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1 'Persona 5 Strikers,' Phantom Thieves Now Reunited in an Atlus Spinoff!
2 Persona 5 Strikers Bonus Pre-Order Content Revealed By Atlus
3 Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne Remaster's Silence is Concerning
4 Atlus Reminds You To Mark Spoilers On Persona 5 Strikers PC Videos
5 Atlus to Host Persona 5 Strikers Launch Celebration on Twitch
6 Atlus has announced that NicoNico will rebroadcast multiple Persona music performances
7 Atlus West provides a preview of Persona 5 Strikers pre-order bonus digital content
8 Atlus West holding Persona 5 Strikers Panel featuring voice actors, developer messages, and more
9 First Trailer For Persona 5 Strikers Released By Atlus West
10 Q ATLus comes at love for Valentine's Day
11 Atlus hosting Persona 5 Strikers Launch Celebration live-stream
12 Persona 5 Strikers: Why is there no Kasumi and is it a sequel?
13 Atlus Announces Shin Megami Tensei Online Concert
14 Persona 5 Strikers Features Original Voice Of Phone Companion Siri
15 Persona 5 Strikers PC System Requirements Revealed | Game Rant
16 Persona 5 Strikers: Is there romance options and Confidants? Bond system explained
17 PlayStation to Exclude Some Games as it Expands to PC
18 Persona 5 Strikers on PC Is An Important Milestone For Atlus
19 This is how Persona 5 Strikers would look if everything was from Shutterstock
20 Shin Megami Tensei Online Concert Announced | Game Rant
21 How to Unlock Zenkichi Hasegawa in Persona 5 Strikers
22 Persona 5 Strikers guide: Heres how to complete the Trapped in Wonderland mission
23 How to Get Cheetah Socks in Persona 5 Strikers | Screen Rant
24 Global PlayStation Network?PSN? Market 2025: Electronic Arts, PlayStation, Tecmo Koei, Atlus, Bethesda, Rockstar Games, Activision, Warner Bros Interactive, Entertainment, 2K Games, Curve Digital, Ubisoft, Sony, SCEA, Zen Studios, CD Projekt
25 What to Expect from Atlus in 2021 | Game Rant
26 Persona 5: Strikes is out now, and Atlus celebrates it with a new trailer
27 Comparing All of the Persona Protagonists | Game Rant
28 Persona 5 Strikers Critics Call It a Worthy Sequel
29 QATLus turns spotlight on LGBTQ arts and culture
30 What is Persona 5 Strikers? Everything you need to know about the sequel to Persona 5
31 Atlus Ports That Should Come After Persona 4 Golden | Game Rant
32 Persona 5 Strikers review: A chaotic take on the Persona formula
33 Nintendo: What We Expect From the First Direct of 2021 | CBR
34 Vtuber Mori Calliope’s Persona 3 campaign has everyone begging Atlus
35 Persona PC Port Teased by Atlus Ahead of PC Gaming Show 2020
36 Atlus planning Persona 25th anniversary project
37 Atlus gets a Steam creator page, promises “exciting news” this weekend
38 Miitopia: 5 Nintendo 3DS Games That Should Come to Switch Next
39 The 10 Highest Scoring ATLUS Games Of The Decade, Ranked According To Metacritic
40 Persona 5 Strikers Includes A Les Miserables Tribute You Probably Missed
41 DC Super Hero Girls Are Coming to Nintendo Switch | CBR
42 Sega Again Says It Wants to Bring More Atlus Games to PC
43 Persona 25th Anniversary Project In the Works At Developer Atlus
44 Atlus' Confusing History of Console Exclusives, Explained
45 Persona 4 Golden’s PC Success Could Mean More Atlus Ports From Sega
46 The Phantom Thieves Are Back in Action! Persona 5 Strikers Launches on February 23 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam
47 Atlus Staff Reveal 2021 Aspirations | Game Rant
48 The Best Ways to Make Money in Persona 5 Strikers | Screen Rant
49 What to Expect From Persona Developer Atlus at TGS 2020
50 Atlus Is Making an Announcement at the PC Gaming Show | CBR
51 Sega wants more Atlus remakes and ports on PC following Persona 4 Golden success
52 Yakuza Series Producer Talks About Future of the Franchise, Localisation, Samurai Spin-offs
53 Atlus 2021 Aspirations Tease Persona 25th Anniversary Celebrations
54 Voxtur Analytics: Redefining Real Estate Technology
55 Atlus Needs A Better Way to Add New Story Elements to Their Re-Released Titles
56 Sega Could be Rereleasing More Atlus Games Soon
57 10 Most Beloved and Best Atlus Games
58 Atlus May Not Return to the First Two Persona Games | Game Rant
59 Atlus Is Finally Embracing Ports Of Its Classic Older Titles
60 PlayStation Network(PSN) Market – Industry Analysis and Forecast (2020-2027) – by Type, Industry Vertical, and by Geography
61 A Take on Platform Exclusivity: The Case of Persona 5 and Atlus – The Oxford Student
62 A New Sega and Atlus Survey Asks About Its Series
63 Take a look back at Engadget's favorite Nintendo 3DS games
64 Persona 5 Strikers Western Release Date Leaked By Atlus
65 Persona 5 Royal: 10 Improvements ATLUS Can Make With A PC Port
66 Persona 5 Strikers: The 10 Biggest Fixes The Game Needs
67 Atlus Announces 'Shin Megami Tensei V' And 'Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster'
68 Atlus releases classic JRPG ‘Persona 4 Golden’ on Steam
69 How Atlus x Vanillaware bring 2D art to life in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
70 Sega's 60th anniversary eShop sale includes Atlus 3DS favorites
71 Atlus Makes It Official: 'Persona 5 Strikers' Is Coming To The West
72 Sega, Atlus Reveal TGS 2020 Game Lineup | Game Rant
73 Atlus Confirms You Can Play Persona 5 Strikers On The PS5
74 Sega Atlus Tokyo Game Show 2020 Full Stream Schedule
75 Atlus Confirms Available Subtitles For Persona 5 Strikers
76 Atlus Is Changing Two Controversial Scenes In ‘Persona 5 Royal’ And No It’s Not Censorship
77 PlayStation Network(PSN) Market Competitive Insights with Global Outlook 2021-2027| PlayStation, Tecmo Koei, Atlus
78 Sega Bringing More Games To PC After Persona 4 Golden's Success On Steam
79 SEGA will "aggressively promote" porting Atlus games to new platforms following Persona Steam success
80 Sega Is Considering More Atlus Ports, Remasters, And Remakes
81 New Game+ Expo: 'Persona 5: Scramble,' 'Yakuza 7,' and 4 more absent games
82 A Persona 6 Reveal Seems Likelier by the Day | Game Rant
83 Restricting game streaming is pointless – North Texas Daily
84 Sega & Atlus TGS 2020 Lineup Has PSO2: New Genesis and SMT3 HDR
85 Persona 5 Strikers releases on February 23: Here`s why the game is making so much noise in the industry
86 Atlus States That Persona 5: Royal And Scramble Sold Better Than Expected
87 Atlus Releases Catherine And Multiple Persona Game Soundtracks On Spotify
88 Golden child: Atlus celebrates fantastic sales of its Persona series
89 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
90 After Persona 4’s successful Steam launch, Atlus asks you to please not spoil anything
91 'Project Re Fantasy' release date, trailer, gameplay, and Persona connection
92 Atlus Survey Gauges Interest in Persona Switch Ports
93 Looks like 2021 will be a good year for Persona fans
94 NGPX Post-Show Streaming Schedule Revealed, Featuring SNK, Atlus, SEGA And More
95 Sega & Atlus TGS 2020 Online Cosplay Contest Voting Starts
96 Atlus Drops First Update for Persona 4 Golden With Major Fixes
97 Atlus Survey Asks Fans If They Would Like To See Persona 5 Scramble Localised
98 What to Expect from the Persona Franchise in 2021 | Game Rant
99 Rumor: Atlus To Reveal Persona 6 Next Month | TheGamer
100 Atlus West to Feature at New Game Plus Expo Livestream Event in June