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1 Spike in anti-Israel attitudes on US campuses: Study
2 Inside ultra-Orthodox Jews’ battle with the virus and the Israeli state
3 Shlomo Hillel, Who Helped 120,000 Jews Flee Iraq, Dies at 97
4 Column: Northeastern Hillel's absurd statement on Angela Davis
5 Drawing a line on freedom of speech | Opinion | Law Gazette
6 How the Pandemic Nearly Tore Israel Apart
7 When Anti-Zionism becomes Anti-Semitism
8 Anti-Zionism not the same as anti-Semitism | READER COMMENTARY
9 How conversations about anti-Semitism divided a campus
10 Social media attacks spark USC free speech debate on racism
11 How Jewish anti-Zionist activists harm the Palestinian cause
12 UC Merced Investigates Twitter Account of Professor
13 What's the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism?
14 Johns Hopkins teaching assistant tweets about failing students who support Israel
15 Anti-Semitism on the rise as new semester starts
16 I’m an ardent Zionist. But Israel’s annexation makes no sense.
17 Opinion | Why Anti-Zionism Is Malign
18 California governor vetoes bill requiring ethnic studies in high school. Here’s why.
19 Bill equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism sparks debate in France
20 Swastika on Low Steps is fourth instance of reported anti-Semitic vandalism this year
21 ‘Wildly irresponsible’: FBI bashed for tweeting link to anti-Semitic ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’
22 A scholar of American anti-Semitism explains the hate symbols present during the US Capitol riot
23 BSA responds to President Folt's Aug. 6 email
24 The Trump Administration is Cracking Down Against a Global Movement to Boycott Israel. Here’s What You Need to Know About BDS
25 New French bill equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism ‘is going very far afield’
26 USG senator resigns over racist, xenophobic behaviors
27 Our Reader: Student Instagram pages broadcast anti-Semitic beliefs
28 Christian Zionist philo-Semitism is driving Trump’s Israel policy
29 Anti-Zionists Thrive in Israel, Why Not in the U.S.?
30 Rep. Ilhan Omar Receives Support From Orthodox Jews From Anti-Zionist Community
31 So you’re a Jew and you’re starting college? Prepare for anti-Zionism.
32 Anti-Zionist Jews of New York To Protest Israel On Its 70th Independence Day
33 Jeremy Corbyn and Labour's anti-Semitism row explained
34 Berkeley puts Palestine course on hold after claims of anti-Zionist political motivation
35 Anti-Semitic anti-Zionism on campus – how should universities respond?
36 Is B.D.S. Anti-Semitic? A Closer Look at the Boycott Israel Campaign
37 Anti-Zionist Historians Are Wrong About Israel
38 How to tell when criticism of Israel is actually anti-Semitism
39 The David Miller case: A textbook example of anti-Zionism becoming vicious antisemitism
40 The real problem with anti-Zionism | Nathaniel Helfgot | The Blogs
41 It's no wonder globalists are anti-Zionists
42 Facebook might censor criticism of Zionists. That’s dangerous
43 Study finds increase in anti-Zionism at US universities
44 Legal firm offers to represent Zionist organizations across US campuses
45 ‘Zionist’ is not hate speech, activists say
46 Courage was the reason campus anti-Semites were beaten
47 Catering company accused of anti-Zionist posts back in court in April
48 A Two-Pronged Solution to Campus Antisemitism | Michael Laitman | The Blogs
49 Zionist Labour Leader Favors ICC Probe Into Israeli War Crimes
50 Hillel reinvents itself to face dual challenges of pandemic and anti-Semitism
51 Now 'end of Zionism' academic says Bristol JSoc is 'Israel's pawn'
52 How alumni can help stop campus anti-Semitism | Opinion
53 Cambridge academics sign open letter condemning Bristol University professor's comments about Jewish students
54 New York Dems' BDS debate shows the power of the woke left
55 Supreme Court nixes disqualification of Arab Labor candidate Ibtisam Mara'ana
56 Grapevine March 5, 2021: The ability to change
57 Students seeking to silence critic of Israel hit a wall of opposition
58 Letters to the Editor March 3, 2021: Preaching to the converted
59 Why are Tucker Carlson and Peter Beinart trying to help Iran?
60 Why the Left struggles on the Israel question
61 Israel's Supreme Court paves way for controversial Labor candidate's Knesset run
62 Inside the ultra-Orthodox battle with the virus and the Israeli state
63 Courage Was the Reason Campus Antisemites Were Beaten
64 ZAKA founder and chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav awarded Israel Prize
65 US 'enthusiastically Embraces' IHRA Definition Of Anti-Semitism, Blinken Says
66 ZAKA rescue organization founder to receive Israel Prize for lifetime achievement
67 Israeli Apartheid Week 2021: Lessons from the Black Radical Tradition
68 Reaching out to Israel's newly friendly neighbors
69 Analysis: Iranian state textbooks incite terrorism | FDD's Long War Journal
70 Anti-Netanyahu demos continue in 37th consecutive week
71 Tufts U Student Government Official Threatened with Disciplinary Action by Anti-Zionists for Identifying as a Jew
72 Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite "Comedian" Harasses Jews
73 Israel Elections: 'Netanyahu is strategic liability on Iran'
74 Hezbollah Chief Thanks Ayatollah Khamenei for Message
75 Judges' free speech curbed so that others might have it
76 Biden admin 'enthusiastically embraces' full IHRA definition of antisemitism
77 New York Times Depicts Israeli Orthodox as Disease Vectors Spreading Virus Via Skullcaps
78 Jews are the forgotten minority in the march towards wokeness
79 Bristol University sociology professor calls for 'end of Zionism'
80 Exposing Israel's vaccine apartheid in West Bank and Gaza
81 It’s alright to be an anti-Zionist
82 TV: Center-left may back Bennett for PM if needed to prevent Netanyahu majority
83 'Proud' Zionist group leading campaign to sack UK professor for criticising Israel
84 History, the Holocaust and hatred in Turkey's school textbooks
85 Iran builds ‘sanitised’ secret nuclear site ahead of IAEA inspectors’ arrival, Report claims
86 Anti-Zionism is the university's new anti-Semitism
87 Political dyscalculia in the anti-Netanyahu camp
88 In Defense of Carleton University's Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies
89 JCC decision against Mogoeng must be taken on review: SA Zionist Federation
90 The Jew Who Ran Away
91 Warwick academics sign open letter defending “anti-Semitic” Bristol professor
92 Will Facebook censor users from expressing anti-Zionist views?
93 How Amnesty International Failed Alexei Navalny
94 Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Jonathan Cook Messes Up Describing "The Lobby"
95 Marc Lamont Hill & Mitchell Plitnick on ICC Probe & the “Palestine Exception” in Progressive Politics
96 Iran's Foreign Minister Condoles Death of Lebanese Sunni Scholar
97 Zionist Organization of America denounces selection of Betty McCollum as chair of House defense committee
98 Anglican Vicar Targets 'Masa Israel Journey' in Latest Anti-Semitic Blood Libel Campaign
99 Ferris State Prof Fired Over Alleged Anti-Semitic Tweets
100 When Israel Hits Iran, Politicians and the Media Will Hit Israel's Supporters