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1 Race-based poverty aid: Anwar says dated mentality has no place in Harapan
2 Anwar pledges to defend speaker and deputy
3 Anwar confident Harapan will now refocus on struggle instead of PM candidate
4 Anwar says he doesn’t do backdoor deals with ‘shady characters’
5 Saying wrong to ‘victimise the media’, Anwar urges AG to review contempt case against Malaysiakini
6 Politics and Policy: No end game in sight despite PKR's decision
7 Anwar wants Putrajaya to say if its alleged interference caused Petronas chief to bail
8 'Kawan tetap kawan'
9 Open letter to Anwar Ibrahim — M. Santhananaban
10 'Did No Wrong': Named in Murder Chargesheet, Delhi Doctor Who Treated Riot Victims Is Unafraid
11 How the Mahathir-Anwar relationship shaped Malaysia’s politics
12 Reconvene Parliament as soon as possible, says Anwar on UN parliamentarism day
13 Malaysia's former leader Mahathir wants to wrestle back power — just months after resigning
14 Dr Mahathir again claims Anwar lacks popularity with Malays to be Pakatan’s PM candidate
15 Open letter to Anwar Ibrahim — Nasaruddin Ismail Yusof
16 Politics is for everyone’s benefit, not a select few, says Anwar
17 Sabah, Sarawak PKR back Anwar Ibrahim for PM, says vice-president
18 Anwar-Mahathir countercoup hits a wall in Malaysia
19 Muhammad Anwar obituary
20 Anwar: I haven't been plotting with 'traitors'
21 Give jobs to youth, not politicians, Anwar tells government
22 Anwar: I don't conspire behind people's backs like some others
23 Delhi Riots: 'Dr Anwar Falsely Referred, Remove Name from Chargesheet'
24 Anwar, may you never lose sight of the spirit of reformasi — Lara Ling
25 Winter coming for the faceless man as Anwar and Mahathir fight for his job
26 Reject deceitful politics, Anwar posts after Shafie for PM announcement
27 'Appo Anwar?': R Ashwin takes fun dig at David Warner as India bans TikTok
28 Why the indecision? Sources claim Dr Mahathir, Anwar ‘not talking to each other’ over PM post
29 Both Anwar and Shafie capable of leading the country
30 COMMENT | Why is Mahathir crucifying Anwar?
31 Anwar 'cautiously confident' of being named PM candidate
32 Anwar questions if gov't interfered in Petronas CEO's exit
33 Anwar open to considering a cabinet appointment for Dr M
34 Don't be a loser again, Anwar told
35 Health Workers, Activists Condemn Charges Against Hospital Owner in Delhi Riots Case
36 Sabah and S'wak PKR say firm on Anwar
37 We're still backing Anwar but can wait 6 months
38 Anwar doesn't have majority, but I would like to 'help' him, says Mahathir
39 Rid our public hospitals of the Mahathir-Anwar legacy
40 Maszlee: Impossible for Anwar to go at it alone, Dr Mahathir’s support needed to form government
41 Anwar supports Najib's call to probe forex scandal in the 1990s
43 With uncertain vote base, analysts say Anwar's PM bid hinges on East Malaysian support
44 Anwar: Pakatan Plus' 107 MPs will move forward as a team
45 YOURSAY | Will Mahathir change his mind on Anwar?
46 The Anwar-Mahathir impasse: Chronology according to PKR
47 Dr Mahathir and Anwar: When love and hate collide
48 DAP, Amanah claim Anwar fails in 'last ditch bid' to court GPS, reveal numbers
49 Does Anwar have a problem with me? Ask him, says Dr Mahathir
50 Malaysia's Anwar raises eyebrows with support for Najib's call to probe a 1990s forex scandal
51 Anwar should strengthen PKR before aiming to be PM
52 PKR stands by 'Harapan consensus' to back Anwar as PM, rejects Dr M's hat-trick bid
53 Maszlee: Malaysia needs Dr Mahathir and Anwar to work together again
54 Is this how you repay 20 years of friendship? Anwar's aide to DAP
55 Dr M or Anwar? Harapan and allies expected to name PM candidate
56 Delhi Riots: Delhi Police charge-sheet says Dr Anwar, owner of a local hospital, organised riots that led to the killing of Dilbar Negi
57 Imrana Maqsood shares why she wrote a book on husband Anwar Maqsood
58 Anwar 'cautiously confident' of PM candidacy and 9 news from yesterday
59 Anwar's ex-officer unsettled by rumours of meetings with home minister
60 Maszlee moots younger leader for Harapan amid Anwar-Dr M impasse for PM
61 Khalid: We brokered peace between Dr M and Anwar before, hope to do it again
62 Anwar Maqsood is a part of Strings: Bilal Maqsood
63 Malaysia's Muhyiddin eyes unprecedented snap election to vanquish Mahathir
64 What Is My Crime? Asks Doctor Who Saved Lives And Is Now Named In Delhi Riots Murder Case
65 Chin Tong: Dr Mahathir, Anwar should work together for sake of nation to oust Muhyiddin, Najib
66 'They've done some sexy scenes': Anwar Hadid to star in Dua Lipa's latest video
67 Mahathir or Anwar? This is not a game of musical chairs
68 Judge in Pertamina Graft Case Joins Company's Subsidiary
69 YOURSAY | The bane of nepotism in Malaysian politics
70 'Lazy Malays' and tactical blunders
71 Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid Celebrate 1-Year Anniversary: '365 Days Joined at the Hip with You'
72 I'm a Black man in 2020. These are the questions I'm asking myself. There are no easy answers | Anwar Curtis
73 Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid have "made the most" out of their time together in lockdown
74 250 Ampang PKR members quit party
75 Joko Anwar's Remake 'Satan's Slaves' Brings the Terror to DVD and Blu-ray in August [Trailer]
76 YOURSAY | Infinity war in Harapan, and no Avengers in sight
77 Disabled Couple Ride Custom Trike Motorcycle for Their Wedding
78 Shafie missing the X-factor
79 YOURSAY | 'Dr M still playing the race card in 2020'
80 Delhi riots: Hospital owner named in another riots chargesheet
81 Timeline: Mahathir and Anwar's turbulent relationship
82 Malaysia Opposition Leader Says Current Government Is ‘Fearful’
83 Malaysia’s Anwar Says He No Longer Believes Mahathir
84 Bilal Maqsood's new song was written by Anwar Maqsood
85 Anwar to Lead Malaysia Opposition Over Mahathir, Leader Says
86 Congress fields Tariq Anwar for Bihar Legislative Council
87 Newsmaker: So near yet so far for Malaysia's Anwar
88 Mahathir, Anwar Say ‘It’s Time’ to Restore 2018 Election Mandate
89 Anwar faces new sexual assault charge in power struggle
90 The Race to Lead Malaysia Comes Down to Two Long-Time Rivals
91 Liyna Anwar, 30, Dies; Publicized Inequities in Stem Cell Registry
92 Police to question Anwar Ibrahim over sexual assault allegations
93 After two-decade quest to become Malaysia's PM, Anwar says can wait a bit more
94 Anwar no longer trusts Mahathir, following broken promises
95 Anwar Ibrahim finally has Malaysia's leadership within reach
96 Anwar to lead Opposition over Dr M, says Wan Azizah
97 Malaysia’s ruling party makes fresh push for Anwar to take over as PM
98 Malaysia: Anwar bars discussion on transition of power
99 ‘Insufficient evidence’ for sex assault case against Malaysia’s Anwar
100 The rise, fall and rise of Anwar Ibrahim: a timeline