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1 Ari Fleischer says 'decent thing' is to give Donald Trump 'days he needs' to absorb defeat
2 Ari Fleischer to GOP on election issues: Let the evidence do the speaking, not the accusations
3 Trump defied gravity; now falls back to earth, future TBD
4 Trump's wild claims test limits of Republican loyalty
5 Can Trump run again after leaving the White House? Yes, and others have done it
6 I've heard all the arguments in favor of the Electoral College. They're lame.
7 Casey Seiler: Trump in the beanbag
8 Ari Fleischer: Why my 2020 choice for president will be Donald Trump | TheHill
9 Trump does not plan to concede any time soon, aides and allies indicate
10 Ari Fleischer recalls 9/11's terrifying false reports: 'We heard that there were six hijacked aircraft'
11 Top GOPers say to wait for vote counts after Biden projected to beat Trump, others congratulate new president
12 Fox's Ari Fleischer: Harris 'not that historically exciting to African Americans' | TheHill
13 Ari Fleischer: ‘Democracy is not well served with interruptions during a debate’
14 Ari Fleischer: In 2020 election, if states can't prove they can handle voting by mail, don't try it now
15 Ari Fleischer on challenges for President Trump, Joe Biden as campaigns battle to define 2020 narrative
16 Ari Fleischer on White House defending Trump’s COVID-19 executive order
17 Ari Fleischer: Trump must do more 'to help the nation come together'
18 From Pound Ridge To Pennsylvania Ave—And Back
19 President George W. Bush's Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, to Deliver Keynote at NobleCon Investor Conference
20 Ari Fleischer on suggestions Biden skip Trump debates, controversy over mail-in voting
21 Ari Fleischer: Biden is 'taking advantage of' a 'broken-down media' that is 'biased against Trump'
22 Ari Fleischer weighs in on changes to next presidential debate
23 Ari Fleischer compares George Floyd’s death to Compton sheriff shooting
24 Ari Fleischer boils down Trumps re-election prospects
25 4 more years: Trump freezes 2024 presidential field
26 Ari Fleischer: Jewish voters will give Trump the edge in swing states
27 Huckabee: Biden should call for 'complete clearing of all the ballots to make sure they're legit'
28 Sarah Sanders and Ari Fleischer give their top takeaways from the first presidential debate
29 Trump being 'realistic' is his 'best way' to fight coronavirus: Ari Fleischer
30 Ari Fleischer warns states risk 'bitter acrimony' in November with new balloting procedures
31 Ari Fleischer warns Biden handlers 'severely' limiting ex-VP's media exposure and 'press is yielding' to it
32 Ari Fleischer: Trump should not 'mess with' idea of delaying an election
33 Ari Fleischer hits health officials for backing protests, but not other gatherings: 'A terrible injustice'
34 Ari Fleischer: Reporters look bad, not Trump
35 Ex-Trump campaign adviser Carter Page files $75M suit vs. FBI, DOJ
36 Ari Fleischer calls on Trump to make Biden 'take a stand' in debate
37 Ari Fleischer: Trump's coronavirus communications challenge – Why these two things are critical
38 Ari Fleischer: What Trump should do on coronavirus messaging instead of 'brawls' with media
39 Ari Fleischer reacts to Biden-Harris calling for nationwide mask mandate
40 Ari Fleischer calls return of manned spaceflights to US 'like chicken noodle soup for the soul'
41 Obama CIA chief Brennan condemns Iranian scientist's assassination; conservatives push back
42 Ari Fleischer says Joe Biden's handlers know they have a problem letting the nominee speak extemporaneously
43 CNN reporter draws ridicule for congratulating herself, colleagues on Trump answering questions
44 ‘Pot Calling the Kettle Black’: National Security Experts Call Out Fmr. George W. Bush Press Secretary’s ‘Unmasking’ Take
45 Ari Fleischer: 'Alarming' thought police tactics of left will hurt Democrats, they should denounce it
46 Ari Fleischer declares presidential debate 'a trainwreck': 'This shouldn't be a food fight'
47 Ari Fleischer: AOC and Bernie Sanders 'driving the train' on Dem policies at DNC
48 Ari Fleischer, a prominent TV pundit, has a financial connection that Fox News hasn’t mentioned
49 Ari Fleischer warns Trump team is setting debate expectations too low for Joe Biden
50 Fox News Contributor Ari Fleischer Reacts to Death of Herman Cain, and Reminds Viewers: 'Take Corona [Virus] Seriously'
51 At presidential debate, Trump needs to ‘smoke Joe Biden out’ on 6 policies: Ari Fleischer
52 New York suing to dissolve NRA is 'one of the dumbest mistakes' you can make in election year: Ari Fleischer
53 Ari Fleischer rips mainstream media 'hypocrisy' in treatment of Harris, female GOP candidates
54 Ari Fleischer defends Trump coronavirus remarks to Bob Woodward: 'No president should panic anyone'
55 Why Ari Fleischer is against resurrecting the extinct White House press briefings
56 'The club' of former presidents will never be the same
57 ‘I Don’t Care Who You Are’: Ari Fleischer Says Trump Should Not Go to Next Debate If He Still Has Covid-19
58 Ari Fleischer: Violent rioters are 'slice of America that has given up on our country'
59 Ari Fleischer on Trump saying Biden accuser sounds credible: 'Stay out of that'
60 Ari Fleischer calls out New York Times for giving Cohen, Mueller indictments front page treatment, burying ...
61 Ari Fleischer reacts to the passing of Herman Cain
62 Biden delivers ‘weak performance again’ at CNN town hall: Ari Fleischer
63 Ari Fleischer blasts Democratic senator's hypocrisy for refusing to meet Amy Coney Barrett
64 ‘Have respect for the dead’: Ari Fleischer faces backlash after defending Bush on Iraq War anniversary
65 Trump's task: Resetting campaign that GOP fears is slipping
66 Ari Fleischer: John Kasich speaking to DNC shows how both parties are changing
67 Ari Fleischer derides 'terrible journalism' in CNN's town hall with Biden
68 Ari Fleischer: First presidential debate was a 'trainwreck'
69 Ari Fleischer: De-legitimizing Your Political Opponent Is "Now On Steroids In The Trump Era"
70 Ari Fleischer on DHS whistleblower complaint, revelations in Bob Woodward's new book
71 Ari Fleischer: People should keep their eye on the 'growing fissure in the Democratic Party'
72 Ari Fleischer slams Trump for Roger Stone sentencing remarks: 'Justice must be blind' | TheHill
73 Biden’s presidential debate performance will be ‘first real look’ into who he is at 77: Ari Fleischer
74 Race between 'an outsider with results vs. typical politician with no results': Ari Fleischer
75 Inside the unlikely return of Jen Psaki
76 Ari Fleischer raises concern about Biden after gaffes: 'Is something going on that's getting worse?'
77 Ari Fleischer: Trump must provide coronavirus 'realism' and 'reassurance' to Americans
78 First Trump-Biden debate was a 'mess' and 'not good for the audience': Ari Fleischer
79 Ari Fleischer: Joe Biden's new gaffe shows he's 'inherently divisive'
80 Ari Fleischer urges Trump to scale back on daily press briefings: 'It's a game of gotcha'
81 Ari Fleischer says governors are 'fools' not to call in National Guard: 'Do your job'
82 Ari Fleischer says White House coronavirus briefings should be shorter, slams 'gotcha' questions
83 Ari Fleischer: Democrats havent made case for impeachment. They should censure Trump instead
84 Ari Fleischer: Facebook making 'big mistake' by removing protest posts
85 Ex-White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer Gets Angry Over Bootleg PlayStation Controller
86 Ari Fleischer: Release of Susan Rice email has exposed her 'total lie'
87 Ari Fleischer: Here's how I figured out whom to vote for
88 Ari Fleischer says Mattis 'reached his breaking point' with 'extraordinary' criticism of Trump
89 Ari Fleischer warns 'day of reckoning is coming' as California borrows from feds for unemployment payments
90 Fleischer blasts Twitter over 'incredibly stupid' Trump fact-check: Site 'hasn't done that to Chinese leaders'
91 Ari Fleischer says Trump critics who don't want briefings aired live are 'bad for democracy'
92 Ari Fleischer Compares Occupied Seattle Protest To Confederacy
93 Fox News Signs Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer as Contributor
94 The Iraq War Cheerleaders Are Back on TV Cheering Another U.S. Intervention in the Middle East
95 As Trump reaches for hope and journalists shoot him down, reporters end up looking bad
96 During impeachment trial, Trump portraying ‘exact image’ he wants: Ari Fleischer
97 The TV pundits are talking about the prospects for war with Iran, and it sounds a lot like 2003
98 Biden skipping debates would 'only reinforce questions about if he’s too weak' to lead, Ari Fleischer says
99 Ari Fleischer challenges Biden, Democrats to condemn 'left-wing' statuary vandals: 'Where is Joe?'
100 Fleischer says Trump shouldn't go to next debate if he's still COVID-19 positive | TheHill