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1 Meet '21 Bad B*tch,' the Detroit woman who went viral with shopping cart-scooter
2 Aussie Mobility Brand Releases Chopper-Styled Electric Scooter
3 Lime and Bird sued over alleged scooter safety failures and injuries to dozens
4 Rihanna suffers bad electric scooter accident in L.A.
5 The Law That Could Kill Bike and Scooter Share in California — and Set a Dangerous Precedent For Your State
6 Red Electric Scooters Are Bringing Impressive Ranges To French Roads
7 E-scooters proving popular — but they're not without their critics
8 The West Coast is suffering from some of the worst air in the world — these apps show how bad it is
9 Birmingham tour guide fears tragedy as woman knocked down by e-scooter
10 Dallas mayor questions city's decision to end electric rental scooter program
11 Scooter-riding rappers seek to dispel Augusta negativity in music video
12 Hoverboarding dentist gets 12 years in prison for fraud, unlawful dental acts
13 'Wider public has not been considered over e-scooter scheme in Northampton'
14 Kid loses wallet with money he saved for a scooter, but a stranger buys the scooter for him
15 Disability activist Melissa Blake in New York Fashion Week
16 Think you're having a bad day? Hilarious photographs reveal VERY unlucky mishaps
17 Fundraiser launched to get new mobility scooter for woman rescued from canal
18 Some bad person stole this sweet ride. It was recovered in Burnaby
19 Court Roundup for Sept. 7-11
20 AG Cook's debut solo album, Apple, will make you smile and probably scare the cat
21 KUOW Daily News Blog
22 Revel Returns, With Safety-Selfies and More Requirements
23 Triple digits for Frenchy | Northwest |
24 How Tiger Woods started the US Open was consistently inconsistent
25 Condo owner struggles to get rid of tenant, a disbarred Clinton lawyer
26 Evacuations issued as Sally shifts west
27 KEN GRABOWSKI: Some things make us wonder what were they thinking?
28 Wales breaking news plus traffic, weather and travel updates (Thursday, September 17)
29 A Wheelie, Then A Crash ... Then Possible Paralysis
30 Sacramento Didn't Issue Any Tickets For Bad Electric Scooter Riding In 2019 — But It Did For Bad Parking
31 Ads We Like: Smart pokes fun at bad scooter parking in Germany
32 A Twitter joke about MSNBC and World War Z turned into a misinformation nightmare
33 'Progressive' Manhattanites Push For Cop Crackdown On E-Bike Riders (Again)
34 Kanye West Is Fighting a Similar Fight as Taylor Swift. Will They Win?
35 How Bad Is The Cheapest Scooter On Amazon?
36 Grand Isle mostly evacuated ahead of Hurricane Sally
37 Court Finds Against Insurer Who Held Insured To An
38 09/10/2020 | Council Not Willing To Permit E-Bikes On Boardwalk; Congestion, Speed Concerns Discussed | News Ocean City MD
39 MMO Fan Shot: An Open Letter to Steve Cohen
40 Did MSNBC Use 'World War Z' Footage in News Coverage?
41 Memphis grounds Bird e-scooters for failure to follow curfew
42 Are shared electric scooters going extinct? Lime’s valuation reportedly tanks
43 Why Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun’s bad blood may reshape the industry
44 How the novel coronavirus is speeding the scooter apocalypse
45 Riding While Drunk and Other Dangers of the Electric Scooter Craze
46 E-scooters: The good, the bad and the bloody
47 How Santa Monica Established Order From Scooter Chaos (And What It Can Teach LA)
48 SF wants startups to behave, so why did it reject the ‘nice guy’ of e-scooters?
49 Drivers fume over return of traffic jams
50 Sorry, But E-Scooters Are Still Not Scary
51 The Way This Little Boy Scooters Is the Exact Level of Sassy I'm Trying to Be
52 After two deaths, Revel temporarily pulls plug on shared electric mopeds in NYC
53 This toddler's sassy scooter skills are going viral in a hilarious way
54 Day-glo electric scooter racing, coming next year, looks like Tron in real life
55 Bike and e-scooter share programs to form part of urban future: SFU study
56 D.C. residents weigh in on future of e-scooters in the nation’s capital
57 Hundreds more scooters to zip down SF streets
58 Up to 2,500 scooters hit SF streets as politicians push for stricter rules
59 Man critically injured in Revel scooter crash in Inwood
60 This SF scooter company knows if you’re riding illegally on a sidewalk. Here’s how
61 Anna Maria scooter moratorium allows time-out for regs
62 Abandoned, peed on by dogs: As SF scooters ramp up, complaints are rare but colorful
63 Bird bolts, Bolt stays as scooter startups steer through outbreak
64 Opinion: Why is This Tiny E-Vehicle Illegal?
65 The Real Reasons Scooter Injuries Are Exploding
66 (Some) Electric Scooters Have Returned |
67 Bird: the electric scooter startup with big workplace problems
68 How European scooter companies plan to beat the winter
69 Dockless scooter, bike companies get 3-month reprieve from stricter regulations in LA
70 Thousands of new e-scooters hit San Francisco streets today
71 Bird is scrapping thousands of electric scooters in the Middle East
72 Say goodbye: The only made-in-America electric scooter company closes
73 Scooter-share startup Revel faces questions after first death in NYC
74 S.F. city attorney orders rebel e-scooter company to shut down immediately
75 Scooter Startups Take Steps to Curb Inefficiencies, Address Safety Concerns
76 Seated scooter for disabled riders coming to Oakland, SF
77 Questions in Hoboken over scooter safety after woman and baby struck
78 San Antonio To Lift Ban On Late-Night Scooter Riding Despite Safety Progress
79 One man’s 280-mile standing electric scooter ride across Florida in 24 hours
80 Shared e-scooters to be banned in Montreal in 2020
81 E-scooter crash on SF’s Embarcadero leaves 69-year-old woman with life-threatening injuries
82 Mean Motor Scooter
83 “Quite a shock”: Scoot employees laid off by Bird in SF scooter shake-up
84 Relaxing e-scooter laws ‘bad for road safety’
85 Denver veteran's scooter stolen during George Floyd protest
86 Pandemic-era planning makes it clear: Micromobility companies brought a distraction, not a revolution
87 US electronic scooter operator to pilot Irish GPS technology
88 Electric scooter inventory expected to be scaled back in Columbus' winter weather
89 Spin scooter workers in SF vote to unionize, blazing trail in industry
90 Bird riders and gig workers allege injuries from faulty scooters in lawsuit
91 City Hall: Police Wanted Citi Bike and Revel Scooters Shut Down During Curfew
92 All the stupid things New Yorkers are doing with rented scooters
93 Rogue SF e-scooter company says it’s back in business. Not so fast, city officials say
94 SDSU electric scooter ban based on bad data, little student input
95 City drops idea to place an age minimum on electric scooter users
96 Segway Will Stop Making Its Iconic Scooter And Lay Off 21 Employees
97 Wear your helmet, concludes new study showing electronic scooter injuries have nearly tripled in the last four years
98 What will happen to Europe's scooter startups in 2020?
99 San Diego bans e-scooters along the boardwalk from Mission Beach to La Jolla
100 Scooter Injuries Health