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1 U.S. stops Trump-era effort to loosen safety rules for Arctic drilling
2 Oceanographers Find “Heat Bombs” Destroying Arctic Sea Ice
3 Court Ends Trump's Attempt to Allow Drilling in 128 Million Acres of Atlantic and Arctic Oceans
4 Ninth Circuit Court Confirms Obama-Era Protections for Arctic, Atlantic Oceans
5 Arctic biodiversity at risk as world overshoots climate planetary boundary
6 Navigating beneath the Arctic ice
7 How the Arctic became salty
8 Trump effort to allow drilling on 128M acres of Atlantic and Arctic oceans ended by court decision | TheHill
9 First remains from doomed 19th-century Arctic expedition identified
10 Navigating Beneath the Arctic Ice – Without GPS
11 Federal Court Ends Trump Effort to Open 128 Million Acres of Atlantic, Arctic Oceans to Drilling
12 Massive icebergs scoured Arctic seafloor
13 Planet Ocean: Why Is The Blue Economy So Important?
14 Government of Canada announces Polar Icebreakers to enhance Canada's Arctic presence and provide critical services to Canadians
15 Competition heats up in the melting Arctic, and the US isn't prepared to counter Russia
16 Motor racing-Bottas fastest in first Spanish GP practice
17 A more accessible Arctic becomes proving ground for US-China jockeying
18 Deepest Oceans And Seas
19 Is the Red Sea Really the Red Ocean?
20 Breakthrough study shows no-take marine reserves benefit overfished reefs
21 Arctic Ocean was once a tub of fresh water covered with a half-mile of ice
22 Northern Sea Route: Can Russia’s Arctic Game-Plan Outdo US’ Strategy In The Indo-Pacific?
23 Canadian Government to Build Two Large Polar Icebreakers
24 Arctic Ocean: climate change is flooding the remote north with light – and new species
25 Xuelong 2 returns from Antarctica
26 Plans to Connect Continents through Subsea Fiber Cable in the Polar Ocean
27 From Norway to Canada, the Arctic Ocean is being polluted by tiny plastic fibers from our clothes
28 Arctic Ocean: why winter sea ice has stalled, and what it means for the rest of the world
29 Ocean conservation: EU leads the international effort to establish new Marine Protected Areas in Antarctica
30 Climate change is flooding the Arctic Ocean with light – what it means for the species that live there
31 Businessman to Admit Smuggling Marine Tech to China
32 Warming shrinks Arctic Ocean ice to 2nd lowest on record
33 SoCal Lawmaker Aims To Protect Coast From Offshore Drilling
34 'Regime shift' happening in the Arctic Ocean | Stanford News
35 Climate change rarely factored into Atlantic Canada’s fisheries management, report finds
36 Article Arctic Ocean and Canada
37 More ships are traveling longer distances in Canada's Northwest Passage
38 Phytoplankton Surge in Arctic Waters
39 Science, climate change, and Arctic amplification | YaleNews
40 Diving in the icy depths: the scientists studying what climate change is doing to the Arctic Ocean – The Conversation Weekly podcast
41 New study finds polyester fibers throughout the Arctic Ocean
42 'The Arctic Ocean Is Dying': Grim Conclusion as Biggest North Pole Mission Returns
43 Why Arctic sea ice has stalled, and what it means for the rest of the world
44 The Arctic Ocean is becoming more like the Atlantic and Pacific, studies say
45 Increased Heat From Arctic Rivers Is Melting Sea Ice in the Arctic Ocean and Warming the Atmosphere
46 The Arctic Ocean—facts and information
47 The moon controls the release of methane in Arctic Ocean
48 U.S. moves to loosen safety rules for Arctic Ocean oil drilling
49 Limiting global warming to 1.5C can halve rise in sea levels due to ice melt: Study
50 Where’s the sea ice? 3 reasons the Arctic freeze is unseasonably late and why it matters
51 Ocean acoustics in the changing Arctic: Physics Today: Vol 73, No 12
52 Arctic summer sea ice could be gone by as early as 2035
53 Growing underwater heat blob speeds demise of Arctic sea ice
54 Arctic Ocean changes driven by sub-Arctic seas
55 The long decline of Arctic sea ice
56 "Insanely Warm" Arctic Ocean Waters Are Delaying Freeze-Up and Pouring Heat Into the Atmosphere
57 Average Arctic Ocean temperatures in February warmer than past two decades | TheHill
58 Record-high Arctic freshwater will flow through Canadian waters, affecting marine environment and Atlantic ocean currents
59 Our Laundry Is Fouling Arctic Seawater With Microplastics – Mother Jones
60 Polyester fibres from clothing pervasive in the Arctic Ocean
61 Beluga whistles and clicks could be silenced by an increasingly noisy Arctic Ocean
62 As Arctic sea ice hits annual maximum, concern grows over polar ice loss: Studies
63 Increasing riverine heat influx triggers Arctic sea ice decline and oceanic and atmospheric warming
64 New depth map of the Arctic Ocean
65 Why the Arctic is Not the 'Next' South China Sea
66 The Arctic hasn't been this warm for 3 million years – and that foreshadows big changes for the rest of the planet
67 New Navy, Marine Corps Strategic Blueprint for the Arctic
68 Tracking Arctic climate change from a Greenhouse to an Icehouse world
69 Scientists Say Methane Release Is Starting in Arctic Ocean. How Concerned Should We Be?
70 Life in 2050: A Glimpse at the Economy in the Future | IE
71 Arctic Ocean is set for more turbulent future
72 A Massive Surge in Plankton Has Researchers Pondering the Future of the Arctic
73 Blooms of phytoplankton on the rise in Arctic Ocean
74 Microfibers From Blue Jeans Are Polluting Arctic Oceans
75 China to push for building ‘Polar Silk Road’ in Arctic Ocean
76 Arctic Ocean
77 Increase in fresh water in Arctic Ocean could affect global climate systems
78 Most of the Arctic's Microscopic Algae Are Chilling Under Ice
79 Big winter snows in the North could be fueled by Arctic sea ice loss
80 Arctic sea ice winter peak in 2021 is joint-seventh lowest on record
81 The Arctic Hasn't Been This Warm for 3 Million Years
82 The Arctic’s Peculiar Ocean Turbulence Puzzled Scientists for Decades – Now MIT Has an Explanation
83 Plan for Indigenous Protected Area in Canadian Arctic Clears Key Hurdle
84 The Arctic Ocean May Not Be a Reliable Carbon Sink
85 A Bridge Across Two Oceans: The Arctic Challenge to Panama Canal Shipping
86 'Pervasive' Microplastic Pollution in Arctic Ocean Points to Fast Fashion
87 Fresh water is pouring into the Arctic Ocean. Climate change is to blame, new study says
88 Explainer: How 'Atlantification' is making the Arctic Ocean saltier and warmer
89 Microplastic Pollution Found in the Arctic Ocean Includes Fibers from Laundry
90 Climate change: the Arctic Ocean sea ice has yet to start refreezing
91 Evidence for extreme export of Arctic sea ice leading the abrupt onset of the Little Ice Age
92 Phytoplankton enhance Arctic Ocean's ability to soak up carbon dioxide, study finds
93 The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence and Proof
94 Arctic Ocean acidification worse than previously expected
95 Texas A&M Scientists Find Trace Elements Increasing In Rapidly Changing Arctic Ocean
96 Extreme Arctic waves set to hit new heights
97 How sub-Arctic seas are influencing the Arctic Ocean and what it's telling us about climate change
98 Arctic mid-winter phytoplankton growth revealed by autonomous profilers
99 As the Arctic Continues its Meltdown, Economic Exploitation Quickens
100 The IBCAO 4.0 Bathymetric Chart: New Depth Map of the Arctic Ocean