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1 Premiere: Tensnake's “Strange Without You” Video Is a Poignant Pt. II in an LA Love Story
2 Interview: Time Marches on with Ginger Root's Third Album, 'Rikki'
3 Review: BK Pepper Creates Sprawling Musical Landscapes with Debut 'Territories'
4 Track-by-Track: Creature Comfort Root for the 'Home Team' on Sweeping Sophomore Album
5 Review: The Millennial Club Find Themselves in Riveting & Reflective EP 'Summer Nights'
6 Premiere: Burs Mull Over the Difference Between Hearing & Being Heard on “Is This Thing On”
7 Norwegian Rapper Musti's Debut 'Qoyskayga' Is an Energized Exploration of Identity
8 Atwood Magazine's Weekly Roundup: November 20, 2020!
9 Romantic Reckoning & Inner Upheaval: Frames' Intimate Journey Through "Hell"
10 "Doom Folk Rock": The Suitcase Junket Weaves Hope & Desperation into 'The End Is New'
11 Premiere: Driving Down Memory Lane with Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds' "Across the City"
12 Pitching Us
13 Feature: Siiga's Stunning 'Gemini Rising' Is a Wondrous, Warm Blanket of Sound
14 Artist to Watch: Rise Up with ROZET's Charged 2020 Anthem, "RIGAMAROLE"
15 Breaking the Record with Roan Yellowthorn, Part 41: I'm Enough
16 Track-by-Track: Hannah Grace's Stunning Debut Album Is Her Homemade 'Remedy'
17 Premiere: Artemis Orion's Dark, Dreamy & Escapist Debut EP 'Honey'
18 Searching for Meaning: Luca Fogale Unveils His Intimate 2nd Album 'Nothing Is Lost'
19 “Will It Blend?”: Inside Mamalarky's Two-Year Quest to Craft the Perfect Overdubs
20 Interview: Bahamas Is a 'Sad Hunk' and Loving It
21 Premiere: Daydreaming of Love & Sunlight with TALIA's “hyde park”
22 "Ruminative, Lonely, & Forgiving": Donovan Woods on His Intimate 7th Album 'Without People'
23 Track-by-Track: Elsa Birgitta Bekman's Cinematic & Graceful Debut Album 'Once in My Life'
24 Premiere: Total Brutal Gives Us the Hope We Need with Third Single "Egypt"
25 Premiere: Firewoodisland's “Soon” Offers Relief for Anyone Missing Someone
26 Premiere: Falling for Aussie Duo MINIQ's Seductive, Smoldering "Space Cowboy"
27 "Existential Dread Orgasm": Charleston's Babe Club Ignite in Debut EP 'Remember This Feeling'
28 Interview: Gus Dapperton on New Album 'Orca' and Having Faith
29 'Razzmatazz' & Razzle-Dazzle: iDKHOW Go Track-by-Track Through Thrilling Debut Album
30 Premiere: Shacks & Palaces' "God Made You Strange" Is an Anthem of Acceptance, Self-Love, & Ownership
31 Atwood Magazine's Weekly Roundup: November 6, 2020
32 Premiere: Tessa Rae's "Tangled" Is a Dark, Dramatic, and Catchy Upheaval
33 Interview: Josh Groban's Latest Album 'Harmony' Abolishes the Lazy Haze of Complacency to Reveal Peace
34 Interview with Marika Hackman: Freedom in Limitations & Other People's Stories
35 Today's Song: Dom La Nena's “Todo Tiene Su Fin” is an Anthem of Hope
36 Premiere: Mishegas' "Untitled" Instrumental Radiates a Soothing Tranquility
37 Premiere: Processing Painful Emotions with Elizabeth Moen's Delicate Folk Song, "It'll Get Tired Too"
38 Interview: Chicago's Tara Terra Open Up with Intimacy & Fragility on Tender "T-Shirt"
39 Roundtable: A Review of Ariana Grande's 'Positions'
40 Premiere: Dublin's Magazines Release an Existential Dream Pop Reckoning in "Pink and Blue"
41 Interview: Feeling Dominated by Our Devices with Kidgloves' "Satellite"
42 Feature: Aussie Duo Cry Club Redefine "Bubblegum Punk" in Standout Debut 'God I'm Such a Mess'
43 Anime, Trauma and Divorce: An Interview with Open Mike Eagle
44 "Melancholy, Harry Potter, & Soda": VALLEY Dive into Dynamic EP 'sucks to see you doing better'
45 Premiere: The Seductive Serenity of Junaco's Dreamy "In Between (Reprise)"
46 "It is what it is": Inside Rama Gu's Intimate & Vulnerable Indie Folk Debut, 'The Garden'
47 Review: Adrianne Lenker's Stunning Double Album 'songs' & 'instrumentals'
48 Editor's Picks: The Staves, Antony Jeffares, TOBi, Sarah Proctor, Beau, & Lanterns on the Lake
49 Feature: Novo Amor Dives into the Shimmering Depths of Breathtaking LP, 'Cannot Be, Whatsoever'
50 Bon Iver, Space, and a Country Song Lullaby: An Interview with Leif Vollebekk
51 Interview: Field Medic Refuses To Look Back in 'Floral Prince'
52 Questioning, Urging, Hoping: GRANT Rises High in Effervescent 'Vertigo' EP
53 Premiere: Fort Worth's The Foxymorons Unveil Their Tender & Intimate "Uma Thurman"
54 Premiere: Rumour Mill Blend Grace & Movement with Poignant Folk in "Wake Me Up" Video
55 Premiere: NJ Singer/Songwriter Ruby Ryan Details Romantic Games with "Phosphenes"
56 Editor's Picks: COIN, McCall, Ayoni, Eve Owen, Fergus, & Close Talker!
57 Premiere: Cincinnati's The Heavy Hours Embrace a Heartfelt, Stinging "Ache" in Poignant Power Ballad
58 Premiere: Jamie-Lee Dimes Finds Inner Peace in Saying “Goodbye”
59 More Road Than Man: Roderick August's All-American Debut Album 'Forever the Far the Closer the Near'
60 Premiere: Gracie and Rachel Expand & Evolve Through Compelling "Ideas"
61 Atwood Magazine's Weekly Roundup: October 16, 2020
62 Premiere: Worthitpurchase Deal with the Pain of Being Nostalgic on Debut “Dizzy Age”
63 Atwood Magazine's Weekly Roundup: September 4th, 2020
64 Premiere: Melbourne's will hyde Soars in Euphoric Post-Breakup Anthem "over u."
65 Premiere: Bendrix Littleton Weaves a Tender, Intimate Spell in "Daylight Curls"
66 Premiere: VEAUX Explore Love, Belonging, & Black Identity in "Tell Me That You Love Me"
67 Review: The Sultry Seduction of Quarry's Deep Vibe, "Time's Up"
68 Premiere: Marsicans' Relaxed "Sunday" Highlights the Togetherness That Only Music Can Bring
69 Artist to Watch: Bleach Lab's Third Single "Sleep" is a Hypnotic, Raw & Visceral Dream
70 Premiere: Ohio's Spirit of the Bear Unleash Their Fun, Feverish, & Hazy "Opaque"
71 Premiere: Izzy Heltai's "Father" Is a Gentle, Cerebral Reminder About the Facts of Life
72 Premiere: Memphis' Blvck Hippie Deliver Jazzy Indie Rock Nostalgia in "Rhodes Ave"
73 Premiere: Nightly Find Escapist Fun in Video for 'you should probably just hang up'
74 Artist to Watch: Spirit of the Bear Take Off with Dark Charm & Cinematic Finesse in "The Shape"
75 Premiere: Melbourne's Stonefox Are Intimate & Raw in Stripped "Time" Acoustic Video
76 Artist to Watch: Max Helgemo's Dazzling "Uncovered" Is an Indie Folk Daydream
77 Atwood Magazine Celebrates Womxn
78 Three Sleek Mudroom Mood Boards to Inspire Your Next Renovation
79 Premiere: Emi Meyer Lets Go to the Groove with "When I Lose Control" ft. Keb' Mo'
80 Album Premiere: Somber & Thrilling Collide on Le Couleur's 'Concorde'
81 Premiere: “Backseat Swinging” Proves to Be a Stellar Debut for Coolhand Jax
82 Premiere: Nashville's Tedadore Debuts with the Fun, Sweet, & Restlessly Relatable "Cooped Up"
83 Artist to Watch: JONES Stuns with Instantly Captivating "Camera Flash"
84 Interview with VALLEY: Meshing As One & Connecting All the Strings
85 Interview with Coolhand Jax: A New Warmth into the Music Scene
86 Track-by-Track: Flying Through Spun Out's Cosmic Debut Album 'Touch the Sound'
87 Artist to Watch: Charli Adams Soars in Pulsing & Poignant New Single "Didn't Make It"
88 Premiere: Eva B. Ross' “Spaceship” Invites Us to Leave Earth & Experience the Freedom of the Universe
89 Premiere: SUAD Opens "The Door" with an Enchanting Vision of Hope & Inner Strength
90 Fergus' Stunning Inner Reckoning "Enough for You" Is an Alt-Pop Outpouring
91 Interview: Gangstagrass Continue Their Dynamic Activism in Music and Beyond
92 Album Premiere: Photo Ops' Stirring 3rd Album 'Pure at Heart' Is a Confessional Alt-Folk Dream
93 Atwood Magazine's Weekly Roundup: May 15, 2020
94 Premiere: Speaker Face's "Phosphorescence" Is an Ambient & Organic Immersion
95 Premiere: UK Trio in earnest Enchant with Wistful Reflections on "29"
96 Premiere: Madelline Stands Up for Herself in “On a Different Wave!”, a Wake Up Call to Those Who Dragged Her Down
97 Feature: Handsome Ghost Dive into Stunning Depths on 'Some Still Morning', a Beautifully Haunting Reckoning
98 Premiere: Austin Max Debuts with a Tender Heartache in "As Leaders Fail to Lead"
99 Interview: Gregory Uhlmann's New Single "Spice Girls" Is a Raw, Impassioned Outpouring
100 Hungry, Hopeful, & True: Ferris & Sylvester Dive into Their 'I Should Be on a Train' EP