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Result Content Idea Research
1 Suggested new acronym POEM+ to replace BAME Re: The language of ethnicity
2 Surrey Heartlands CCG: Report finds bullying of BAME staff
3 Better Inclusion Key to Tackling BAME Impact of COVID-19
4 BBCS Production sets 20% target for BAME, disability & low-income inclusion
5 Positive change in the workplace not experienced equally by BAME doctors
6 Two-thirds of NHS Wales' BAME workers have experienced racism at work
7 Obituary for Tyler Whitney Bame, Rogers, AR
8 Prestigious award recognises contribution of BAME nurses during Covid-19
9 Target BAME aspiring barristers with pupillage opportunities, BSB tells chambers in 'anti-racist statement'
10 BAME teaching 'focuses too much on slavery', report finds
11 Protect BAME people hit financially by Covid, says UK thinktank
12 Yes groups urged to study slavery links as lack of BAME candidates sparks anger
13 'BAME' term offends those it attempts to describe, sporting survey finds
14 Why BAME people can be more likely to have underlying health conditions | ITV News
15 Coronavirus: inequalities in healthcare may explain worse outcomes for BAME people
16 High Sheriff of West Sussex meets Diverse Crawley and learns how BAME communities are celebrated and supported
17 Doctors question why BAME communities are not on Covid vaccine priority list
18 Black joy and community: In conversation with Theresa Awolesi, Chair of the Black Students Network
19 Why some BAME health workers in Wales feel more at risk of coronavirus | ITV News
20 Jason Okundaye | The BAME Game · LRB 20 November 2020
21 BAME Communities Advisory Group report and recommendations
22 BAME doctors face COVID 'double hit' as pandemic drives rise in complaints
23 Analysis confirms increased risk of COVID-19 among BAME individuals
24 Positive pandemic workplace improvements not shared by BAME doctors – survey
25 First PRH ethnicity pay report shows gap of 16% for BAME employees
26 MPs take part in coronavirus vaccine trials to encourage more BAME volunteers
27 Should we still be saying ‘BAME’ in 2020?
28 Children's books eight times as likely to feature animal main characters as BAME people
29 New Architecture Writers calls for applications from aspiring BAME writers
30 Humza Yousaf 'beyond disappointed' with BAME representation on SNP Holyrood list
31 FA chairman Clarke apologises after referring to BAME players as 'coloured'
32 Bristol green and equality issues championed by young ambassadors
33 Obesity, age and BAME ethnicity associated with higher COVID-19 antibody levels
34 NHS boss makes promise to BAME colleagues | News and Star
35 Coronavirus: Human rights watchdog investigating impact of COVID-19 on BAME healthcare workers
36 Lorraine Copes BAME in Hospitality founder on diversity in restaurants
37 Science Talk
38 London Covid: 'Shocking' experiences of Ealing's BAME communities during pandemic revealed
39 Met police told 40% of recruits must be from BAME backgrounds
40 Nearly half of trusts report no BAME staff in top management tier
41 BAME officer receives 'stop being a gay n*****' on student feedback form
42 Hidden Histories Of London's BAME Women From Centuries Ago
43 The winners of the BAME Apprenticeship Awards 2020
44 BAME in Hospitality calls for contributions...
45 More than 200 BAME community organisations awarded share of £9.5m in emergency funding
46 Coronavirus Vaccine: BAME People Aren’t Mentioned On The Priority List
47 BAME health workers need extra care during second Covid wave, says minister
48 COVID-19: Researchers raise prospect of vulnerable BAME people getting vaccine priority
49 BAME Communities Could Get Priority And Tailored Roll-Out Of Covid Vaccine, Health Chief Says
50 'BAME is a useless term' says Centre for Social Justice think-tank
51 The best emerging BAME artists
52 NCVO publishes BAME pay gap data for the first time
53 BAME Londoners should be on priority list for roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines, says Sadiq Khan
54 Rooney Rule: Warwickshire to adopt BAME shortlist policy in first-team coach search
55 BAME term upsetting and disrespectful says Sporting Equals study
56 Penguin Random House reports 16% mean ethnicity pay gap
57 Sunderland AFC and the Rooney Rule: Explaining the EFL rule change that will affect the big managerial decision
58 Calls for independent investigation into the ECB's lack of BAME umpires
59 Humza Yousaf: Motions and support must translate to a more diverse Holyrood
60 Why it's so important for 'BAME' groups to access therapists of colour
61 Revealed: The Gen Z BAME Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020
62 Large-scale effort to give more voice to Wirral's BAME leaders
63 Celebrating Talent and Diversity
64 What does the term 'BAME' mean to the people it describes? | ITV News
65 Sexual health services are failing BAME communities during coronavirus pandemic, says new report
66 Bid Writer, Fundraiser and Adviser – BAME Voluntary Sector job with Royal Borough of Greenwich | 148969
67 Bradford vaccine trial needs more BAME volunteers
68 BAME community 'underrepresented' in Covid vaccine trial volunteers
69 This is how Thames Valley Police is supporting BAME victims of domestic violence
70 Over 95% of BAME people affected by racism in the last two months
71 More Than 95% Of BAME People In Britain Say They’ve Experienced Racism
72 Two-Time All-American Damon Bame, Member Of USC'S 1962 National Champion Football Team, Dies
73 Why are people from BAME groups dying disproportionately of Covid-19?
74 Why are more people from BAME backgrounds dying from coronavirus?
75 'Tone-deaf' ministers reject BAME review of English curriculum
76 Structural racism led to worse Covid impact on BAME groups – report
77 Zegami to help find why BAME community is at greater risk from coronavirus
78 Vitamin D Mitigates COVID-19, Say 40+ Patient Studies (listed below) – Yet BAME, Elderly, Care-homers, and Obese are still 'D' deficient, thus at greater COVID-19 risk
79 Why The Term 'BAME' is No Longer Fit For Purpose in The Legal Industry
80 Don't blame the BAME: Ethnic and structural inequalities in susceptibilities to COVID‐19
81 BAME people need a better chance of fighting off coronavirus – here's what can be done now
82 Covid: BAME people's mental health 'forgotten about'
83 British BAME groups face 'greater barriers' than white people in avoiding Covid-19
84 More BAME people are dying from coronavirus. We have to know why
85 BAME Britons less likely to trust Covid health officials – survey
86 700 BAME TV Workers Write To Major UK Networks & Government Demanding Change: “There Is A Culture Problem Within Television”
87 Company boards 'must have at least one BAME member'
88 Researchers investigate impact of COVID-19 on BAME businesses
89 Why we need more BAME representation in academic libraries
90 Coronavirus: Report on BAME Covid-19 deaths sparks call for action
91 BAME Britons still lack protection from Covid, says doctors' chief
92 How the UK's BAME community has been more affected by COVID-19
93 COVID-19: Why are so many BAME patients dying?
94 BAME representation in UK's top jobs has barely risen in past three years
95 Coronavirus UK: BAME women suffer harder financial hit
96 These families cherished multi-generational living. But Covid-19 has wrecked it
97 BAME workers disproportionately hit by UK Covid-19 downturn, data shows
98 Higher Covid deaths among BAME people 'not driven by health issues'
99 UK government urged to investigate coronavirus deaths of BAME doctors
100 Higher rates of severe COVID-19 in BAME populations remain unexplained