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1 Borussia Dortmund 1-2 Manchester City (2-4 agg): result, goals, summary | Champions League 2020-21 quarter-finals
2 Porsche's New Configurator Will Hack Your Brain
3 Speleologists trust in fischer
4 Hacked Data Broker Accounts Fueled Phony COVID Loans, Unemployment Claims – Krebs on Security
5 Nick Young makes dumb, sexist comment about women's NCAA conditions, says he was hacked
6 Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos Twitter hacked with bitcoin-giveaway scam
7 First Cybersecurity Chief of Medical Devices Takes the Reins at FDA
8 A Shell? A Programming Language? Relax! It's Both!
9 This simple hack will make any lipstick last all day — even under a mask
10 WestRock targeted with ransomware over the weekend, delays some operations
11 Ex-Uber security head charged in alleged cover-up of 2016 data hack
12 Security researchers hack, steal Tesla Model X within minutes
13 What Killed Adrian Lamo, The Hacker Who Turned In Whistleblower Chelsea Manning?
14 'Watch Dogs: Legion,' a game about hacking, may be victim of a hack
15 'Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity' is a hack-and-slash 'Breath of the Wild' prequel
16 North Korea 'attempted to hack Pfizer Covid vaccine technology'
17 TikTok users claim you can make a 'perfect' camera filter with nothing but tape — so we tried it ourselves
18 Spread of fake news around US fires 'strikingly similar' to Australian summer, researchers say
19 Catching up with the guy who stole Half-Life 2's source code, 10 years later
20 Show off your brawlin moves in these games
21 Russia's 'Fancy Bear' Reportedly Hacks German Government Network
22 ‘It works’: Aussies score free pizza with this secret hack
23 Transforming Rover Can Explore the Toughest Terrain
24 Among Us Mod Features: What does it do?
25 Ask Hackaday: Is Windows XP Source Code Leak A Bad Thing?
26 Friday Mix: Cosmo's Midnight
27 House passes immigration bills for farm workers, ‘Dreamers’
28 How To Get Into Cars: Offroading Mods
29 Expert Hacks for Getting the Most Out of Your Smart TV
30 Houseparty offers $1 million bounty to uncover hack 'smear campaign'
31 ESS voting machine company sends threats Freedom to Tinker
32 How a $64M hack changed the fate of Ethereum, Bitcoin's closest competitor
33 The run on toilet paper is a 'mass psychological event' of triggering images, experts say
34 Musk: Apple CEO Didn't Take Meeting About Buying Tesla
35 How To Clean White Trainers: DIY Hacks To Keep Trainers White
36 From A Sparkling Water Skincare To Hiding Bad Hair Days: Egyptian Actress Ayah Samaha On Her Beauty Secrets
37 Reduced tropical cyclone densities and ocean effects due to anthropogenic greenhouse warming
38 Requestival: the biggest reactions, trends and takeaways
39 Bertha Benz Pushed The Automobile Toward Production
40 GitHub's Move Away From Passwords: A Sign Of Things To Come?
41 Decoding The Netflix Announcement: Explaining Optimized Shot-Based Encoding For 4K
42 People are hacking their Peloton bikes so they can watch Netflix and cheat the leaderboard ranking system
43 Valve Tried to Trick Half Life 2 Hacker Into Fake Job Interview
44 ‘Step away from the straighteners’: DIY beauty hacks you can do at home
45 Hack-proofing the EU’s banks
46 Breathing exercises for health-care professionals during critical times
47 Alissa Carlson’s Thursday Weather
48 TeamViewer confirms number of abused user accounts is “significant”
49 Elon Musk, once again the world's richest person, is selling all his possessions so people know he's serious a
50 Georgia's election certification avoided an even worse nightmare that's just waiting to happen next time
51 Netflix 'The Great Hack' professor: Privacy rights in US lag behind UK
52 Did Sean Hannity misquote me?
53 First Direct Observation of Exoplanet Beta Pictoris c
54 A Properly Engineered UV Chamber For PPE Sanitization
55 Borussia Dortmund vs FSV Mainz 05 prediction, preview, team news and more | Bundesliga 2020-21
56 Tesla buys $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, will accept as payment soon
57 Ultrasonic waves could be used to hijack your phone – here's how to protect yourself
58 Watch trailer for Netflix's Facebook documentary 'The Great Hack'
59 Facebook Hack May Have Compromised Tinder, Instagram, Spotify Accounts
60 China hackers RedEcho accused of targeting India electric grid
61 6 little-known hacks to make your phone charge faster
62 My Bloody Valentine (1981) vs. My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)
63 There's An Engineer In Germany I'd Like A Word With; Tale Of A Crumbling Volkswagen Lock
64 Computer science student discovers privacy flaws in security and doorbell cameras
65 Hacker creates new device that can unlock any luxury car
66 My Name Is Nick Gonzalez – This Is Why I Joined Balbix
67 Student Finds Privacy Flaws in Connected Security and Doorbell Cameras
68 Kim Kardashian's minimalistic home has had an injection of colour
69 116 thoughts on “Possible Spyware On Samsung Phones”
70 Table Held Up By Strings Teaches Physics
71 We interviewed Chelsea Manning. It didn't go as planned.
72 ASIS International Announces 2021 Global Board of Directors
73 The best TechRadar reads you may have missed
74 What is reality? Whatever you think
75 Heart disease impacts 1 in 3 women, what you need to know
76 Zwift Bans Two Pro Racers For Altering Data: An Explainer of Sorts
77 6 thoughts on “Reverse Engineering A Two-Wire Intercom”
78 Birthday time: Biden turns 78, will be oldest U.S. president
79 How Russia hacked the French election
80 This hack lets you try out the future of text messaging on any Android phone
81 Refugee urges thousands at hacker congress to use skills to help newcomers
82 Here's a List of Reported 1440p Displays That Can Trick Your PS5 of Getting a 4K Signal
83 The Lost Honor of Sue Schafer
84 That Time A German Hacker Leaked Half-Life 2's Source Code
85 South Korean Bitcoin exchange shuts down after hack
86 Horror in Harlem: Hack held then released after taxi cab hits, kills 8-year-old Axel Pablo
87 A test for Trumpism: Virginia Republicans seek new playbook
88 Tesla Model 3's Autopilot technology can be hacked to control the car externally, claims an Israeli startup
89 2017 Was a Year of Reckoning in Hollywood. Will 2018 Be the Year of Change?
90 Real-Estate Investment Strategy: 'Perfect' Way to Create Passive Income
91 KNC Beauty’s Founder Talks Multi-Masking, Skincare And Natural Beauty
92 World’s First IRL STAR WARS Protosaber Is Insanely Dangerous
93 Was the Disney Careers Twitter Account Hacked by an Elon Musk Superfan?
94 Uber's data breach was relatively small when compared to the Yahoo hack
95 Germany says expecting Russian effort to influence election
96 White Lines: Axel star reveals 'real' reason he thinks character was killed 'He's 100mph!'
97 Travel deals on flights and hotels rise as coronavirus spreads
98 Moderate drought continues in parts of Kern County
99 Delta Bot Plucks Out Tunes On A Mandolin
100 New Idea Hacks: How to make a $10 store bought cake outrageously beautiful