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Result Content Idea Research
1 Australian wheat production seen jumping 91% on plentiful rains
2 Climate Watch: From the effect on fish to carbon pricing initiatives, there’s a lot happening
3 Australian agriculture looks long-term
4 Australia's Violent Enforcement of Lockdowns Sparks Memories of the Eureka Rebellion | Mark Hornshaw, Zachary Gorman
5 Coronavirus: Creeping state aid spooking farmers
6 Farm exports primed for post-pandemic rebound
7 Todd Sanderson – The Conversation
8 Where in the world is Edward Barbier?
9 Michael Harris – The Conversation
10 Drought relief could be counter-productive, ABARES conference told
11 Government Agencies Are Holding Back 'Fast Tests' that Could Be Saving Lives | James Anthony
12 Does Australia have the highest food security in the world?
13 David Littleproud claims Australia has the most secure food security in the world. Is he correct?
14 Does Insurance Cover Rioting and Looting Damage? Either Way, It's Disastrous | Brad Polumbo
15 George Floyd Riots Caused Record-Setting $2 Billion in Damage, New Report Says. Here's Why the True Cost Is Even Higher | Brad Polumbo
16 John Rolfe
17 Australian vegetable value up
18 Harvesting water: the most lucrative crop of all
19 Hi-tech farm jobs ready for take-off
20 Lack of seasonal workers a concern ahead of 2020 cherry harvest
21 Tim Nelson
22 Coronavirus: Seasonal visas to be extended for farm workers to aid harvest
23 Economics Research & Working Papers | College of Business
24 Popular doesn't mean influential among Cambodian farmers
25 Drought-ravaged profits
26 Is the rhino horn trade a cartel? Economic analysis suggests it works like one
27 John Quiggin
28 Bushfire report warns climate change will cause more intense and more frequent blazes
29 Gauging the effects of water scarcity on an irrigated planet
30 Why There Are So Many Wildfires in California, but Few in the Southeastern United States
31 Rains on the plains a fillip for farmers
32 Desperate farmers risk hiring illegal workers
33 Gamini Herath
34 Bad news. Closing coal-fired power stations costs jobs. We need to prepare
35 No time to waste to avoid future food shortages
36 Would China extend its boycott to Australian resources and energy?
37 Tennessee Agricultural Sectors Taking A Hit From COVID-19
38 'Tequila' powered biofuels more efficient than corn or sugar: Ethanol from agave could be used for transport fuel and hand sanitizer
39 Stop! Grand theft water
40 The State of China's Agricultural Research
41 Coronavirus: Australia ‘in no danger of running out of food supplies’, says ABARES
42 Farmer Ben Haslett wants water speculators left high and dry
43 Beyond the green revolution
44 Extremely unlikely weather still happens
45 Relying on 'local food' is a distant dream for most of the world
46 Amid drought despair, up crops a winner
47 An experiment for the world
48 Papua New Guinea highland research redates Neolithic period
49 Health, trade bigger priorities than stimulus, assistant Trade Minister Andrew Gee says
50 Bruce Davidson and the myth of a northern food bowl – The Northern Myth
51 Drought to slice off more than 20pc of farm exports
52 R. Quentin Grafton
53 Stephen Labson
54 Measuring universal health coverage based on an index of effective coverage of health services in 204 countries and territories, 1990–2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019
55 Drought hits Australian cotton growers hard, but GMO insect-resistant crops help mitigate the pain
56 COVID-19
57 Opinion: Sustainable development must account for pandemic risk
58 Electronic Monitoring on Fishing Vessels Improves Self-Reporting
59 Sugar-Sweetened Beverages & Sugar Taxes: An Overview, Index and Resource Guide
60 Trump's trade policies drain profits from Montana wheat farmers
61 The Sprout: Congress schedules vote on USMCA
62 Farm exports hit by drought, natural disasters, offshore competition
63 Beyond Australian wool, where are the sheep of the fashion industry?
64 Filling Australia's labour needs
65 Contextual engineering adds deeper perspective to local projects
66 Ensuring future employment opportunities
67 Intellectual Property and Education in the Age of COVID-19
68 Origin of deadly wheat pathogen revealed
69 News Feature: Foreseeing fires
70 Mapping geographical inequalities in childhood diarrhoeal morbidity and mortality in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000–17: analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017
71 Half the earth relatively intact from global human influence: Clear opportunities to conserve what remains
72 Farming for the future
73 What role should the commercial food system play in promoting health through better diet?
74 China's Economic Choices
75 Amir Talaei-Khoei | College of Business
76 'Collapse of Civilisation is the Most Likely Outcome': Top Climate Scientists
77 Maize–legume project a double win in Africa
78 Harnessing wind data to help meet energy needs in Florida
79 Coronavirus pandemic | The Interpreter
80 Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences | AG e-news June 25, 2020
81 Societal transformations and resilience in Arabia across 12000 years of climate change: Social, economic and cultural responses to climate change by ancient peoples highlight vulnerabilities of modern societies and the need for sustainable new solutions
82 Plastics, waste and recycling: It's not just a packaging problem
83 Long-lost rain revives fields of dreams
84 Australia warned of growing Chilean threat in China
85 Forty Under 40
86 Voices of Pacific leaders: COVID-19 and the path to recovery
87 Long-term economic impact of cover crops: 29-year study finds cover crops offer benefits with no-till cotton systems
88 'Plant factories' needed to grow more food as world population heads towards 10 billion by 2050
89 Cotton Australia’s most profitable crop
90 Donald Trump’s ‘greatest’ trade deal delivers us mixed blessings
91 Soybeans rise on China demand, wheat snaps 3 days of losses
92 Unraveling the mystery of wheat herbicide tolerance
93 What I Learned From one of Freedom's Great Prophets | Arthur Diamond
95 Most recreational fishers in Australia support marine sanctuaries
96 Pesticide seed coatings are widespread but underreported
97 Trade war is draining profits for Montana wheat farmers
98 Deserts not deserted, but full of floral, faunal activity
99 The nation doesn’t have much water, and what we have is not where it’s needed
100 Guacamole lovers, rejoice! The avocado genome has been sequenced