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1 Baltimore IG report faults officers for allowing ex-deputy comptroller inside City Hall, where she shredded papers
2 How does unemployment work? | Personal-finance |
3 Letters to the Editor Thursday, Oct. 22
4 Live updates: Obama says Trump ‘can’t even take the basic steps to protect himself’ from coronavirus
5 Why "blind" hiring doesn't eliminate bias
6 Large-scale study backs up other research showing relative declines in women's research productivity during COVID-19
7 They Make a Living Outside in Dangerous NC Heat. 'Your Body Can't Handle the Work.'
8 Senate judiciary committee approves Amy Coney Barrett as Democrats boycott – live
9 Model Creek School requests donations
10 Shipt's Algorithmically Calculated Wages Are Bad News for Workers | OneZero
11 Trump’s Crackdown On Diversity Training Is Fascist. And Terrifying.
12 The Health 202: Health officials call an anti-lockdown paper 'dangerous.' Its authors say they just want the idea debated.
13 Inked identities
14 Yet Another COVID-19 Update From EEOC
15 How To Roast Seeds After An Orange Pumpkin Patch Visit
16 N.J. can start counting election ballots Saturday, but some counties will wait. Here’s the map.
17 Making Hybrid Teaching Work for Educators & Students
18 North Carolina leads in jobs lost
19 Labor’s IT modernization story started with commodity, ends with mission
20 Advocacy Group Calls New Labor Department Rule 'Anti-Consumer'
21 Community College Enrollment Is Way Down
22 The Week That Will Be
23 New Jersey Department of Labor is now processing claims for extended unemployment benefits ·
24 Delaware Labor Department struggles to keep up as thousands file for unemployment
25 Some unemployed NY'ers information breached, Gov. says NYS needs feds help to pay benefits
26 Filing for unemployment: What you need to know
27 Gladys Berejiklian needs to answer questions about her relationship with Daryl Maguire
28 A Paper Tiger?
29 Federal, local law enforcement investigating bogus unemployment claims
30 What the Labor Department is doing about the error that led to a lower unemployment rate
31 How To File For Unemployment In New York State
32 NY's Overwhelmed Unemployment Benefits System Leaked Personal Information
33 Discount rates for fall yard cleanup, junk removal, power washing
34 FAQ: Unemployment Resources
35 ‘Willful neglect’: Florida’s unemployment system gets hearing in Washington
36 Forsyth County residents wait for months on unemployment benefits as Georgia struggles to manually keep up with claims
37 Final Electronic Disclosure Rule Published by DOL | PLANSPONSOR
38 Coronavirus: How do you file for unemployment insurance, other help?
39 DOL Letters Seen as Further Effort to Restrict Use of ESG in Retirement Plans
40 Idaho distributes federal COVID-19 unemployment payments
41 Some in ENC report problems filing for unemployment; frequently asked questions
42 N.C. ranks last at getting unemployment payments to applicants on time
43 Dear NYS Labor Department: 3 simple ideas from the unemployed people who can’t reach you
44 What you need to know about going back to work
45 Oracle Pay Bias Case: Trump’s Labor Chief Accused of Intervening
46 Q&A: What are Maryland workers’ rights, responsibilities in the coronavirus pandemic?
47 They Filed for Unemployment Last Month. They Haven’t Seen a Dime.
48 States Made It Harder to Get Jobless Benefits. Now That’s Hard to Undo.
49 Florida’s unemployment application system to go down overnight
50 Butler discusses $300 FEMA program, fraud – and frustration
51 What happens to your unemployment check if your workplace reopens but you don't feel safe returning?
52 Kansans are getting letters saying they applied for unemployment. The problem? Some never did.
53 More than 472,000 unemployment claims have been filed in Florida in 3 weeks
54 A guide to unemployment filing as hundreds of thousands wait for benefits [Free read]
55 Out of work because of the coronavirus? How to quickly apply for unemployment benefits
56 Pennsylvania may seek federal loan to pay unemployment benefits
57 Having trouble with unemployment claims? Here are 6 tips to help solve your problem
58 The Weekly: Applying for unemployment benefits in Florida
59 Unemployed workers turn to each other for help getting through complex, crashed filing systems
60 Connecticut labor department struggling to keep up with unemployment claims
61 Missouri launches virtual assistant for unemployment questions; issues $600 federal payments
62 A Torrent of Job Losses Threatens to Overwhelm the U.S. Economy
63 Out of work due to coronavirus shutdowns? How to file for unemployment benefits
64 No, the Jobs Report Wasn’t Rigged. Here’s What Happened.
65 What You Need to Know About Unemployment Insurance
66 What Dept. of Labor proposal means for your 401k
67 Alabama’s Unemployment Benefits and COVID-19: Info for Employers
68 Law you can use: Labor and employment COVID-19 (coronavirus) and your job
69 Uncertain Unemployment: New Claims Face Uncertainty, Inconsistency and No Answers
70 More unemployed New Yorkers' personal information exposed than originally thought
71 Dept. of Labor: Unemployment claims up 1200%, largest one-week increase ever
72 New York's unreported unemployment backlog: 'A twisted, evil game'
73 My employer has called me back to work. Do I have to return?
74 How long will it take to get my unemployment check?
75 Guam Department of Labor: Apply for unemployment assistance now
76 Which workers could get hazard pay? | CSNY
77 Unemployment checks slow to arrive for some Georgians
78 Having Trouble Filing Jobless Claims? Here Is What Experts Recommend : Coronavirus Live Updates
79 Commenters Hammer DOL on Proposed ESG Rule
80 Stymied in Seeking Benefits, Millions of Unemployed Go Uncounted
81 Most employers won't offer 'hazard' pay to on-site employees working through pandemic
82 Everything you need to know about unemployment benefits in Texas during the coronavirus crisis
83 Unemployment Money Mistakenly Approved For Illinois State Employee Who Is Still Working
84 Can I still collect unemployment if I refuse to return to an unsafe workplace?
85 UPDATED: Federal Investigators Uncover Massive Fraud That Targeted RI's Unemployment Insurance
86 Does e-Disclosure Rule Allow for Postcard Notification of Links?
87 Six legal things to think about when it comes to working remotely and COVID-19
88 Walmart is taking workers’ temperatures, and your boss could too — what the coronavirus pandemic means for workplace laws
89 Trump Administration Scales Back Paid Leave in Coronavirus Relief Law
90 Unemployment benefits paid to California workers impacted by pandemic top $81 billion
91 Trump administration to bar media from using computers in economic data ‘lockups’
92 How to file for unemployment benefits online in every state
93 Need cash now? Here are some options, with pros and cons.
94 Floridians who struggled to file for unemployment will receive retroactive benefits
95 Layoffs vs. furloughs: What’s the difference and what does it mean for unemployment benefits in Pa.?
96 Pa. labor officials: Wrong information sent to PUA claimants
97 4 months after the coronavirus hit Pennsylvania, some residents are still waiting for unemployment benefits
98 Regulators Extend Time Frames for Special and COBRA Health Plan Enrollment
99 State Sen. Jeff Stone to resign after accepting Department of Labor job
100 What's the Most Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper?