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Result Content Idea Research
1 How to Fortify Your Holiday E-commerce AppSec Readiness
2 AppSec Decoded: The consequences of insecure IoT devices
3 AppSec: Half of Application Security Flaws Remain Unfixed Six Months After Discovery
4 Why Vulnerable Code Is Shipped Knowingly
5 Data Theorem Delivers Privacy Toolkit and Data Leak Dashboard to Help Customers Comply with Apple's New App Store Data Disclosure Rules
6 5 Irrefutable Reasons to Prioritize Software Security
7 Three DevSecOps challenges and how to mitigate them
8 DevSecOps: Solving the Add-On Software Security Dilemma
9 State of Software Security v11: How to Use the Findings
10 New York Casino security officers receive mayoral recognition after saving guest's life
11 K-12 schools have been hit hard with cybersecurity breaches this fall with no end in sight
12 CISA releases alert on heightened awareness for Iranian cyber activity
13 Survey Finds Security Champions Fostering DevSecOps
14 Watch Here: How to Build a Successful AppSec Program
15 Acunetix Exhibiting at Global Appsec 2020 Virtual
16 State of Software Security v11: Key Takeaways for Developers
17 AppSec Tools Proliferation Is Driving Investments to Consolidate
18 Threats vs. Thrift: Running Effective AppSec During ...
19 How to Scale Your AppSec With Security Champions Program
20 AppSec vs. DevSecOps, and what that means for developers
21 Most AppSec pros see a growing divide between them and developers
22 4 Steps for Establishing an Effective AppSec Strategy
23 More than 50% of organizations plan to increase investment in building technology to protect health & safety of occupants
24 Global phishing campaign targeting the COVID-19 vaccine cold chain
25 The #AppSec 50: Top application security pros to follow on Twitter
26 Veracode Streamlines AppSec Workflows for Developers with New GitHub Action
27 Macron's ruling party in France says it will rewrite proposed global security law
28 Turla Crutch attacks Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an EU country, misuses Dropbox in cyber-espionage
29 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week 3: Day in the Life, AppSec Educator
30 Understand the Past to Shape the Future of AppSec
31 A Software Security Checklist Based on the Most Effective AppSec Programs
32 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode AppSec Village – Christian Schneider’s ‘Threagile: Agile Threat Modeling’
33 DevSecOps: Changing AppSec for the Midmarket
34 Huntsville schools close for the week amid cyberattack
35 The Evolution of AppSec: Past, Present and Future
36 4 Reasons Why Confusing AppSec With InfoSec Is a Big Mistake
37 Managing the AppSec Toolstack
38 New PCI Regulations Indicate the Need for AppSec Throughout the SDLC
39 12 Bare-Minimum Benchmarks for AppSec Initiatives
40 Contrast Security's AppSec Platform Now Available on DoD's Platform One for Built-in ATO for Secure Cloud-based Application Development
41 Code Dx Enterprise's New Orchestration Capability Automates and Centralizes AppSec Tool Management
42 Why it’s Time to adopt a risk-based approach to appsec
43 New Data Reveals How AppSec Is Adapting to New Development Realities
44 Changing the AppSec Game with Security Instrumentation
45 AppSec Decoded: The security dilemma of IoT devices
46 New DevSecOps study highlights need to address AppSec throughout the SDLC
47 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode AppSec Village – Phillip Marlow’s ‘Can’t Touch This: Detecting Lateral Movement’
48 Leadership Roundtable: DevOps Best Practices and Cloud AppSec Architecture
49 3 ways that AppSec training benefits your long-term security strategy
50 AppSec Becomes A Priority For New CISOs/CSOs: Recommendations For The First 100 Days
51 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode AppSec Village – Fredrick “Flee” Lee’s ‘What Bruce Lee Can Teach Us About AppSec’
52 Welcome to Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020!
53 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode Appsec Village – Jarrod Overson’s ‘Hackium A Browser For Web Hackers’
54 Evaluating and Selecting AppSec Vendors to Fit Your Business Needs
55 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode AppSec Village – Mario Areias’ ‘Threat Modeling The Death Star’
56 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode AppSec Village – Chloe Messdaghi’s ‘The Elephant In The Room: Burnout’
57 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode AppSec Village – Vandana Verma Sehgal’s ‘Running An Appsec Program Wtih Open Source’
58 Organizations knowingly ship vulnerable code despite using AppSec tools
59 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode AppSec Village – David Sopas’ & Paulo Silva’s ‘API InSecurity TOP 10’
60 Growing ‘cultural divide’ between DevOps and AppSec workers could lead to less secure software – report
61 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode AppSec Village – David Waldrop’s ‘The DevOps And Agile Security Toolkit’
62 Discussing AppSec Policies within DevSecOps
63 Baltimore schools close responding to ransomware attack
64 WhiteHat Security Announces Web and Mobile AppSec Bundle to Help Organizations Secure the Digital Future
65 Getting Security and Development on the Same Page Through ZeroNorth’s New Defect Density Dashboard
66 Protecting healthcare organizations from cyberattacks | 2020-12-04
67 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode AppSec Village
68 What to Do When You Need AppSec Right Now
69 The Road to DevSecOps: Addressing the Challenges of AppSec Awareness
70 'LINKS' identifies ways to strengthen disaster resilience through the uses of social media and crowdsourcing technologies
71 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode Appsec Village – Maddie Stone’s ‘Who’s Secure Who’s Not: Who Makes That Choice’
72 Two-Part Training Required for Developers to Slay the Security Beast
73 Your 30-60-90 Day AppSec Plan
74 to Host Inaugural In-Person Shift AppSec Summit to Discuss Scaling Security for Rapid Growth
75 43% of Data Breaches Connected to Application Vulnerabilities: Assessing the AppSec Implications
76 AppSec Managers Are Becoming Extinct. Get Ready to Embrace DevSecOps.
77 Now Is the Time for Government Agencies to up Their AppSec Game
78 3 Steps to Improve Your AppSec Using ThreatX and Splunk Phantom
79 Best Practices and Practical Steps to Guide Your AppSec Journey
80 New NIST Standards on IAST and RASP Deliver State-of-the-Art AppSec
81 Black Hat USA 2020: Critical Flaws Reveal Common AppSec Holes
82 Report: 73% of developers sacrifice security for speed
83 Developers agree: Application security processes have a negative impact on productivity
84 Independent Research Reveals Organizations Gain ROI of 162% with SaaS application security from Veracode
85 AppSec Themes to Watch in 2020
86 Building Blocks of AppSec Testing Exploring SAST, DAST, and IAST/RASP
87 Accuracy in AppSec Is Critical to Reducing False Positives
88 Your Guide to AppSec Tools: SAST or SCA?
89 What Vulnerabilities and Attacks Matter? Insights from Contrast Labs’ AppSec Intelligence Report
90 Making a Case for the Cloud: Customers Give Their Honest Feedback of SaaS-Based AppSec
91 The Top 5 Programming Languages for Security Admins to Learn
92 Future-Proofing Your AppSec With Veracode SaaS Solutions
93 Checkmarx Solutions Now Available for Purchase on AWS Marketplace
94 4 Reasons to Automate Security Testing with AppSec Instrumentation
95 Best practices for protecting your data from ransomware
96 Senior Staff Product Security Engineer (AppSec)
97 Contrast Labs: Mapping Risk Profiles for Select OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities to Understand Their AppSec Risk
98 DevOps Industry Veterans Team Up with ZAP Founder Simon Bennetts to Deliver AppSec to Developers
99 Nearly 50 Percent of Organizations Knowingly Push Vulnerable Software, According to New Research from ESG and Veracode
100 DECEMBER 2019 AppSec Intelligence Report