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1 NIH taps Dr. Lindsey Criswell as director of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
2 Fewer hip fractures may be associated with reductions in smoking, heavy drinking
3 A Pharmacokinetics‐Informed Approach to Navigating Hydroxychloroquine Shortages in Patients With Rheumatic Disease During the COVID‐19 Pandemic
4 Study: Enzyme could prove effective in treating tumors and inflammatory diseases in lung
5 Newly discovered cell could help predict rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups
6 Study finds link between fewer hip fractures and decreases in smoking, heavy drinking
7 Less Smoking, Drinking Means Fewer Hip Fractures for Americans
8 Americans are having fewer hip fractures, most likely because they are smoking and drinking less, study suggests
9 Repeat bone density tests might not be needed, study finds
10 Study seeks to explain decline in hip fracture rates
11 CEL-SCI Announces Early Results with COVID 19 LEAPS Vaccine/Treatment
12 HEALTH WATCH: 5 things to know about lupus
13 NIH Reports First Known Employee with COVID-19 Infection
14 supported research survey to examine impact of COVID-19 on rare diseases community
15 NIH researchers discover gene for rare disease of excess bone tissue growth
16 funded study to recruit thousands of participants to reveal exercise impact at the molecular level
17 NIAMS and NIA outline next steps following osteoporosis Pathways to Prevention federal partners' meeting
18 New clues on tissue damage identified in rheumatoid arthritis and lupus
19 NIH researchers discover new autoinflammatory disease and uncover its biological cause
20 Ancient disease could protect some from the bubonic plague
21 Faster processing makes cutting-edge fluorescence microscopy more accessible
22 NIH strategic research plan addresses growing tickborne diseases threat
23 NIH funding bolsters rare diseases research collaborations | National Institutes of Health
24 NIH study shows genomic variation causing common autoinflammatory disease may increase resilience to bubonic plague
25 Ethos Research & Development Announces Phase 1 SBIR Grant Award from National Institutes of Health
26 American Tinnitus Association Elects New Board Members to Expand Services to Tinnitus Community During Pandemic
27 Stephen I Katz: influential director of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases at the US National Institutes of Health
28 NIH program to accelerate therapies for arthritis, lupus releases first datasets
29 Looking to the future with Dr. Francis Collins
30 Clear Health from NIH | National Institutes of Health
31 Director of NIAMS Stephen Katz Dies
32 Researchers discover a new autoinflammatory disease called CRIA syndrome
33 Genomic variation causing common autoinflammatory disease may increase resilience to bubonic plague
34 Panel highlights need for further innovative research approaches to inform appropriate long-term use of osteoporosis drug therapies
35 “Wildling” mice could help translate results in animal models to results in humans
36 Research Consortium Receives $1.6M to Develop Stem Cell Therapies...
37 Trends in NIH Funding of Dermatology Research, 2015-2019
38 Arthritis | A Guide to the Types, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment
39 NeuroMetrix Reports Quell® Technology to be Used in NIH-Funded Trial Evaluating Effectiveness of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for Fibromyalgia
40 NIH Institute and Center Contact Information | National Institutes of Health
41 We Offer Condolences at the Passing of Dr. Stephen Katz, Director of NIAMS/NIH
42 NIAMS welcomes four new advisory council members | National Institutes of Health
43 Tudorita Tumbar receives Humboldt Research Award | Cornell Chronicle
44 Colorado researchers win grants to help treat and find cures for skin diseases
45 Advances in Science Identify Cells to Target in Lupus Research and Therapy
46 MRI may help differentiate checkpoint inhibitor-induced arthritis, other joint pain
47 List of NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices
48 Association launches new ADA Science & Research Institute
49 NIH awards $15 million to support development of 3-D human tissue models
50 NIH researchers crack mystery behind rare bone disorder
51 NIH Consortium to Study Molecular Effects of Exercise
52 UPDATED: Number of Montgomery coronavirus cases more than doubles in four days
53 Rheumatoid Arthritis | Early Signs, Causes and Treatment
54 Psoriasis | Symptoms, Causes, Types and Treatments
55 Imbed Awarded $1.5 Million NIH Grant to Fight Biofilms in Wounds
56 New research on Marfan syndrome focuses on eyes
57 Emory, Georgia Tech participate in six-year exercise research study
58 University of Iowa lands $13 million role in national opioid fight
59 Q&A: What PCPs need to know about hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine for COVID-19
60 Chronic low-back pain research standards announced by NIH task force
61 Disrupted Circadian Rhythms Linked to Later Parkinson's Diagnosis
62 How skin cells prepare to heal wounds: Discovery could lead to better understanding of poor wound healing in diabetic patients
63 NIH Clinical Research Trials and You | National Institutes of Health
64 Addressing COVID-19 Concerns in Pregnant Women With Rheumatic Diseases
65 CVM: A Focus on LEAPS
66 New rheumatoid arthritis drug targets NIH-discovered protein
67 NIH pilot project will match researchers to genes, gene variants of interest
68 NIH announces centers for myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome research
69 Study reveals how skin cells prepare to heal wounds
70 Patients with knee OA may undergo premature, delayed TKA
71 AMSSM Awards $150,000 Stephen I. Katz Bridge to R34 Research Grant
72 $2.3 Million NIH Grant for Exercise-After-Injury Research
73 A Clinical Perspective of Autoinflammatory Diseases | National Institutes of Health
74 NIAMS welcomes five new advisory council members | National Institutes of Health
75 New research center to explore muscle health and disease
76 ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Injuries
77 NIH researchers discover otulipenia, a new inflammatory disease
78 Top Doctors 2020
79 Arthritis, musculoskeletal and skin diseases including muscular dystrophy
80 New study reveals how skin cells prepare to heal wounds
81 ‘Hunker down’: U.S. scrambles to stem virus spread through extreme measures
82 Creating hairy human skin: Not as easy as you think
83 American Skin Association Announces 13 New Grants for Skin Cancer and Disease Research in 2020
84 NIH researchers reveal link between powerful gene regulatory elements and autoimmune diseases
85 Health Tip: Living With Psoriasis | Health News | US News
86 NIH awards Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Research Center grants
87 Fauci open to a 14-day 'national shutdown' to stem virus
88 NIH Common Fund launches physical activity research program
89 Sciatica
90 AIM, Cocrystal, CEL-SCI, Beroni Pursue Coronavirus Treatment Candidates
91 NIH awards ~$144 million in research on environmental influences on child health and development
92 Study finds associations between rheumatoid arthritis, other diseases before and after diagnosis
93 NIH Common Fund announces 2014 High-Risk, High-Reward research awardees
94 NIH awards aim to understand molecular changes during physical activity
95 Strenuous exercise safe for people at high risk of knee arthritis
96 Secukinumab improves disease manifestations, QoL in PsA across phenotypes
97 NIDCR announces 2017 Sustaining Outstanding Achievement in Research awards
98 Osteoarthritis research in progeria mouse models reveals promising treatment combinations
99 Gene therapy in mice builds muscle, reduces fat
100 Reassurance on Live-Virus Shingles Vax With Anti-TNFs