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1 When Anti-Zionism becomes Anti-Semitism
2 US: Pompeo claims anti-Zionism equals to anti-Semitism
3 Beware Of “Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism” From The Left
4 Justice (and anti-Semitism) you shall pursue
5 Anti-Zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism
6 Letter to the Editor: It's not a conflict — against anti-Semitism and in support of Palestinian rights
7 Cleansing the Labour Party of antisemitism, anti-Zionism and Corbyn
8 Zionism is not racism – BDS isn't always anti-Semitism
9 Jewish students file complaint against UI, allege anti-Semitic environment
10 US Dept. Of Education Opens Investigation Into Alleged Anti-Semitism At U Of I
11 Op-Ed: Triangle Jewish Voice for Peace Responds to Pompeo's Visit and Anti-Semitism
12 The Tragedy of Jeremy Corbyn
13 When visible Jews endanger lives
14 JUF News | University of Illinois commits to address antisemitism
15 Rashida Tlaib, BDS supporter, to speak on JVP antisemitism panel
16 Donald Trump's gifts to Israel
17 David Harsanyi: Convert me if you can | Columnists |
18 Why did Stalin vote for a Jewish state?
19 Debate | What should Biden’s approach to Israel be?
20 Facing federal complaint, University of Illinois pledges to protect Jewish, pro-Israel students
21 Education Department investigating anti-Semitism at Illinois
22 The Forgotten History of the Jewish, Anti-Zionist Left
23 Panel clears Al Quds speaker who said 'Zionists' guilty over Grenfell fire
24 SWC and CAA 'disappointed' Zionism slur ruled 'not antisemitism'
25 Israel Respects Gay Rights; the Palestinians Do Not
26 The Antisemite's Ashtray
27 Secretive SNP not helping voters
28 A Boston Synagogue Compares Trump to Hitler
29 Every map is political — but sometimes the agenda is overt
30 German Neo-Nazis Foiled in Attempt to Hold 'Free Palestine' Demonstration Outside Former Synagogue
31 Trump’s Team Is Sabotaging the Transition
32 We need to cancel anti-Zionism
33 Stop calling anti-Zionism anti-Semitic. It’s morally repugnant in its own way.
34 In France, isolated terror attacks lead to the scapegoating of Islam
35 Trump takes leaf out of Netanyahu's book to label rights groups '
36 Biden staffer attacked for past pro-Palestine activism – Mondoweiss
37 Mike Pompeo Is a Global Arsonist. Can Biden Put Out His Fires?
38 Jewish groups allege an ‘alarming increase in anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism’ at University of Illinois’ Urbana-Champaign campus
39 Opinion: Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism
40 Trump Leaves Biden a Quarantine…But Against China
41 Debate | Is anti-Zionism anti-Semitic?
42 Far-right German activists plan protest against ‘Zionism’ outside synagogue
43 Anti-Zionism Is Not Antisemitism
44 US and Bahrain Agree to MOU Saying Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism
45 Ethiopia pushes toward Tigray capital, rebuffs African mediation
46 Anti-Zionist Jews in Brooklyn wave PLO flags in protest of sovereignty plan
47 Far-right activists in Germany planning to protest 'Zionism' in front of synagogue
48 Why Jews especially should be terrified by Trump’s refusal to concede
49 Quesnel man convicted for anti-Semitic website sentenced to house arrest for probation breach
50 Anti-Zionism Isn’t Anti-Semitism. Except When It Is.
51 Urban Dictionary tweets allegedly antisemitic definition of anti-Zionism'
52 Who First Said Anti-Zionism Isn't Antisemitism?
53 8 Reasons Why Anti-Zionism Is Always Anti-Semitism | Justin Feldman | The Blogs
54 We must reevaluate our understanding of Zionism
55 The Undying Half-Life of Yiddish
56 Urban Dictionary deletes offensive anti-Zionism, Zionism definitions
57 German far-right activists wish to protest Zionism in front of synagogue
58 How Jewish anti-Zionist activists harm the Palestinian cause
59 "I Am a Zionist is an Identity as Legitimate as I am a Jew"
60 Debunking the myth that anti-Zionism is antisemitic | Peter Beinart
61 The Anti-Zionism of Critical Ethnic Studies
62 Bahraini institution and State Dept. to combat anti-Semitism
63 Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism | Ben Yeroushalmi | The Blogs
64 Who’s an anti-Zionist?
65 Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism
66 Shira Haas feature in fashion mag draws ire of anti-Zionists
67 Zionist Jews And Anti-Zionist Jews Are In A Stalemate. There’s Something That Can Break It.
68 Thoughts on “Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism” from a Liberal Jew:
69 Jew-hatred cloaked as 'anti-Zionism' and coronavirus-denial fuels flames
70 Bahraini Institution joins with State Department to Combat Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism
71 What's the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism?
72 New French bill equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism ‘is going very far afield’
73 Bret Stephens: Yes, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism
74 Israel's settler right should be called religious anti-Zionists
75 Anti-Zionism Isn’t the Same as Anti-Semitism
76 Jewish Harvard students form anti-Zionist organization
77 In Arab first, Bahraini institution joins with US to combat anti-Zionism
78 Anti-Zionism is about correcting historical wrongs, not encouraging anti-Semitism
79 Macron tells Rivlin ‘anti-Semitism not different from anti-Zionism’
80 Anti-Semites exploit COVID-19 to blur line between Jews, Zionism
81 Anti-Zionism is a fundamentally Jewish tradition: Don’t let Labour erase it
82 Will Arab anti-Zionism revive?
83 I'm Jewish and don't support Israel
84 The Arab World’s Long, Slow Turn Away from Anti-Zionism
85 How conversations about anti-Semitism divided a campus
86 France's Macron says anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism
87 ADL blames anti-Zionist student group for anti-Israel radicalism
88 Debaters Square Off on Anti-Zionism, and Civility
89 Social media attacks spark USC free speech debate on racism
90 Peter Beinart: No, anti-Zionism doesn't always mean anti-Semitism
91 Letter: Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism
92 Why Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism | Nadav Lawrence | The Blogs
93 Anti-Semitism and What Feeds It
94 Why Anti-Zionism Is Malign
95 Pro-Palestinian, without the anti-Semitism: Post-Corbyn Labour’s new foreign secretary
96 Belgium's choice: Join Israel in promoting tolerance or fund anti-Zionism
97 On the Frontlines of Progressive Anti-Semitism
98 French parliament backs resolution calling anti-Zionism a form of antisemitism
99 Is it ‘anti-Zionism’ or ‘antizionism’?
100 SWC exhorts USC to 'take action' after student resigned over anti-Zionism