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1 Nondestructive detection of photonic qubits
2 Advanced atomic clock makes a better dark matter detector
3 Precision metrology closes in on dark matter
4 Advanced Atomic Clock Narrows the Search for Elusive Dark Matter
5 Transportable atomic clocks achieve laboratory precision: Physics Today: Vol 73, No 6
6 De novo ATP1A3 variants cause polymicrogyria
7 Dallas Invents: 149 Patents Granted for Week of March 23 » Dallas Innovates
8 [Full text] Targeted therapeutic agents for prostate cancer | NSA
9 [Full text] Lignin-Drug/Gene Delivery and Tissue Engineering Application | IJN
10 “Tweezer Clock” Offers New Possibilities in Timekeeping
11 An atomic physics perspective on the kilogram's new definition
12 Observation of electron-induced characteristic x-ray and bremsstrahlung radiation from a waveguide cavity
13 Liquid metals at room temperature: Physics Today: Vol 74, No 4
14 New miniature atomic clock aids positioning in difficult environments
15 New bounds on dark matter coupling from a global network of optical atomic clocks
16 Laser systems enable quantum technology in space
17 Direct Kerr frequency comb atomic spectroscopy and stabilization
18 Frequency combs shape the future of light – Physics World
19 Superradiance on the millihertz linewidth strontium clock transition
20 Optical Clocks Narrow Down the Search for Dark Matter
21 Magnetic scheme sharpens laser frequencies – Physics World
22 Rotational Doppler cooling and heating
23 Cavity enhanced atomic magnetometry | Scientific Reports
24 Looking for Dark Matter with Gravitational Waves
25 Coherent control of collective nuclear quantum states via transient magnons
26 A brief history of timekeeping – Physics World
27 Mechanical decoupling of quantum emitters in hexagonal boron nitride from low-energy phonon modes
28 Shaping quantum photonic states using free electrons
29 Ultra-Accurate Clocks Lead Search for New Laws of Physics
30 Floquet maser
31 Direct visualization of electromagnetic wave dynamics by laser-free ultrafast electron microscopy
32 Combs of Light on a Chip
33 Bell correlations between light and vibration at ambient conditions
34 Electrically driven photon emission from individual atomic defects in monolayer WS2
35 Scalable microresonators for room-temperature detection of electron spin resonance from dilute, sub-nanoliter volume solids
36 High-frequency cavity optomechanics using bulk acoustic phonons
37 Coherent X-ray−optical control of nuclear excitons
38 Generation of multiple ultrastable optical frequency combs from an all-fiber photonic platform
39 Introducing the World's Most Precise Clock
40 Attosecond metrology in a continuous-beam transmission electron microscope
41 A simple and general strategy for generating frequency-anticorrelated photon pairs
42 Mid-infrared polarization-controlled broadband achromatic metadevice
43 Ultrafast electron diffraction from nanophotonic waveforms via dynamical Aharonov-Bohm phases
44 Science and technology of the Casimir effect: Physics Today: Vol 74, No 1
45 An unprecedented insight into the catalytic mechanism of copper nitrite reductase from atomic-resolution and damage-free structures
46 Optoelectronic parametric oscillator
47 Purcell effect and Lamb shift as interference phenomena
48 Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSEL) Market revenue to cross USD 5 Bn by 2027: Global Market Insights, Inc.
49 Tailoring optical metamaterials to tune the atom-surface Casimir-Polder interaction
50 The Best Surround-Sound Speakers for Most People
51 Nonadiabatic exciton-phonon coupling in Raman spectroscopy of layered materials
52 The 11 Greatest Vacuum Tubes You've Never Heard Of
53 Absolute measurement of the 1S0 − 3P0 clock transition in neutral 88Sr over the 330 km-long stabilized fibre optic link
54 Optical clocks hit the road – Physics World
55 Controlled generation of luminescent centers in hexagonal boron nitride by irradiation engineering
56 Alternative material for superconducting radio-frequency cavity
57 Demonstration of slow light in rubidium vapor using single photons from a trapped ion
58 Non-neuronal expression of SARS-CoV-2 entry genes in the olfactory system suggests mechanisms underlying COVID-19-associated anosmia
59 Lasers: Understanding the Basics
60 How to Escape the Confines of Time and Space According to the CIA
61 On‐Chip Optical Detection of Viruses: A Review
62 Ultrafast solid-liquid intercalation enabled by targeted microwave energy delivery
63 Denitrifying pathways dominate nitrous oxide emissions from managed grassland during drought and rewetting
64 Probing the photointermediates of light-driven sodium ion pump KR2 by DNP-enhanced solid-state NMR
65 Cavity-based architecture to preserve quantum coherence and entanglement
66 Diamond Raman Lasers Offer Multifaceted Potential
67 Photon statistics on the extreme entanglement | Scientific Reports
68 Parity-Time Symmetry Breaking in Coupled Nanobeam Cavities
69 What Is Behind The U.S. Navy’s ‘UFO’ Fusion Energy Patent?
70 Structure and inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 main protease reveal strategy for developing dual inhibitors against Mpro and cathepsin L
71 Ultrahigh-yield on-surface synthesis and assembly of circumcoronene into a chiral electronic Kagome-honeycomb lattice
72 4.0 In-Space Propulsion | NASA
73 Meta-optics achieves RGB-achromatic focusing for virtual reality
74 Physics
75 Extremely brilliant GeV γ-rays from a two-stage laser-plasma accelerator
76 Infrared electric field sampled frequency comb spectroscopy
77 Millikelvin-resolved ambient thermography
78 Dallas Invents: 128 Patents Granted for Week of Nov. 24 » Dallas Innovates
79 Generating multi-atom entangled W states via light-matter interface based fusion mechanism
80 Strontium ions protect hearts against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury
81 Detection and isolation of free cancer cells from ascites and peritoneal lavages using optically induced electrokinetics (OEK)
82 Damaged lung gas exchange function of discharged COVID-19 patients detected by hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI
83 Engineering entangled microwave photon states through multiphoton interactions between two cavity fields and a superconducting qubit
84 Engineering human ACE2 to optimize binding to the spike protein of SARS coronavirus 2
85 Dallas Invents: 152 Patents Granted for Week of Dec. 8 » Dallas Innovates
86 Acoustofluidic centrifuge for nanoparticle enrichment and separation
87 Measurement of a vacuum-induced geometric phase
88 An artificial metalloenzyme for catalytic cancer-specific DNA cleavage and operando imaging
89 Connecting heterogeneous quantum networks by hybrid entanglement swapping
90 Observation of the 1S–2P Lyman-α transition in antihydrogen
91 Soft implantable drug delivery device integrated wirelessly with wearable devices to treat fatal seizures
92 Lipid-Based Nanoparticles: Manufacturing and inline size Characterization
93 K2P channel C-type gating involves asymmetric selectivity filter order-disorder transitions
94 Respiration‐driven triboelectric nanogenerators for biomedical applications
95 Imaging an unsupported metal–metal bond in dirhenium molecules at the atomic scale
96 Intermolecular vibrational energy transfer via microcavity strong light-matter coupling
97 Potential health benefits of zinc supplementation for the management of COVID‐19 pandemic
98 A mirrorless spinwave resonator | Scientific Reports
99 Enhanced tunable second harmonic generation from twistable interfaces and vertical superlattices in boron nitride homostructures
100 [Full text] Recent Advances in Nanotechnology-Based Biosensors Development for Det | IJN