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1 Link Up With Lynette: Owners of “Atoms” speak about overcoming cultural obstacles to reach success
2 Machine learning maps atoms
3 Following atoms in real time could lead to better materials design
4 Little swirling mysteries: Uncovering dynamics of ultrasmall, ultrafast groups of atoms
5 Capturing Real-Time Movement of Atoms may Lead to Better Quantum Technology Devices
6 An atom shuffles its electrons at ultrahigh speed — and is caught in the act
7 Non-destructive detection could speed up cold-atom quantum sensors – Physics World
8 Imprints of the Secondary Interstellar Hydrogen Atoms at 1 AU
9 Atom interferometry demonstrated in space
10 Atom-based radio communications for noisy environments
11 Researchers first to link silicon atoms on surfaces
12 Novel Three-Atom Molecular Fountain Experiment Could Identify a Candidate for Dark Matter
13 Antimatter atoms can be precisely manipulated and cooled with lasers
14 Graphene-based flowmeter sensor measures nano-rate fluid flows, Part 2: The graphene context
15 Physicists Just Created a New Kind of Uranium
16 This modular packaging is inspired by how various atoms link together to form different materials!
17 Atoms for Peace’s Joey Waronker, Mauro Refosco Form Jomoro, Drop Single With Lucius
18 Physicists have created a new and extremely rare kind of uranium
19 Zack Snyder pitches his plan for Ryan Choi’s Atom solo film, after character is restored in the ‘Snyder Cut’
20 Scientists demonstrated atom interferometry in space for the first time
21 Oxygen migration enables ferroelectricity on nanoscale
22 Researchers Discover Dark Gap Solitons in Dense Ultracold Atoms
23 Editorial: Our jobs are bound up with the future of four hydrogen atoms and one carbon
24 New Research Uncovers Dynamics of Ultrasmall, Ultrafast Groups of Atoms
25 Scientists now able to map defects in 2D crystals in liquid
26 Combining Nanomaterials in 3D to Build Next-Generation Imaging Devices
27 Controlling quantum many-body dynamics in driven Rydberg atom arrays
28 Cosmos (ATOM) price prediction 2021-2025: is the outlook bullish?
29 Metallic glasses reveal their secrets – Physics World
30 UConn researchers find bubbles speed up energy transfer
31 Zack Snyder Reveals Original Plans For DC’s Atom After Justice League
32 ATOM’s Consolidation Could Lead to a Breakout
33 Invincible: Atom Eve Powers & Abilities Explained | Screen Rant
34 Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim review: Quantity over quality
35 To All The Boys star Noah Centineo is Black Adam’s Atom Smasher in stunning new image
36 Here's How Much The Ariel Atom 4 Is Worth In 2021 | HotCars
37 Ariel Atom 4: A Street-Legal Racer That Wows
38 Can We Make Wonder Woman's Atom-Slicing Sword?
39 A replica of an atom bomb sits on a shelf in a Maryland thrift shop
40 X-Men: Children Of The Atom Teases a New Avengers Fight | CBR
41 IBASE announces Intel Atom single-board computer
42 Nuclear industry must change the way it communicates, says Think Atom : Energy & Environment
43 The making of X-Men: Children of the Atom
44 Exotic bond takes computational chemists by surprise | Research
45 Capturing Atom Movements in Real Time Produce Better Material Design
46 Cosmos Price Prediction: ATOM to restart its 85% advance
47 Strange pattern found inside world’s largest atom smasher has physicists excited
48 ATOM Consortium Welcomes 3 DOE National Laboratories to Accelerate Drug Discovery
49 Researchers visualise oxygen movement in ferroelectricity materials
50 Krakoan Envy In Today's X-Men Comics
51 Atom Bank mulls listing via Spac ahead of IPO plans
52 Atom announces the signing of a £40m capital raise
53 Realization of an ideal Weyl semimetal band in a quantum gas with 3D spin-orbit coupling
54 Learning what makes the nucleus tick | MSUToday | Michigan State University
55 Abilene Christian University hoping to expand NEXT lab as nuclear project grows
56 Marvel makes big artist change to upcoming Children of the Atom issue
57 Atom Power finds strength in market for EV charging
58 Atom Bank valuation halves on £40m raise
59 Man and the atom
60 Children of the Atom (2021) #2 | Comic Issues
61 Blue Devils serve 33 aces, sweep Atoms in volleyball
62 Atomic clocks take a step toward redefining the second
63 Invincible: Who is Atom Eve?
64 X-Men: Storm Is Keeping a Close Eye on Marvel's Children of the Atom
65 Cosmos (ATOM) now available as collateral on Bitfinex Borrow
66 Scientists Say: Atom
67 Space News: SHIELDS Up! NASA rocket to survey our solar system's windshield
68 10 Saddest Tragedies In DCeased | CBR
69 NIST Study Finds Ideal Doping Concentration and 3D/2D Structure to Prevent Degradation of Potential Solar Power Material
70 Cosmos (ATOM) Available As Collateral On Bitfinex Borrow After Poll Win
71 The Atom Could Still Be An Important Part Of The DCEU's Future
72 Ram Gopal Varma calls Kumbh Mela `corona atom bomb`, says it`s a `viral explosion`
73 Tantalizing oddity found in exotic atom—but physicists aren't hyping it
74 Atom bank reintroduces 95% LTV mortgages
75 Searching for the Atoms of Life
76 Infant Radiant Warmer Market Size and Growth 2021-2027 | Top Companies – GE Healthcare, Draeger, Atom Medical Corporation, Fanem, novos, Cobams, Phoenix Medical Systems, Ginevri – The Courier
77 Hindu festival a Covid-19 ‘atom bomb’ as devotees amass along Ganges River
78 Ultracold atoms reveal a new type of quantum magnetic behavior
79 ColdQuanta Appoints Paul Lipman As Chief Commercial Officer
80 Why undervalued ATOM, BNB, and THOR are alts to look out for
81 Global Newborn Warmer Market 2021 Key Players – GE Healthcare, Draeger, Atom Medical Corporation, Fanem, novos, Cobams, Phoenix Medical Systems – FLA News
82 Ion-optics-based quantum microscope can image individual atoms
83 Interconnected single atoms could make a 'quantum brain' – Physics World
84 Atom Finance Review 2021: Best No-Cost Market Analysis?
85 Spontaneous chemical functionalization via coordination of Au single atoms on monolayer MoS2
86 A new approach to film atoms and molecules vibrating inside solids
87 Global Neonatal Thermoregulation Devices Market 2021-2027 Developments, Restraints, Scope Atom Medical Corporation, Fanem Ltda, Novos Medical Systems – The Courier
88 Zapping Quantum Materials With Lasers Tells Us How Atoms Relate
89 Twin atoms: A source for entangled particles
90 Bringing atoms to a standstill: Miniaturizing laser cooling
91 Single atoms as a catalyst: Surprising effects ensue
92 How All Of Physics Exists Inside A Single Atom
93 Ultracold atoms permit direct observation of quasiparticle dynamics – Physics World
94 NIST Develops Compact Laser-Cooled Atom Trap
95 Machine learning aids in simulating dynamics of interacting atoms
96 A new spin on atoms gives scientists a closer look at quantum weirdness
97 When imaging atoms, blurrier is better | Cornell Chronicle
98 Surprising communication between atoms could improve quantum computing
99 When light and atoms share a common vibe
100 Mobile Banking Market Share by Top Manufacturers 2026: Atom Bank, Movencorp, Simple Finance Technology, Fidor Group, N26, Pockit