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Result Content Idea Research
1 British Museum Offers Fictional Travel Guides to Ancient Cities
2 100 Years of Assyrian Genocides
3 Assyrians in North Iraq Decry Kurdish Land Grab
4 Kidnapped Assyrian Couple Victim of State's Anti-Christian Policy: Turkish MP
5 The Kurdish Role in the Armenian and Assyrian Genocide
6 Greek, Assyrian, Armenian Genocide Memorial Erected in Berlin
7 Why is it so hard to properly acknowledge the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocide?
8 Turkey Restoring 1,600-year-old Assyrian Monastery
9 Semiramis, the Real and Legendary Assyrian Queen
10 The Assyrian Church in India
11 Australian MP Jason Falinski supports Joint Justice Initiative of Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks
12 Erdogan Insults Survivors of the Turkish Genocide of Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians
13 Senator Dodson signs on to initiative to recognise WWI genocides
14 Megadrought Helped Topple the Assyrian Empire
15 Turkey's Assyrian 'Doctor of the Poor' Succumbs to Coronavirus
16 'Extremely rare’ Assyrian carvings discovered in Iraq
17 Climate change fueled the rise and demise of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, superpower of the ancient world
18 Megadrought likely triggered the fall of the Assyrian Empire
19 Shaking things up | Opinion
20 Ancient Assyrian rock carvings in Iraq show procession of gods riding mythical animals
21 Did drought fell the great Assyrian Empire? | Cosmos
22 Climate change fuelled the rise and demise of the powerful Neo-Assyrian Empire
23 Ancient Assyrian Aurorae Help Astronomers Understand Solar Activity
24 Climate change could be associated with collapse of Assyrian Empire
25 Demon with Forked Tongue Found on Clay Tablet in Library of Assyrian Exorcists
26 What felled the great Assyrian Empire? Team weighs in
27 Museum of the Bible found in possession of 3500 year-old artifact, authorities investigating origins
28 This Demon, Immortalized in 2700-Year-Old Assyrian Tablet, Was Thought to Cause Epilepsy
29 What Ancient Stones Still Mean to the Assyrian People Today
30 Assyrian Tablets Contain Earliest Written Record of Aurora’s Sky Glow
31 Assyrians came, conquered, and kicked everyone out: Tablets reveal 2,700-year-old relocation
32 The "land between two rivers" adapts to its most recent challenge
33 Authorities announce forfeiture of ancient Gilgamesh tablet from Hobby Lobby's Museum of the Bible
34 Surveying solar storms by ancient Assyrian astronomers
35 Assyrian new year canceled in Syria amid fear of coronavirus outbreak
36 Book Review: "The Genocide of the Greeks in Turkey" is a MUST READ book
37 Lack of space at the British Museum sees major loan of Assyrian collection to Getty
38 COVID-19 is ending handshakes. How will that change sports?
39 Study Links Climate Change to Fall of Neo-Assyrian Empire
40 Too Good to Be True
41 Ancient rock carvings in Iraq that avoided ISIS are revealed
42 Who Are the Assyrians?
43 3rd Annual Assyrian Food Festival returning to Morton Grove
44 Archaeologists Find That Ancient Canals in Modern Iraq Were Lined with Art
45 Archaeologists find treasure trove of Assyrian kings discovered in ISIS excavated tunnels
46 Approaching Ancient Assyria Through Archaeology Leads to New Insights
47 China’s tang dynasty and the golden age of Islam
48 'Lord and Master of My Life', a new book by Archbishop Makarios of Australia
49 Museums in L.A.: Assyrian palace art at the Getty Villa
50 Chicago police disperse large church service as part of COVID-19 'stay-at-home' enforcement
51 'Assyria to America' exhibit places ancient art in modern context
52 Assyrian Food Festival in Glendale serves up authentic food, taste of culture
53 Turkey: Three Assyrian Christians arrested | ICN
54 In northeast Syria, last Assyrians fear Turkish advance
55 Assyrian community remembers ancient saint | Daily Sabah
56 Megadrought linked to Neo-Assyrian Empire's collapse
57 Mosul takes delivery of recreated icons
58 2700-year-old tablet depicts epilepsy 'demon'
59 Revisiting the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides a century later
60 Assyrian cylinder seals unearthed in Iran
61 Pontian observance of crimes against Australia's 'Stolen Generations' bring to mind their own struggles
62 San Jose art show celebrating Assyrian-American experiences fuses an ancient history with contemporary life
63 Assyrian Women concert coming to Turlock
64 Assyrian Christians the victims of Erdogan's war on Kurdish militants
65 Leonardo da Vinci transformed mapping from art to science
66 Diaspora in Bloom: Assyrian-American Art on View in San Jose
67 Stories of an Assyrian King and What Became of His Empire
68 Australia's Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Communities Launch Joint Justice Initiative
69 Huge Solar Storms 2,700 Years Ago Documented in Ancient Assyrian Cuneiform Tablets
70 Rehabilitating the Vandals, the bearded ladies of geology, and how to get a job in academia: Books in brief
71 Washington DC & Sacramento need to step back and trust us locally to get the job done
72 The Art of Ancient Assyrian Kings
73 Demon with forked tongue discovered on clay tablet in library of Assyrian exorcists
74 UC Berkeley adds Assyrian studies program through startup fund
75 Turkey’s Assyrian community says arrest of priest ‘second Brunson case’
76 3,000-year-old Assyrian stamp unearthed in southeastern Turkey | Daily Sabah
77 Australian MP joins Armenian-Assyrian-Greek initiative – Public Radio of Armenia
78 8 things you didn't know about Assyrian Christians
79 The Detroit Restaurants That Taste Like Ancient Assyria
80 Annual San Jose festival celebrates Assyrian culture
81 Assyrian community lauds government for supporting religious freedoms | Daily Sabah
82 The Destruction of Assyrian Cultural Heritage in Syria
83 Kurdish unity talks in Rojava 'for all Syrians': senior official
84 Long-ago genocides continue to affect Assyrian Americans, even here in Stanislaus County
85 Assyrian priest arrested during military operation in southeastern Turkey
86 Turlock's Assyrian Festival heads into 5th year of celebration
87 Meet the Assyrian Jews
88 Trump Nominates First Chaldean Assyrian for Federal Bench
89 Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Communities in Australia launch "Joint Justice Initiative” – Greek
90 Replicas of Assyrian statues smashed by IS unveiled in Iraq's Mosul
91 Mesopotamian King Sargon II envisioned ancient city Karkemish as western Assyrian capital
92 Assyrian-Americans gather in Turlock to honor ‘fallen heroes’ from a century ago
93 Assyrian Reliefs Excavated in Northern Iraq
94 Assyrian Parliament formed in Armenia
95 His Holiness Mar Gewargis III of the Assyrian Church is honored at City Hall
96 No News on Elderly Assyrian Couple Kidnapped in Turkey
97 Assyrians fear forced displacement as clashes drag on in north Syria
98 Ancient Middle Eastern Astrologers Recorded the Oldest-Known Evidence of Auroras
99 Cathedral in Iraq's Largest Assyrian Town to Be Rebuilt in 2020
100 Assyrian Kitchen's classes, meals offer food for thought on ancient civilization