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1 ʿAbd al-Fattah al-Sisi's "Rehabilitation of Anwar al-Sadat”
2 Egypt Parliament Removes Prominent Dissenter: Anwar Sadat’s Nephew
3 Discussion of the book "Great Egyptian War" at the Greater Cairo Library on Oct. 21
4 Sadat nephew and Sisi critic drops Egyptian presidential bid
5 30 years later, questions remain over Sadat killing, peace with Israel
6 United States Mint Unveils Anwar El Sadat Congressional Gold Medal Design
7 When Anwar Sadat came to Jerusalem 40 years ago
8 This Day in History
9 Egyptian Security Forces Arrest Senior Staff Members of Rights Group
10 ET presents most prominent works portraying late President Sadat
11 October 6, 1981: President Anwar Al-Sadat of Egypt Is Assassinated in Cairo
12 Egypt, UK conduct T-1 joint exercise in Mediterranean Sea
13 Egypt, UK conclude T-1 joint exercise in Mediterranean Sea
14 US Mint unveils approved designs for Anwar Sadat congressional gold medal
15 Sadat family revisits history at Old Globe
16 Egypt's Union of Artistic Syndicates to convene over Mohamed Ramadan's alleged 'normalisation with Israel'
17 Debate: India Cannot Emulate Anwar Sadat’s Yom Kippur War Model
18 Is Valley Of Tears a True Story? Is the HBO Show Really Based on Yom Kippur War?
19 The Coptic Crisis — A Story of Benign Neglect by Anwar el-Sadat
20 Egypt's late president Anwar Sadat awarded US Congressional medal of honour
21 Nephew of assassinated Egyptian president mulls election run
22 Normalisation by Gulf States is different
23 Anwar Sadat's vision for Egypt
24 UK Royal Navy concludes first joint exercises with Egypt
25 Former Egyptian first lady Jehan El-Sadat celebrates 70 years since marriage to late President Anwar El-Sadat
26 How Jimmy Carter Brokered a Hard-Won Peace Deal Between Israel and Egypt
27 Photos/Video: United States Mint Unveils Anwar El Sadat Congressional Gold Medal Design
28 US Congress to Award Egypt's Former President Anwar El Sadat With Highest Honour
29 Design for Anwar El Sadat Congressional Gold Medal Unveiled
30 Omnia El Shakry, ed., Understanding and Teaching the Modern Middle East (New Texts Out Now)
31 Mubarak: a man who built on his talent for self-promotion while stifling opposition
32 Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian Leader Ousted in Arab Spring, Dies at 91
33 Egypt collector accumulated over 100 vintage cars | Back Page
34 Three world leaders arrived at Gettysburg in 27-vehicle convoy, vintage photos
35 Editorial: Middle East peace deal welcome, not prize-worthy
36 Who is Ahmed Zaki, the subject of the Google doodle today?
37 Egyptian parliament boots nephew of Anwar Sadat
38 Mohamed Ramadan in Sadat's house
39 Sadat and the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty
40 Egypt's Armed Forces Chief Tours Sinai, Urges Troops to Remain on Alert
41 Egypt, Israel conclude peace treaty, March 26, 1979
42 U.S. awards Congressional Gold Medal to Anwar Sadat
43 The golden songs for the 1952 Revolution – and beyond
44 EGYPT: Anwar Sadat's daughter sues information minister over Hollywood movie
45 Anwar Sadat Is Born | The Jewish News
46 Middle East Long Riven by Killings of High-profile Figures
47 Celebrating 100th birthday of man of peace, war
48 Egypt’s Sadat warned against Iran, Khomeini 37 years ago
49 South Sinai governorate to open late Egyptian President Sadat's resting house to the public
50 Desert town reminisces on Sadat's 1979 visit, peace treaty
51 MP Sadat is 'prepared to pay the price' to defend justice in Egypt
52 Egypt’s Sadat one step away from posthumous US Congressional Gold Medal
53 Grassroots to the Rescue: Advancing Egyptian-Israeli Peace
54 Gehan al-Sadat rejects Israeli President invitation to visit Israel
55 Trump’s Middle East Deal Is Good. But Not That Good.
56 The Alley's "Camp David" Brings Drama of History to Houston Stage
57 Photographs from the 40th anniversary of the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty
58 For Thousands of Years, Egypt Controlled the Nile. A New Dam Threatens That.
59 Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam challenges Egypt over the Nile
60 The Match of the Century: A comprehensive look at the Cairo Derby
61 October 6, 1981: Egypt's President Anwar Sadat assassinated over Israeli peace pact
62 Profile: Anwar Sadat (25 December 1918 – 6 October 1981)
63 EXCLUSIVE: Crown Prince Leka II of the Albanians talks to Royal Central about his daughter, life and role in Albania
64 Hosni Mubarak’s legacy is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
65 Khaled El-Nabawy as Anwar Sadat in new play in Washington, DC
66 House Speaker says President Sisi keen on keeping Egypt safe, stable
67 Israel and the Arab world: A history of recognition attempts
68 Anwar Sadat
69 Essay: When Anwar met Menachem
70 I'm proud my son Khaled killed Anwar Sadat: Mother
71 UAE-Israel peace deal causes Egyptians to reminisce about Arabs' lost opportunities for peace
72 Camelia Sadat passed away at 74
73 Hosni Mubarak Obituary: El 'Rais' and the 'Modern Pharaoh'
74 Sadat to Salman: Israel at the expense of Palestine
75 Mubarak's lasting legacy on Egypt's Coptic Christians
76 Remember the Russian Mistral Amphibious Ship? Certainly, the Turks Do
77 Thirty years later, Sadat's widow still hopes for peace
78 The War Widow
79 In Search of Identity: An Autobiography
80 Sadat’s ghost haunts Mubarak’s dreams for Egypt – archive, 1984
81 UK secret documents: Sadat intended to step down prior to assassination
82 Marking four decades to Egypt-Israel 'cold peace' | | AW
83 Muslim brotherhood will never reappear in political scene in Egypt: Camellia Al-Sadat
84 David M. Shribman: A little help from their 'friends'
85 The tragic tale of Egypt's decline: Is it also the story of America's future?
86 Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi given secretive burial as UN calls investigation
87 'Angel' movie to feature life of Ashraf Marwan
88 Israel-Egypt treaty, 40 years later: The forgotten songs Cairo produced to get the public ready for peace
89 The Whole World Got Hosni Mubarak Wrong
90 40 years since Sadat visit: 'Israel had snipers ready on the rooftops'
91 Egypt votes for newly-created senate
92 Was an Egyptian leader’s son-in-law an Israeli spy? A new Netflix film revives the debate.
93 U.S. Senate passes bill to honour Anwar Sadat
94 National Library of Israel Releases Pictures of Begin in Egypt in Honor of 40 Years of Peace
95 President Sisi: July 23 radically changed Egypt's history
96 Celebrating the birthday of the renowned Egyptian comedian Zeinat Sedky
97 CCAC recommends designs for Sadat and Gleason congressional gold medals
98 CCAC Approves Designs for Gleason and Sadat Medals
99 The Gulf Arabs Weary of Protesting for Palestine
100 The Rise and Fall of Mubarak in Egypt Is a Cautionary Tale for Sisi