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Result Content Idea Research
1 'Teaching Beyond Stereotypes': Ways to Teach the Middle East & Islam in Schools
2 Supporting Arab & Muslim Students in the Classroom
3 I’m a Muslim and Arab American. Will I Ever Be an Equal Citizen?
4 Trump adviser sees more Arab, Muslim partners for Israel after UAE deal
5 Al Jazeera Arabic broadcast fake Muslim Brotherhood protests: Egyptian media
6 President Donald J. Trump Has Brokered a Historic Deal Between Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain
7 The battle of Malazgirt and the concept of Turkish-Arab regional security | Daily Sabah
8 France to continue pressure on China over Muslim Uighur minority
9 Trump's Middle East accord is the illusion of peace
10 Muslim hotel worker wins compensation over alcohol-chocolate swap
11 Inside the campaign to help make Arab-American businesses more competitive
12 The decline of the Arab and Muslim world, the unfateful year of 1979
13 Why a Turkish historical drama has become wildly popular with India’s Muslim youth
14 Reisman: Peace and 'the Resistance'
15 The Arab World Is Having a Jewish Revolution
16 Michigan's Muslims gaining political influence
17 Turkey Is Isolated From Europeans And Arabs Like Never Before
18 For Some Muslim Couples, Gender-Separate Weddings Are the Norm
19 Is the dream of Arab and Islamic unity on Palestine dead?
20 New Hamas Fundraising Campaign: Hamas' military wing began a new fundraising campaign about a month after the United States thwarted digital coin campaigns of Hamas, al-Qaeda and ISIS
21 Why Do the Arabs Hate the Palestinians?
22 Saudi king's rare address to UN showcases monarch in charge
23 Why Qatar should not be designated an ally of the US
24 Israeli footballer becomes first to join an Arab football league after UAE club move
25 Brazilian cosmetics company gets halal certification
26 Bassam Tibi's 40-year fight against Islamic fundamentalism
27 Deciphering Stephen Miller: The origins of Trump's hater in chief
28 Despite pressure by Trump, Arab nations resist ties with Israel
29 Saudi Arabia says it took down ‘terrorist cell’ trained by Iran
30 'We don’t have the white experience': Arab Americans grapple with race categories on census
31 Anti-Islamic Moves in West Aimed at Maintaining Muslims as 'Other'
32 Modern Day Islamophobia Starts with the US and Israeli Right-Wing but Ends With Saudi Arabia and the UAE
33 Arab Muslims are People of Color, Arab Christians are White
34 Israeli cover of Emirati hit earns fans across Arab world
35 At UN, Pakistani leader says India sponsors anti-Muslim hate
36 Europe warned of Muslim Brotherhood's 'divisive,' 'dangerous' influence
37 Pakistan arrests opposition leader ahead of planned protests
38 Tagore and Khilafat: Only Hinduism can relieve world from meanness
39 Saudi Arabia, Pakistan must work together for Muslim unity
40 The problem with the Emmy attention for 'Ramy'
41 63% of British Muslims feel supermarkets have outdated and lazy campaigns related to Ramadan and halal produce, study shows
42 Casting Call For Ms. Marvel Series Reveals 4 New Characters
43 Opinion: NY Times defines Arab Muslims as people of color, but Arab Christians? They’re white
44 Revision 5.16 “What the West Owes the East” (Literature)
45 Normalisation deals 'tool' to undermine Islam: Scholar – Middle East Monitor
46 Israel ‘normalisation’: Is Saudi Arabia softening its stance?
47 Trump calls for cable host to be fired over comments about Muslims
48 Ramy Youssef jokes about losing an Emmy in 2020
49 Arab World Finally Exposes Erdogan's Hypocrisy as 'Defender' of Palestinians
50 Egyptian police disperse rare, small protests; 10 arrested
51 YouTube shuts down livestream of US college event honoring Palestinian hijacker
52 France: 7 in custody after stabbing linked to Charlie Hebdo
53 Today's Headlines and Commentary
54 Israel and the Arab World: A Tectonic Shift
55 Qanta Ahmed: As a Muslim American Trump admirer, I say to Joy Reid and Ilhan Omar: Shame on you!
56 New York Times Tilts Toward One-State Solution on Israel-Palestine
57 The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s declaration on human rights: Promises and pitfalls
58 China Could Signal Increased Engagement with Iran—But It Hasn't Done So
59 He was famous for fighting antisemitism. Now, his antisemitic statements are out.
60 Coeur d'Alene Press
61 Next year in Jerusalem: the Serbian Embassy and Kosovo go on a pilgrimage with Trump
62 The Muslim Moroccan director trying to crack the mystery of the Jews who left his homeland
63 Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser Was a Towering Figure Who Left an Ambiguous Legacy
64 Pakistan may not be intellectually flexible enough to deal with Arab-Israel thaw
65 Iran and Iraq commit to boosting border cooperation and trade
66 Un-HolyLand? An Arab Muslim Reckoning With Racism : Code Switch
67 The surviving sect... its origins and connotations
68 Pakistan: Indian fire kills 1 soldier in Kashmir
69 Al-Qaeda leader calls Islamic countries supporting the Middle East Peace Deal as 'Slaves of the West'
70 Not only Uyghurs but Utsuls of Hainan, Huis latest target of China's religious crackdown
71 Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin's Regular Press Conference on September 25, 2020
72 Brazilian woman to show the world what Qatar is about
73 Saudi Arabia’s fragile support to Palestine
74 Incitement cannot topple the Egyptian state | Adly Sadiq | AW
75 A Way Forward
76 The Orville Gets a Season 3 Status Update From Seth McFarlane
77 The Latest: Ethiopia says dam not meant to harm Egypt, Sudan
78 Arab Muslim Teacher Shares Discrimination Faced Wearing Head Veil
79 The Latest: Boris Johnson to urge global unity against virus
80 President Donald J. Trump Has Secured a Historic Deal Between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to Advance Peace and Prosperity In the Region
81 Hamas urges Arab, Muslim unity against annexation
82 Muslim and Arab Communities: A Priority for Team Biden
83 How Arab leaders abandoned Muslim causes
84 Why Did Cup Foods Call the Cops on George Floyd?
85 Arab and Muslim Communities Need To Talk About Anti-Blackness
86 Why Arabs are speaking out against Islamophobia in India
87 The Arab countries most likely to recognise Israel
88 After Floyd, raw talk, racial reckoning among US Muslims
89 Holy Land's Reckoning Over Anti-Blackness : Code Switch
90 U.S. Presses Other Muslim Nations to Establish Ties With Israel
91 Saudi Arabia's 'Um Haroun' Ignites Arab Debate on Jews and Israel
92 After George Floyd, raw talk and racial reckoning among U.S. Muslims
93 Vatican cardinal hopes spin won’t spoil potential of new papal encyclical
94 Muslim Countries with Which India Had Increasingly Good Relations Have Become Less Friendly
95 Islam's anti-racist message from the 7th century still resonates today
96 Arab, Muslim Communities Hold Solidarity, Justice Events In Metro Detroit
97 Arab Muslim twins go from violent delinquents to proud Golani soldiers
98 The hidden racism of the Muslim marriage market
99 Debating racism in the Arab world
100 Women in Arab countries find themselves torn between opportunity and tradition