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1 LA Immigration Judge Tapped As Top USCIS Atty
2 Immigration judge who criticized Trump admin. tapped for USCIS post
3 In rare move, Trump appointees bust union of federal immigration judges
4 Immigration Judges Association Argues For Courts Independent Of Attorney General
5 Immigration judges in lawsuit say US government muzzles them
6 U.S. called on to close immigration courts, release some detainees
7 Justice Department Loses Bid to Decertify Immigration Judges' Union | National Law Journal
8 Agency strips bargaining powers of immigration judges' union
9 Management Immigration Judges Union Survives, For Now
10 ‘Immigration judges will fight Justice Department’s attempt to silence us’ | Opinion
11 Biden wasting no time naming officials to reverse Trump's immigration policies
12 FLRA to decertify union representing DOJ immigration judges
13 Amid COVID-19, Trump administration keeps immigration courts open, putting judges, lawyers and immigrants at risk
14 Immigration judges are leaving because the job is 'unbearable,' union says
15 Immigration courts reopen despite rising coronavirus cases
16 Immigration trackers want transparency, better data management; judges press for autonomy
17 Despite Coronavirus, 'The Machinery Continues' at Immigration Courts
18 Trump administration revokes the union rights of immigration judges
19 Justice Department Plans To Expand Its Power Over Immigration Courts
20 “Misleading” and “Propaganda”: Advocates Slam DOJ's New “Myths and Facts” Immigration Report – Mother Jones
21 Why US immigration judges are leaving the bench in record numbers
22 Immigration judges’ union calls for immigration court independent from Justice Department
23 U.S. Government Settles Lawsuit Filed By Iranian-American Judge
24 Justice Department Newsletter Included Extremist Blog Post
25 Justice Department Moves To Decertify Union That Represents U.S. Immigration Judges
26 The One Union Biden Has Not Supported
27 The Best Way to Protect Immigrants From the Whims of Politics
28 Trump Administration Expands Political Power Over Career Immigration Judges
29 Immigration Judges Call to Halt Mass Hearings Amid Virus (1)
30 Immigration judges association calls for independence from DOJ | TheHill
31 The challenges Biden will face on immigration reform
32 Legal Community Says Immigration Court Reopening Lacks Transparency, Safety Measures
33 An unprecedented crisis in the U.S. immigration courts
34 Immigration Judge Slams ‘Remain in Mexico’ Tent Courts
35 Immigration judges union decertified in FLRA ruling
36 AP visits immigration courts across US, finds nonstop chaos
37 Trump vows to sign executive order to change immigration laws
38 Justice Department Seeks To Decertify Union Of Immigration Judges
39 US immigration court fee increases blocked by federal judge
40 Biden Appoints New Cabinet Secretaries, Ousting Trump Loyalists
41 DOJ hiring changes may help Trump's plan to curb immigration
42 Judge rejects request to suspend immigration court hearings amid coronavirus outbreak | TheHill
43 Immigration Courts Reopen Despite Rising Covid-19 Cases
44 More immigration judges are coming to L.A. Will that alleviate the nation's second-largest backlog?
45 The Supreme Court Is Closed, But Immigration Courts Are Still Packing in Dozens of People at a Time – Mother Jones
46 Senate Democrats Accuse Justice Department Of Politicizing Immigration Courts
47 Boston's Immigration Court Set To Reopen. Critics Say It's Too Soon
48 Trump, COVID-19 tie up immigration courts for thousands in California, attorneys say
49 Immigration judges are quitting or retiring early because of Trump
50 Whose Court Is This Anyway? Immigration judges accuse executive branch of politicizing their courts
51 'Beyond repair': Immigration court judge breaks down problems plaguing system
52 Delays Mushroom at US Immigration Courts During Pandemic
53 Immigration judges want to know how to handle coronavirus
54 Keeping Immigration Court Open Creates an Unnecessary Risk to Public Health, Says Judges' Union – Homeland Security Today
55 Trump puts his stamp on nation's immigration courts
56 DOJ Halts Mass Immigration Hearings, Upping Virus Response (2)
57 Judge blasts plan to fast-track immigration, deportation cases
58 Leaked immigration court official’s directive could violate rules that protect families from deportation
59 Justice Department places new pressure on immigrants facing deportation
60 After Increasing Its Caseload, Attorneys Say Boston's Immigration Court Is In 'Disarray'
61 Recused Iranian American Judge Fights Back Against Discrimination
62 Justice Department moves to potentially decertify immigration judges’ union
63 Sessions Moves To Curb Immigration Judges' Authority : The Two-Way
64 Immigration overload: Court backlog of 1.2 million cases sparks fears, frustration and calls for change
65 Immigration News Biden Administration
66 Trump Watch: The Election Might Be The Only Thing Trump Can't Win in Court
67 Should Shared Ancestry Force A Judge's Recusal?
68 Memphis Immigration Court set to reopen in late July, but fear, uncertainty remain
69 Trump's 'Deportation Machine' Keeps Growing Despite Pandemic
70 Immigration court backlogs compound as shutdown enters fourth week
71 The Backlog At LA's Immigration Court Was Already Bad. The Shutdown Made It Worse
72 Biden Doesn't Include Immigrant Detention in Order to End Private Prisons
73 The Revolt of the Judges
74 No experience required: US hiring immigration judges who don't have any immigration law experience | TheHill
75 Immigration judges quit in response to administration policies
76 Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) Developments
77 Immigration judge says quota mandate will do more harm than good to an already clogged system
78 Border city poised to get first-ever immigration court; addition of 100 new judges clears House
79 Immigration judges sue Trump administration, claiming restrictions on free speech
80 She's in self-quarantine. He's in ICE detention. And the baby could come at any moment.
81 The Trump Administration Is Gagging America’s Immigration Judges
82 American Bar Association Says Immigration Courts Are 'On The Brink Of Collapse'
83 Justice Delayed: Dysfunction in Immigration Courts System Leads to Growing Case Backlog During the Pandemic | The Takeaway
84 CQ Roll Call: DOJ 'reassigned' career members of Board of Immigration Appeals
85 Delayed Mail by USPS Could Disrupt the Immigration System
86 Immigration courts, already slow, nearly frozen by government shutdown
87 National Association Of Immigration Judges Says It Needs Help With Backlog Of Cases
88 Coronavirus Risk for Detained Migrants Targeted in ACLU Lawsuit
89 Trump administration puts pressure on completing deportation cases of migrant children
90 Immigration Judges’ Union Files Labor Complaint Against Justice Department
91 Immigration experts call on Congress to revamp immigration courts
92 Trump micromanagement sees more US immigration judges quit
93 Petition to Decertify Immigration Judges' Union to Get Hearing
94 Immigration courts in ‘chaos,’ with coronavirus effects to last years
95 Immigration attorneys worry ICE's new PPE rule take away needed supplies
96 Young Migrants Scramble To Meet One More Unexpected Legal Hurdle From The Trump Administration
97 Coronavirus Florida: Virus concerns effectively shut down overwhelmed US immigration courts
98 Immigration system closes some courthouses – but not Miami’s
99 Trump Administration Moves to Decertify Outspoken Immigration Judges’ Union
100 Immigration hearings delayed, one court shut » Borneo Bulletin Online