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1 How to install the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database server on Ubuntu 20.04
2 Moving to cloud-native applications and data with Kubernetes and Apache Cassandra
3 DataStax unveils K8ssandra as cloud-native Cassandra
4 Instaclustr Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
5 Instaclustr Named to Deloitte's 2020 Technology Fast 500™ as Enterprises Increasingly Turn to Open Source for Their Data Stacks
6 Open source freedom on overdrive--via the cloud?
7 Instaclustr Names Geoff Richardson as Group Chief Financial Officer
8 Stargate: A new way to think about databases
9 Faster than ever, Apache Cassandra 4.0 beta is on its way
10 Apache Cassandra 4.0 Now in Beta -- ADTmag
11 news digest: Scrum Guide update, Aerospike adds expressions for NoSQL Database 5, and DataStax released K8ssandra
12 Apache Cassandra finally gets an enterprise-grade index
13 5 to 1: An Overview of Apache Cassandra Kubernetes Operators
14 Storage suppliers go Kubernetes crazy in this week's roundup
15 Apache Cassandra 4.0 Lands: Five Times Faster, Audit Logging and More
16 Apache Cassandra indexing without having to say I'm sorry
17 The Five Best Apache Cassandra Books on Our Reading List
18 The 5 Best Apache Cassandra Courses and Online Training for 2020
19 What’s new (and exciting) in the Apache Cassandra 4.0 beta
20 KIOXIA America Elevates Flash Storage at Flash Memory Summit
21 Daily AI Roundup: The 5 Coolest Things On Earth Today
22 DataStax Unveils Vector: AIOps for Apache Cassandra
23 Move fast and don’t break things with cloud-native data
24 "DataStax Astra makes the power of Apache Cassandra available to more developers"
25 Apache Cassandra’s road to the cloud
26 Dell updates data protection/management solutions
27 Amazon Keyspaces for Apache Cassandra now generally available
28 DataStax throws arms around Apache Cassandra, offers it an operator • DEVCLASS
29 What Cassandra users think of their NoSQL DBMS
30 DataStax Astra Now Available, Bringing Apache Cassandra Performance, Reliability, and Scale to the Cloud
31 Cloud Native Computing Foundation Adds 46 New Members
32 DataStax Astra: A DBaaS that simplifies cloud-native Apache Cassandra application development
33 Introducing DataStax Luna, Enterprise Support for Apache Cassandra
34 DataStax Vector: Making Cassandra NoSQL DBMS clusters more manageable
35 DataStax Enables Enterprises to Learn Fast, Deploy Fast, and Run Fast to Accelerate Time-to-Market With Apache Cassandra™
36 DataStax releases open-source Kubernetes Operator for Apache Cassandra
37 DataStax Acquires Apache Cassandra Consultancy
38 Open source database ScyllaDB 4.0 promises Apache Cassandra, Amazon DynamoDB drop-in replacement
39 Apache Cassandra gets AIOps upgrade
40 Cassandra Gets an Indexing Upgrade
41 The Future Is Bright for Apache Cassandra With DataStax Co-Founder and CTO Jonathan Ellis and Chief Product Officer Ed Anuff
42 A closer look at Amazon Keyspaces
43 DataStax Opens Registration for World's Largest Apache Cassandra™ NoSQL Event
44 DataStax unveils Stargate project to turn Cassandra into a multi-model database
45 Apache Cassandra 4.0 promises increased stability, speed and ease of use
46 DataStax draws new path to AIOps: Vector for Apache Cassandra
47 DataStax Astra provides developers with more deployment options to run Cassandra workloads
48 A look back at re:Invent 2019 and the year since
49 Datastax Launches Tech Support for Open Source Cassandra
50 DataStax amps up Cassandra certification training
51 AWS DynamoDB Vs Apache Cassandra: Comparing The Two NoSQL Databases
52 Crafting a Data-Driven Enterprise with DataStax at Data Summit Connect 2020
53 Scylla review: Apache Cassandra supercharged
54 AWS Announces Amazon Managed (Apache) Cassandra Service
55 DataStax reconnects with Apache Cassandra
56 When – and When Not – to Use Open Source Apache Cassandra, Kafka, Spark and Elasticsearch
57 Dell releases data protection, cyber security solutions
58 Instaclustr Achieves PCI-DSS Certification for its Managed Apache Cassandra and Kafka Offerings on AWS
59 Tutorial: Getting started with Apache Cassandra
60 Cassandra Adoption Correlates with Experience
61 Apache Cassandra turns 10
62 4 Apache Cassandra Pitfalls You Must Avoid
63 Instaclustr Expands Fully Managed Open Source Data Solutions with Instaclustr for Redis™*
64 DataStax's path from Cassandra
65 DataStax takes aim at open source Cassandra challenges
66 HBase vs Cassandra: Which is The Best NoSQL Database
67 Amazon Managed Apache Cassandra Service stokes competition
68 AWS Launches Cassandra Service
69 DataStax releases enterprise platform making graph fully native
70 Our storage digest takes to the skies with Acronis, Inspur, Nutanix and DataStax
71 DataStax shifts focus back towards the Cassandra community
72 DataStax Announces Cloud Native Database as a Service and AIOps Tools
73 DataStax details road to Apache Cassandra future
74 DataStax Unveils Storage-Attached Indexing
75 DataStax Releases Open-Source Kubernetes Operator for Cassandra
76 AWS re:Invent 2019 Postmortem: Introducing Cassandra and bringing ML to Aurora
77 DataStax points finger at Storage-Attached Indexing
78 The road to Cassandra 4.0 – What does the future have in store?
79 Discord Chooses Scylla as Its Core Storage Layer
80 DataStax Announces DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra
81 Cloudera adds operational database to cloud service
82 Instaclustr Certifies Apache Cassandra for Enterprise-Grade and Production-Ready Deployments
83 The battle for Apache Cassandra highlights major problem with open source projects
84 How well do you know your Apache Cassandra trivia?
85 ScyllaDB Announces Scylla Enterprise 2020 NoSQL Database
86 Instaclustr Sees Rapid Growth as Enterprise Demand for Open Source Data Technologies Accelerates
87 DataStax Accelerate: A NoSQL Original Series Premieres May 12
88 Instaclustr Named to Accel's Open100 List of the Fastest Growing Open Source Startups
89 How to perform speculative query executions in Apache Cassandra using GoCql
90 Neo4j Going Distributed with Graph Database
91 Top 10 Best Shampoos For Dry Scalps 2020
92 DataStax review: Cassandra made faster and easier
93 DataStax Luna offers support to leave Cassandra's dark sides behind • DEVCLASS
94 Introducing an open source Apache Cassandra LDAP Authenticator
95 AWS re:Invent: CodeGuru, SageMaker Studio, and Managed Apache Cassandra
96 ScyllaDB Announces Scylla Enterprise 2020
97 T-Mobile CIO Cody Sanford Headlines Second Installment of DataStax 'Accelerate: A NoSQL Original Series'
98 DataStax Enterprise 6.8: Advanced cloud-native data and bare-metal performance
99 How Facebook's open source factory gave rise to Presto
100 Dissecting’s secret sauce: less about AI, more about fixing Hadoop