remarks
100 Europe’s Lessons for the Struggle Against Anti-Semitism