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1 Giuliani uses unfounded 'Antifa' argument to defend Trump
2 Photographer with man arrested in Capitol siege was not working for CNN or NPR
3 Trump loyalists push evidence-free claims that antifa activists fueled mob
4 The far-right rioters at the Capitol were not antifa – but violent groups often blame rivals for unpopular attacks
5 How Republicans Are Warping Reality Around the Capitol Attack
6 Trump Still Falsely Blaming Antifa—But Allies Now Pushing Back, Report Says
7 Amanda Chase pushes bogus theory of antifa conspiracy behind Capitol riot
8 How the antifa conspiracy theory traveled from the fringe to the floor of Congress
9 Chilling posters reveal Antifa is planning to clash with Trump fans at Inauguration Day riots
10 We looked for antifa at the Capitol — we couldn’t find any
11 Texas newspaper inaccurately describes Capitol rioters as 'members of antifa' dressed as Trump supporters
12 Giuliani uses 'Antifa' argument to defend Trump
13 FBI arrest another Tennessee man over Capitol riot selfie, Facebook post decrying Antifa, BLM
14 Fact Check: Without evidence, Texas Attorney General Paxton says ‘antifa’ involved in Capitol riot
15 Fact check: What's true about the Capitol riot, from antifa to BLM to Chuck Norris
16 No evidence of ‘antifa’
17 Bok Academy substitute teacher fired after telling students Antifa attacked Capitol
18 No evidence that antifa incited Ashli Babbitt shooting
19 Fact check: Men who stormed Capitol identified by Reuters are not undercover Antifa as posts claim
20 Fact check: News report saying Antifa took responsibility for storming Capitol is digitally altered
21 Trump privately blamed 'Antifa people' for storming U.S. Capitol
22 Scoop: Trump falsely blames Antifa for Capitol insurrection
23 Governor's pastor recants statements about antifa at Capitol
24 How Matt Gaetz spread a falsehood about antifa infiltrating the mob that attacked Congress
25 Most Republicans Still Believe Capitol Riot Antifa Conspiracies: Poll
26 Place the blame where it belongs. Trump's rabid supporters, not antifa, stormed the Capitol.
27 Sen. Hawley Says ‘Antifa Scumbags’ Threatened His Family At His Home—The Protesters Describe It Differently
28 ANTIFA and BLM members confront Trump supporters at 'Patriot March' in Pacific Beach
29 Greensboro business owner claims Capitol mob were Antifa
30 FBI Found No Link to Antifa, But 40% Still Blame Group for Pro-Trump Capitol Riot: Poll
31 Wasilla lawmaker who attended D.C. Trump rally pushes debunked theory antifa was responsible for storming US Capitol
32 Fact check: D.C. police did not act as 'private security' for 'Antifa' on Jan. 6, claims feature old video
33 Joel Ehrlich: Capitol attack was by fascists, not Antifa
34 McCarthy: "Undisputedly" no evidence Antifa participated in deadly Capitol siege
35 Antifa marches through NYC as fears of political violence heighten
36 Some in Miami Spanish-language media falsely blame Black Lives Matter, antifa in riot
37 DOJ: Capitol rioter had 11 Molotov cocktails; no evidence of antifa involvement
38 Photographer John Cocozza assaulted and threatened by ANTIFA at Pacific Beach demonstration
39 Some on right blame antifa, not Trump, for mob at Capitol | TheHill
40 House GOP leader says Trump both sought to blame antifa for Capitol violence and admitted he's partly responsible
41 Rep. Paul Gosar: DC riot had 'hallmarks of Antifa provocation'
42 Trump enablers like Rep. Paul Gosar try (and fail) to blame antifa for their failed coup
43 Auburn man arrested after Capitol riot said he wasn’t Antifa, contradicting claims by Alabama lawmaker
44 Jim Guzman: What about questioning the funding of BLM and Antifa protesters?
45 The Antifa siege of a Portland bookshop is a censorious assault on free speech
46 From antifa to the man in the horned fur hat: PolitiFact checked the gamut of claims about the Capitol riot. Here is a run down.
47 SD legislator John Wiik falsely blames antifa, communists for Capitol raid
48 Man who stormed Capitol posts denial that he's part of Antifa, claims 'fake news' ID'd him as leftist
49 Does this tattoo mean Capitol mob was antifa? Alleged evidence debunked
50 House GOP leader tells members to quit spreading lies on riot, antifa | TheHill
51 Andy Ngo’s antifa book No. 1 weeks before release
52 Proud Boys: We will wear all-black like antifa at January 6 DC rally
53 Democrats are now paying the price for empowering Antifa
54 UPDATE: NWI police union president under fire for pushing Antifa conspiracy, later issues apology
55 Josh Hawley said ‘Antifa scumbags’ vandalized his home. Cops say nah.
56 No, Antifa Was Not Behind the Riots at the U.S. Capitol
57 Justice Department: No evidence of antifa instigating Capitol riot
58 Newsmax Blames Antifa for Pro-Trump MAGA Mob Insurrection
59 Massive Car Caravan Supporting Farmers In India Overwhelms Sacramento As Clashes Between Proud Boys, Antifa Continue Near Capitol
60 Insurrection supporters fail to convince us it was actually Antifa
61 Conflict journalist reports Capitol storming led by Antifa agent provocateurs
62 Trump Supporters Blame Antifa, Not the President, for Capitol Chaos Last Week
63 VERIFY: Debunking social media posts blaming Antifa for riots at Capitol
64 Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says ‘enough’ blaming antifa for Capitol attack
65 Were Pro-Trump Mobs Storming the Capitol on Jan. 6 Actually Antifa?
66 Hundreds of Antifa protesters march through Manhattan
67 Antifa protesters armed with SHIELDS take to the streets of Manhattan
68 Hawley claims family targeted by Antifa; activists say it was a candlelight vigil
69 Mother gets perfectly called out by her kid for believing ‘Antifa attacked the Capitol’
70 Seattle police break up ‘antifa soccer’ game, arrest 7 at Cal Anderson Park
71 Kevin McCarthy Tells GOP to Stop Claiming Antifa Caused Riot, Says Trump 'Bears Responsibility'
72 No, this Capitol insurrectionist isn’t antifa, but he is from Alabama
73 Antifa, boogaloo, gangs cited in CPD protest report. Who were agitators?
74 Andy Ngo’s lawsuit against Rose City Antifa, protesters can move forward, judge decides
75 Elected GOP officials claiming 'antifa' responsible for Capitol riot
76 Antifa launches soccer league in Portland
77 LETTER: Antifa plan to deny Trump is complete
78 This Cop Joined the Capitol Protest. Then She Spread an Antifa Conspiracy.
79 Capitol riots: Who broke into the building?
80 Rantz: Seattle Antifa activist ‘faked’ injury, fueling anti-police propaganda
81 Trump Blames 'Antifa People' for Capitol Riot: Report
82 Court records, FBI contradict Trump's claims of organized 'antifa-led' riots in Minneapolis after George Floyd's death
83 McCarthy says ‘undisputedly’ no evidence Antifa participated in Capitol riots
84 Reports: McCarthy rebuked Trump over Antifa, election claims
85 Azinger blames Antifa for invasion of U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters
86 Breaking down QAnon, antifa and Black Lives Matter in 2020
87 Claims Antifa Embedded in Capitol Riots Come From a Deeply Unreliable Facial Recognition Company
88 ‘Unf***ingbelievable,’ Attorneys Sigh as Trump Lawyer and Kamala Harris Birther Conspiracy Theorist Blames Antifa for Capitol Riots
89 Did Antifa Supporters Attack Senator Josh Hawleys House? A Fact Check
90 ‘Not all Trump supporters’: Conservative media tries to shift blame, cast doubt on identities of Capitol invaders
91 Edwards condemns Capitol Hill riot; baselessly claims some demonstrators were antifa
92 East Texas newspaper issues response for identifying Capitol rioters as 'antifa'
93 White Supremacy Erases Its Violence: The Predictable Blaming of Antifa
94 Opinion/Letter: Why didn't Democrats condemn violence by BLM, Antifa?
95 What Is Antifa? Separating Fact From Fiction | Here & Now
96 What is antifa? Is it a group or an idea, and what do supporters want?
97 What is antifa? A look at the movement Trump is blaming for violence at protests
98 No Sign Of Antifa So Far In Justice Department Cases Brought Over Unrest
99 Antifa Protesters Confront Pro-Trump Demonstrators, Proud Boys At California's Capitol, Violence Ensues
100 Trump tweets Antifa will be labeled a terrorist organization but experts believe that's unconstitutional