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Result Content Idea Research
1 Iranian regime will not stop bankrolling terror
2 Following US warning, Iraq steps up pressure on outlawed militias
3 Iraqi militias defy government, expand networks and pressure
4 US says blast hits Iraq convoy, border attack claim false
5 Iran's new strategy: Iraqi ghost militias? | Daily Sabah
6 Has killing Soleimani backfired on the US? | The Strategist
7 Pro-Iran militias in Iraq wage 'fake news' campaign against US
8 Torn between two allies: How Europeans can reduce Iraqi dependence on Iran and the US
9 Iraqi security forces raid militia headquarters
10 How attacks on US forces in Iraq became a new normal
11 Iraq's Raid on Iran-Backed Militias: Is the New Prime Minister Ready to Rein Them In?
12 7 things you need to know about Surah Al Kahf
13 Quran & Science: An ayah of Surah Al-Kahf points out relationship between solar and lunar years
14 Attacks on U.S. Troops in Iraq Are Part of Iran's Strategy
15 Seven Sleepers' Cave in Nakhchivan attracts pilgrims, tourists alike | Daily Sabah
16 Iraq-Kuwait border crossing blast targets US convoy
17 Notes from Nakhchivan
18 Why Trump's Iraq drawdown is a gift to Iran and Daesh
19 Overcoming Trials | The Message of Surah al Kahf
20 Lesson 1 From Surah Kahf
21 US-Led Forces Withdraw from Military Base near Baghdad
22 US left with no option but to withdraw from Iraq
23 Reflections on Surah Al-Kahf
24 How America Can Avoid a War of Attrition with Iran
25 Netanyahu said demanding to alter deal with Gantz to keep coalition intact
26 Iraqs military denies explosion near the Jraischan border targeting convoy
27 Role of religious eschatology in affairs of ruling state, nation of Abraham & Kurds
28 Will We See Another Massive Crude Oil Draw This Week? | Futures
29 Surah Kahf: Essential lessons for our times
30 Explosions target 2 U.S. supply convoys in Iraq
31 The resilience of Beirut — a reminiscence
32 US not withdrawing from Kuwait, committed to its security
33 The unbelievers, recipients of zakah As for the unbelievers, they are of two categories
34 IS Beheads Captured American James Wright Foley, Threatens to Execute Steven Joel Sotloff
35 Iraqis to Kuwait: Don't steal our Sinbad
36 10 new Turkish sites join UNESCO's heritage list | Daily Sabah
37 IS Threatens in Video to Behead Two Japanese Citizens Unless Paid $200M Ransom
38 IS Behead Steven Joel Sotloff, Threatens to Execute Briton David Cawthorne Haines
39 On British Muslims & Racism: Do Black Lives Matter?
40 Jordan football fans chant 'Saddam Hussein' at Kuwait side
41 Kuwait accuses Iraq of flaring tensions on border issue
42 Netanyahu discusses Lebanon with Macron after deadly Beirut blast
43 Public pool in Jerusalem hangs sign saying lifeguard on duty isn't Jewish
44 Edelstein says Israel to hold talks with Russia on its vaccine
45 There and back again – Part II, Medina
46 Iraqi Shia leader accuses US, Saudi Arabia of planning Basra protests
47 A word on the graves and tombs of the righteous
48 Zulqarnain: Alexander or Cyrus?
49 Iraq resumes compensation payments to Kuwait – Middle East Monitor
50 Iraq Hezbollah leader assassinated in Basra – Middle East Monitor
51 Kuwait to fund reconstruction of Iraq border crossing
52 US concerned with Shia militia joining Iraqi army
53 Iraq signs contracts with US mercenaries to protect trade routes
54 Kuwait moves to protect its ports amid Gulf tensions
55 Kuwait to buy gas from Iraq
56 Iraqi lawmaker: Kuwait is an integral part of Iraq
57 Shedding Light on the Moonsighting, Isha / Fajr times, and Long Fasts
58 9 Things You Didn't Know About The Prophet's Mosque
59 The Birth-Date of the Prophet and the History of the Mawlid
60 Filipino Muslims' Struggle for Identity and Homeland: The Plight of the Bangsamoro