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Result Content Idea Research
1 Syria, masculinity and how the Assad regime's priorities have changed during pandemic
2 Escalating violence in strategic Syrian city belies Assad’s claim that he’s in control
3 In ruins, Syria marks 50 years of Assad family rule
4 Top Syria diplomat Moalem, soft-spoken defender of Assad, dies at 79
5 How Germany could indict Syria's Assad for war crimes
6 Syria's Assad says billions locked in troubled Lebanese banks behind economic crisis
7 U.S. slaps more sanctions on Syria in push for Assad to end war
8 Russia and the Assad Regime's Superficial Support for Syrian Refugees
9 Syria opens lavish museum for Assad's brother as its people go hungry
10 Where 50 Years of Assad Family Rule Have Left Syria
11 Syria's Assad names new FM to replace late diplomat
12 Kurds should be commended for fight against terror, says cousin of Bashar al-Assad
13 Ending the Syrian imbroglio
14 How Hafez al Assad hijacked the Baath Party – and the state – 50 years ago
15 Syria: Assad regime kills 1 civilian in Idlib region
16 Assad regime attacks kill 7 civilians in Idlib
17 Syria marks 50 years of Assad family rule
18 Syria's ruined economy is all Lebanon's fault, says Assad
19 Russia Wants to Trade Syrian Refugees for Money
20 Arab Spring and Emergence of Syrian Crisis
21 Syrian regime, Russia face renewed pressure over chemical weapons allegations | Daily Sabah
22 Regional ideology is dead, long live regional interests
23 Syrian artist draws portrait of Maradona in Idlib
24 Former US soldier accused of hiding payments to Syrian terrorists
25 The death of Walid al-Muallem: The legacy of Assad's Goebbelsian
26 Airstrike Kills Iranian Commander On Syria-Iraq Border
27 Questions President Trump needs to answer before negotiating with the Assad regime over hostages
28 Can Syria's Assad Regime Survive a New Wave of Threats?
29 Robert Fisk's Long Career of Lies Comes to an End
30 Is Assad About to Fall?
31 The strange death of James Le Mesurier and Syria's disinformation war
32 Top Trump administration official met with Assad regime over imprisoned Americans
33 Hopatcong woman charged with sending money, advising Syrian terrorist group
34 US imposes sanctions on son of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad
35 Syria’s Assad is confronting the toughest challenges of the 9-year war
36 Why refugees won’t return to Syria
37 Trump changes story, says he wanted to assassinate Syria's Assad
38 Syria’s Assad Defeated His Foes. Now He Targets His Friends.
39 Could Assad row with cousin tear down Syrian regime?
40 Ex-Syria intelligence chief fled to Austria with help from Mossad
41 Syria's Assad says Russian bases in his country keep balance of power in region
42 Trump administration imposes sanctions on Syria’s Assad, his family and close associates
43 Victory for Bashar al-Assad has meant more suffering for his people
44 Syrian opposition refuses to include YPG in constitution negotiations | Daily Sabah
45 Quick, Painless, Convenient: How Low-Dose CT Scans at Williamson Medical Group's Lung Nodule Clinic are Aiding the Fight Against Lung Cancer
46 Casualties From Banned Cluster Bombs Nearly Doubled in 2019, Mostly in Syria
47 Michèle Flournoy would undermine Biden's best plans for defense | TheHill
48 Syria's Assad says new U.S. sanctions are part of drive to 'choke' Syrians
49 Is Bashar al Assad at risk of losing his Alawite base?
50 Why Did Assad Just Seize His Cousin's Assets?
51 Donors to Syria Must Ensure That Aid Doesn't Go to Bashar al-Assad's Regime
52 German Probe Says Maher Assad Responsible for Chemical Attack in Syria's Ghouta
53 The Extent of Assad's War Crimes in Syria Is Finally Coming to Light in a German Court
54 How the US Presidential Election Will Affect the Future of Syria and Bashar al-Assad
55 Donald Trump’s sanctions in the Middle East have had little effect
56 UN wants to see 'progress' in latest round of Syria talks
57 Syria Sanctions Designations on the Anniversary of Assad's Attack Against the People of Armanaz, Syria
58 After gains in northern Syria, Assad predicts total victory
59 Has Russia grown tired of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad?
60 Assad Regime's Parliamentary Elections (July 20)
61 Assad seeks US sanction relief, troops out for hostages | Daily Sabah
62 Assad's cousin says Syrian government is seizing his assets
63 How will Turkey-US relations be if Biden’s term turns out to be Obama 3.0? | Daily Sabah
64 Syria's war turns 9: How barbarity, confusion and indifference helped Bashar Assad prosper
65 West looks for ways to combat Assad’s latest weapon: International aid
66 Bashar al Assad’s social media complex
67 Police-free schools: Security staff step up as MMSD strategizes safety
68 Trump claims he wanted to kill Assad, contradicting earlier denials.
69 For wounded Syrian photographer, Paris protest reawoke Aleppo trauma
70 Reliable no more? The current state of the Syrian armed forces
71 Syrian media: Israel attacks southern Damascus
72 Protests Over Syria's Economy Threaten Assad's Hold On Power
73 The United States Can Counter Putin and Assad With a Light Footprint in Syria
74 US no longer demanding ouster of Syria's Assad: envoy
75 Syria chemical attacks: Case filed in German court names al-Assad
76 Has Moscow really turned against Assad?
77 Assad Is Cracking in Syria, Because of the Trump Administration's State Department
78 Syria's richest man inflames rare public dispute with Assad
79 Ten years on, Tunisia is Arab Spring's only success
80 Remembering Bashar Al-Assad becoming President of Syria
81 Bashar al-Assad’s Hollow Victory
82 Israeli warplanes target Assad regime forces in Syria
83 Syrian opposition refuses talks with terrorist YPG/PKK
84 Facebook video pries open rift within Syria's ruling family
85 Assad regime demands $100 virus test to leave country
86 Syrian regime promotes return of refugees by housing centers and postponement of compulsory military service
87 Assad's billionaire cousin lays charge against regime
88 Assad Exploiting COVID-19 Prevention Measures to Consolidate Grip on Syria, Observers Say
89 Seehofer wants to end general ban on deportation to Syria | Free press
90 Syrian President Assad turns 54, the throne he sits on has turned thornier
91 Syria: The Crumbling Continues
92 Syria's Assad says he wants to expand Russian investments to help offset U.S. sanctions
93 Syria's Assad seeks to control economy, goes after cousin
94 Could Russia be preparing to abandon Syria's Bashar al Assad?
95 Assad forces retake key Syrian highway
96 Assad may have won the Syrian war, but now he’s battling the economy
97 Caesar Act: The Syrian people are sapped while Assad grows stronger
98 Putin Has a Syria ‘Headache’ and the Kremlin’s Blaming Assad
99 Assad angered as Russia meets representatives of Syria's Alawites
100 Assad and Putin are responsible for Syria’s latest wave of suffering