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1 He saw an anti-Semitic message as he drove by. He did something about it.
2 Frontier Airlines accused of anti-Semitism after canceling flight over mask controversy
3 Germany sees spike in anti-Semitic crimes — reports
4 Jewish students at Northeastern speak up about anti-Semitism
5 Biden nominee Kristen Clarke is being falsely accused of anti-Semitism. Jews must push back.
6 An unheard hatred: how anti-Semitism is dangerously ignored
7 Call to boycott Teaneck businesses draws anti-Semitism allegations in NJ Assembly campaign
8 Germany′s Steinmeier warns against growing anti-Semitism | News
9 Opinion | 199 House Republicans have embraced anti-Semitism and violence
10 WKYT Investigates | A surge in anti-semitic incidents across US, Kentucky
11 Gina Carano fired from ‘Mandalorian’ after anti-Semitic social media post
12 Bell joins panel on combating anti-Semitism
13 Lowell School Board Member Who Used Anti-Semitic Slur on TV Resigns
14 SA introduces resolution condemning anti–Semitism
15 Dickinson College President, officials release statement on ‘Anti-Semitic’ video allegedly involving student
16 Jewish groups raise anti-Semitism concerns ahead of Niki Ashton’s chat with U.K.’s Corbyn
17 North Carolina author's new memoir explores anti-Semitism in the 20th century South
18 Anti-Semitism lurks behind modern conspiracy theories
19 Madrid probes anti-Semitism at far-right commemoration of Spanish soldiers
20 Rabbi Mark Cohn: Anti-Semitism is alive in North Carolina
21 Speaking Out: Standing In Solidarity Against Racism and Anti-Semitism
22 Kentucky lawmakers pass resolution condemning anti-Semitism
23 Anti-Semitism on college campuses on the rise, App State student leaders fight back
24 Nick Cannon rejoins 'Wild 'N Out' as host after getting fired for anti-Semitism
25 Jewish organizations sponsor Holocaust scholar's talk – The Appalachian
26 Jewish groups raise anti-Semitism concerns ahead of NDP MP's chat with Corbyn
27 Town of North Hempstead adopts working definition of antisemitism
28 UCI Statement of ASUCI's Feb. 9 BDS Resolution
29 "Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda"
30 Anti-Semitism is a major problem on campuses, and students must be educated about it (opinion)
31 Showing the breadth of anti-Semitism
32 A scholar of American anti-Semitism explains the hate symbols present during the US Capitol riot
33 This is America: Anti-Semitism is not a punchline
34 Anti-Semitism Seen in Capitol Insurrection Raises Alarms
35 Anti-Semitic Incidents Surged in 2019, Report Says
36 English FA adopts formal anti-Semitism definition to end discrimination
37 In Germany, Anti-Semitism Creeps into Covid-19 Protests
38 Roald Dahl's Family Apologizes For His Anti-Semitic Comments
39 Anti-Semitism is on the rise, 75 years after the end of the Holocaust and Second World War
40 Tucson Opinion: Non-Jews can talk about anti-Semitism, too
41 It’s 2020 and anti-Semitism is an electoral tactic again
42 Anti-Semitism on the rise as new semester starts
43 Coronavirus lockdowns are fueling an 'explosion' of anti-Semitism online
44 Jewish teens say life on TikTok comes with anti-Semitism
45 Fighting anti-Semitism online requires a global effort
46 New Report Notes Rise In Coronavirus-Linked Anti-Semitic Hate Speech
47 New York University settles anti-Semitism case with Education Department
48 Austria presents national strategy against anti-Semitism
49 Assaults, arson, slurs: Report finds anti-Semitism in Berlin
50 Despite recent anti-Semitic comments, Jews and Black people have long been allies
51 How Jewish Twitter users and celebrities took down a virtual anti-Semitic mob
52 German foreign minister: anti-Semitism keeps shape-shifting. This is what we are doing to stop it
53 New program helps WNY Jewish teens fight anti-Semitism locally amid national rise in hate crimes
54 Jewish Faculty Refute Illinois Anti-Semitism Complaint
55 We must define anti-Semitism in order to fight it effectively | Opinion
56 The symbols of antisemitism in the Capitol riot | BrandeisNOW
57 Far-right extremists blamed for surge in anti-Semitic crimes in Germany
58 Hatemongers exploiting coronavirus pandemic to push anti-Semitism worldwide
59 Roald Dahl’s descendants are sorry about his anti-Semitism. They needn’t be.
60 Jewish students at University of Illinois allege anti-Semitic environment
61 Reporters
62 When Anti-Zionism becomes Anti-Semitism
63 Trump Administration Labels Movement To Boycott Israel 'Anti-Semitic'
64 Rep. Smith anti-Semitism bill headed to President's desk
65 France investigates delivery driver accused of anti-Semitism
66 Why the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' is still pushed by anti-Semites | BrandeisNOW
67 Wiley anti-Semitism: 'How it feels to be black and Jewish'
68 Left's anti-Semitism is more pernicious than the right's
69 Jews can fight anti-Semitism by connecting to our roots and affirming who we are | Opinion
70 Anti-Semitism in Germany 'sharply rising,' warns security agency
71 Holocaust Remembrance Day: 'Anti-Semitism starts with conspiracy theories'
72 Michigan GOP's John James linked to anti-semitism in ad from Jewish PAC
73 Anti-Semitism hit too close to home and now I feel like stranger in the South | Opinion
74 New report finds anti-Semitism on the rise in Czech Republic
75 Mitch Albom: Anti-Semitic posts — and tepid reactions — should enrage us
76 Repulsive anti-Semitism -- from the right and left -- needs to have consequences
77 Trump admin considers branding Amnesty International, other human rights groups as 'anti-Semitic'
78 What does the Labour anti-Semitism report say?
79 Miss France runner-up becomes target of anti-Semitic tweets
80 Antisemitism and Hate Crimes
81 German Verdict Due in Deadly Anti-Semitic Rampage
82 U of Illinois Jewish Faculty Split on Anti-Semitism Complaint
83 Jewish communities in New York City and across the country tighten security protocols as threats mount
84 Germany May Have Banished Nazism, but Its Medieval Anti-Semitism Is Still in Plain Sight
85 How conversations about anti-Semitism divided a campus
86 Germany: Anti-Semitism despite remembrance culture
87 EU leaders to back harsher punishment for anti-Semitism
88 Anti-Semitism and Psychiatry: Recognition, Prevention, and Interventions
89 Speaking up against anti‑Semitism
90 Christian nationalists and QAnon followers tend to be anti-Semitic. That was seen in the Capitol attack.
91 Attack at German Synagogue During Sukkot Raises Anti-Semitism Fears
92 Jewish leaders: Anti-Semitism plays out in acts, words
93 Driver yells anti-Semitic slurs, assaults man during Hanukkah celebration in Kentucky
94 Biden Calls Out ‘Anti-Semitism’ on the Left and Criticizes Israeli Policies
95 COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed unique worldwide wave of anti-semitism
96 Rabbis to Return to German Military Amid Growing Anti-Semitism
97 Antisemitism is on the rise in Michigan. All of us can fight it. | Opinion
98 Anti-Semitism Is Back, From the Left, Right and Islamist Extremes. Why?
99 Accusations of anti-Semitism return to a New York village
100 Borussia Dortmund adopt new definition of anti-Semitism — but what does it mean?