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1 Police Say an Antifa Activist Likely Shot at Officers. His Gun Suggests Otherwise.
2 Lars Larson slams teacher who said ‘we should all be antifa’
3 Police Say Antifa Activist Likely Shot at Officers. His Gun Suggests Otherwise.
4 One's Antifa. One's In A Militia. How An Ancestry Match Led To An Unlikely Bond
5 Fact Check-Posts falsely claim Black Lives Matter and Antifa disappeared in March 2021
6 Lawyer: FBI enlisted Proud Boys leader to inform on antifa
7 Family attorney questions investigators’ narrative in shooting of antifa supporter
8 Fact check: Antifa was not created by former President Barack Obama and George Soros
9 US Rep. Lauren Boebert pushes to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization
10 Leaked Chats Show ‘White Lives Matter’ Movement in Shambles After Antifa Infiltration
11 Andy Ngô reacts to becoming Antifa target, leaving US: 'Not safe anymore for me'
12 Antifa attacks Portland police union amid ongoing unrest
13 Proud Boys organizer charged in Capitol attack says he aided FBI ‘antifa’ inquiries
14 Antifa 'armed' rioters descend on Oregon State Capitol in Salem
15 Letter to the editor: Antifa is unappealing
16 Andy Ngo, antifa critic, dropped as speaker by Christian conference Q Ideas
17 Half of Republicans think Jan. 6 siege was peaceful or staged by antifa, new poll finds
18 Ron Johnson says he didn't feel threatened Jan. 6. If BLM or Antifa stormed Capitol, he 'might have.'
19 Michigan Democrat Elissa Slotkin claims Antifa are 'boogeymen who aren't there'
20 The View's Joy Behar: Violent left-wing group Antifa is ‘fictitious idea,’ not 'a real thing’
21 Veteran who was harassed by Antifa over flag: Portland cops in 'mass exodus' over lack of support
22 Fake ‘antifa’ event comedian will appeal to La. Supreme Court after circuit court rejection
23 Andy Ngô reacts to becoming Antifa target, leaving US: 'Not safe any more for me'
24 Christian Conference Q Ideas Has Dropped Right Wing Antifa Critic Andy Ngo From Its Lineup | RELEVANT
25 Antifa 'security' attacks video journalist, steals camera during anti-eviction march in Detroit
26 ‘Where is the justice?’
27 Police radio problems led to chaotic scene when officers killed Portland activist
28 Andy Ngô speech canceled by Christian conference Qideas
29 What is Andy Ngo's net worth? Controversial author fled US after becoming Antifa target for best-selling book
30 Federal prosecutors seek to revoke pre-trial release, detain Volusia Proud Boys member
31 With budget back in spotlight, Boston police union head calls for more funding for cops
32 The left invented crises under Trump — and now ignores real ones under Biden
33 What is antifa? Is it a group or an idea, and what do supporters want?
34 Trump loyalists push evidence-free claims that antifa activists fueled mob
35 Many Charged In Jan. 6 Riot Refute Baseless Claim That Antifa Stormed Capitol
36 How Pro-Trump Forces Pushed a Lie About Antifa at the Capitol Riot
37 Benjamin Hannam: Met Police did not know officer was neo-Nazi until anti-fascists leaked data
38 Justice Dept. Links Oath Keepers and Proud Boys Ahead of Capitol Riot
39 What Is Antifa?
40 In the Streets with Antifa
41 Five myths about antifa
42 America is being punished by God | News, Sports, Jobs
43 Trust Index: Was Antifa involved in attack on the Capitol?
44 Quinn: Gun control issues |
45 First Person: Memos from Governor #MeToo
46 Leftist host tries to get Oregon governor to condemn 'death squad-style assassination' of Antifa thug who gunned down pro-cop activist in 2020. Nope.
47 What Is Antifa? Separating Fact From Fiction | Here & Now
48 Mailbag: Why are we still backing the blue?
49 Anatomy of a lie: How the myth that Antifa stormed the Capitol became a widespread belief among Republicans
50 F.B.I. says there is no evidence antifa participated in storming the Capitol.
51 Legal Observers Say Sacramento Police Arrests Unfairly Targeted Activists With Antifa On Eve Of Inauguration
52 Antifa Protesters Confront Pro-Trump Demonstrators, Proud Boys At California's Capitol, Violence Ensues
53 Stephen Ethan Horn of NC Arrested in US Capitol Breach
54 I-Team: Antifa finds no one to fight in California capitol on Inauguration Day
55 Trump impeachment defense lawyer wrongly singles out antifa in Capitol riot
56 Fact check: Men who stormed Capitol identified by Reuters are not undercover Antifa as posts claim
57 FBI's Wray says Antifa more an ideology than a group, undercutting statements by other Trump officials
58 Rutgers Expert Explains Antifa
59 Fact check: News report saying Antifa took responsibility for storming Capitol is digitally altered
60 Explained: What is the Antifa movement?
61 No Sign Of Antifa So Far In Justice Department Cases Brought Over Unrest
62 now redirects to White House website, but anyone can forward a URL without permission
63 Antifa falsehood tops list of misinformation after Capitol rampage.
64 Giuliani uses unfounded 'Antifa' argument to defend Trump
65 Fact check: Joe Biden has condemned Antifa, violent protests
66 US Election 2020: Who are the Proud Boys
67 What is antifa and why is Donald Trump targeting it?
68 redirects to White House website as trolls needle Biden
69 In Many Ways, Antifa Eludes Definition. What Is It Exactly?
70 What is antifa? A look at the movement Trump is blaming for violence at protests
71 Texas newspaper inaccurately describes Capitol rioters as 'members of antifa' dressed as Trump supporters
72 We looked for antifa at the Capitol — we couldn’t find any
73 What's Next for Antifa?
74 Antifa Activist Killed At ICE Jail Becomes Symbol For The Right And Left
75 Bill Maher calls Portland a 'cautionary tale': 'In a world without police,' it's 'The Purge' every night
76 Fact check: D.C. police did not act as 'private security' for ‘Antifa' on Jan. 6, claims feature old video
77 What Antifa Is, What It Isn't, and Why It Matters
78 Oregon Officials Warn False Antifa Rumors Waste Precious Resources For Fires
79 Antifa didn’t siege the Capitol. Just ask the attackers
80 Trump Still Falsely Blaming Antifa—But Allies Now Pushing Back, Report Says
81 Arizona audit leader Doug Logan wrote fraud claims on 'kraken' lawyer's website
82 VERIFY: How internet trolls use websites like to raise unfounded suspicions
83 How Trump’s Focus on Antifa Distracted Attention From the Far-Right Threat
84 Trump privately blamed 'Antifa people' for storming U.S. Capitol
85 Sure Looks Like the Right’s Antifa Boogeyman Doesn’t Exist
86 How a U.S. Task Force Killed an Antifa Activist in Portland
87 What – or who – is antifa?
88 Trump, social media, right-wing news stir up antifa scares
89 How the antifa conspiracy theory traveled from the fringe to the floor of Congress
90 Fact check: redirects to Joe Biden's website, but Biden campaign not involved
91 Antifa's history and current status in Portland
92 Rantz: Mythical Antifa peacefully riot after saying they’d riot, catching Seattle, Portland off guard
93 How False Antifa Protest Rumors Spread
94 Trump tweets Antifa will be labeled a terrorist organization but experts believe that's unconstitutional
95 Fact Check: Without evidence, Texas Attorney General Paxton says ‘antifa’ involved in Capitol riot
96 Montana Bill Would Designate Antifa as Domestic Terrorism
97 Twitter suspends 'Antifa' accounts with more than 71K followers
98 Antifa website redirects to White House website
99 What is antifa? Mostly a myth
100 Amanda Chase pushes bogus theory of antifa conspiracy behind Capitol riot