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1 ‘Ghost Adventures,’ Zak Bagans bringing ‘Tiger King’ to Las Vegas
2 Zak Bagans is bringing 'Tiger King' to Las Vegas
3 Joe Exotic Memorabilia Heading to Zak Bagans' 'Tiger King' Exhibit
4 'Ghost Adventures' Investigator Zak Bagans Bringing 'Tiger King' Oklahoma Artifacts To Haunted Museum
5 Tiger King Joe Exotic Is Getting A Museum Exhibit, Where His Penis Pump Is Just One Item Fans Can Expect
6 Zak Bagans Investigates the Cincinnati Sedamsville Rectory on Ghost Adventures
7 Zak Bagans announces new miniseries 'Ghost Adventures: Quarantine'
8 Joe Exotic museum in the works including ‘Tiger King’ star’s “penis pump”
9 The “Ghost Adventure” Crew quarantined themselves inside Las Vegas’s Haunted Museum or their TV mini ...
10 New 'Ghost Adventures' special filmed inside haunted Las Vegas museum during quarantine
11 Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans Finally Opens Cursed Dybbuk Box: 'I Saw an Entity Crouching Down'
12 Zak Bagans: ‘The spirits were hungry’ during new ‘Ghost Adventures’ miniseries
13 Zak Bagans unearths mysterious pistol at Haunted Museum
14 Zak Bagans reviving his Las Vegas Haunted Museum
15 Zak Bagans to temporarily close downtown Las Vegas museum amid coronavirus outbreak
16 Zak Bagans ‘was extremely ill’ after investigating ‘The Conjuring’ house
17 Would you buy a murder house? Here's what happened to high-profile crime properties
18 Get to Know the Lore Before Zak Bagans Opens the Dybbuk Box on Ghost Adventures: Quarantine
19 Inside Zak Bagans' Charles Manson Murderabilia Collection at the Haunted Museum
20 Zak Bagans Wife, Kids: Is the 'Ghost Adventures' Star Single?
21 Zak Bagans expanding his Las Vegas haunted museum
22 Zak Bagans wants to teach you how to hunt ghosts
23 Series of creepy encounters caught on camera at Zak Bagans' haunted museum
24 Zak Bagans Wrote New Book 'Ghost Hunting for Dummies,' Releasing Just in Time for Christmas
25 [Trailer] Zak Bagans and Friends Revisit Their Scariest Moments in "Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room"
26 Why Some Viewers Think Zak Bagans' 'Ghost Adventures' Is Fake
27 'Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans Reveals Eerie Revolver Found On Haunted Museum Grounds
28 ‘Ghost Adventures’ host Zak Bagans buying notorious LaBianca House
29 Travel Channel Paranormal Programming Highlights: August 17th
30 Zak Bagans Latest Post Has Us Convinced He's Dating Someone New (PHOTOS)
31 Quarantined! 'The Ghost Adventures' miniseries by Zak Bagans – VIDEO
32 Zak Bagans' Documentary 'Demon House' Brings Paranormal Terror to Amazon Prime
33 'Tiger King' Zoo Gets Another Cadaver Dogs Visit, Jeff Lowe's Sure Human Remains Exist
34 Zak Bagans of 'Ghost Adventures' says he fell ill after investigating real-life 'Conjuring' house
35 'Ghost Adventures Screaming Room': Zak Bagans says he keeps the 'toe skin' of a serial killer in his museum
36 'Ghost Adventures' star Zak Bagans buys house connected to Manson murders
37 Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans became ill after investigating The Conjuring movie house
38 Zak Bagans, ‘Ghost Adventures’ crew investigate ‘very haunted’ Las Vegas tiki bar
39 ‘Ghost Adventure’s’ Zak Bagans closes on Manson murder house in Los Feliz
40 Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans Buys $310K Worth of Ghostbusters Memorabilia: 'I'm a Diehard Fan'
41 Nevada brothel owner’s ‘death bed’ finds home at Zak Bagans’ museum
42 Trailer: Zak Bagans Opens Dybbuk Box in GHOST ADVENTURES: QUARANTINE
43 Zak Bagans And 'Ghost Adventures' Crew Makes Contact With Deceased Kevorkian Patient
44 Watch 'Ghost Adventures' Host Zak Bagans Play 'Wheel Of Fortune' In 1998
45 'Ghost Adventures' crew to quarantine inside haunted Las Vegas museum in new TV miniseries
46 Zak Bagans, host of ‘Ghost Adventures,’ plunks down over $300G on ‘Ghostbusters’ props
47 Zak Bagans Shares Ten Things To Know About The Evil Dybbuk Box Prior To Opening On 'Ghost Adventures: Quarantine'
48 10 Hidden Details In Ghost Adventures Everyone Completely Missed
49 Zak Bagans 'Ghost Adventures' Filming Paused At Joe Exotic Zoo When Dogs Possibly Sniffed Out Human Remains
50 ‘Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room’ Sees Zak Bagans and Team Revisiting Scariest Moments
51 'Ghost Adventures' Star Zak Bagans Claims He Grew Ill During Real-Life 'Conjuring' Home Investigation
52 Travel Channel slates lockdown miniseries “Ghost Adventures: Quarantine”
53 Zak Bagans, ‘Ghost Adventures’ are here to help with quarantine
54 Items from 'real life monsters' on display at downtown Haunted Museum
55 ET's Kevin Frazier to Appear on Travel Channel's 'Ghost Adventures: Quarantine'
56 People Are Trying to Debunk This Video of a Corpse 'Waving' as It's Buried
57 Zak Bagans Wants to Buy an Infamous Serial Killer's Brain
58 'Ghost Adventures' Host Zak Bagans Buys Large Amount Of 'Ghostbusters' Memorabilia
59 Ted Bundy's Murder Kit Purchased By Zak Bagans
60 'Ghost Adventures: Quarantine': Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about Travel Channel's spook
61 Zak Bagans Drops $310k for 'Ghostbusters' Memorabilia
62 Zak Bagans adding 'Ghostbuster' props to Haunted Museum
63 Why Did Nick Groff Leave the Super Popular 'Ghost Adventures'?
64 Aaron Goodwin Net Worth: 'Ghost Adventures' Star's Salary, Bio
65 Ted Bundy Murder Kit Has Zak Bagans and Utah in Tug-of-War
66 'Ghost Adventures' investigator Zak Bagans says he had a crush on psychic Sabrina during Island of Dolls case
67 Zak Bagans' DEMON HOUSE Now Streaming On Amazon Prime
68 Zak Bagans: 10 quick facts about the American paranormal investigator
69 Why does Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures wear a mask?
70 Zak Bagans Just Bought $300000 Worth of 'Ghostbusters' Props for Upcoming Exhibit
71 My Favorite Room: Zak Bagans of 'Ghost Adventures' rests his soul in a positive place
72 Holly Madison Is Dating Ghost Adventures Star Zak Bagans 4 Months After Finalizing Her Divorce: Source
73 Ghost Adventures to Open the Infamous Dybbuk Box in Quarantine Series
74 Take a tour of haunted Vegas with our trivia quiz
75 'Ghost Adventures Screaming Room': Zak Bagans left in tears after recalling investigation with murdered friend
76 Haunting of Franklin Castle investigated by ‘Ghost Adventures’ crew: ‘It is very disturbing’
77 Portal to hell lingers in Region, priest says
78 'Ghost Adventures' Host Zak Bagans Buys the Charles Manson Murder House
79 'Ghost Adventures' Star Zak Bagans Very Sick After 'The Conjuring' House Investigation
80 'Ghost Adventures: Quarantine' Isn't Your Typical Night at the Museum
81 Zak Bagans Closes Devil's Rocking Chair Exhibit After Museum Haunts, Chilling Encounter in His Home
82 Possible Human Remains Buried at 'Tiger King' Zoo Revealed as Animal Bones
83 Zak Bagans Wants to Buy Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's Brain
84 11 Things That Happened On 'Ghost Adventures' The Crew Wants To Keep On The DL
85 Zak Bagans Of Ghost Adventures Bought The Manson Murder House, Listed At Almost $2 Million
86 New series Ghost Adventures: Quarantine tackles terrifying forces
87 Ghost Adventures Live Is The Best Show In The Series
88 Zak Bagans Of 'Ghost Adventures' Has Terrifying Encounter With Real Life Annabelle Doll
89 Ghost Adventures exclusive: Zak Bagans leveled by pain from distressed child’s spirit as meter goes off
90 Woman faints after being touched by mysterious flying object at Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum
91 In the premiere of 'Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room', the team gets candid about baby ghost in Titanic museum
92 Ted Bundy Said An Entity Made Him Murder. These Ghost Hunters Went Searching For It.
93 You'll Need To Bring Sage While Exploring Las Vegas' Most Haunted Artifact Museum
94 Ghost hunting with Zak Bagans
95 Zak Bagans' museum in Las Vegas to be on 'Ghost Adventures'
96 'Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans Buys Ted Bundy's Murder Kit
97 Zak Bagans' 'Demon House' the real story: 10 things to know about the Gary, Indiana, case
98 Tiger King: Carole Baskin raps to 50 Cent and sips Bacardi in video
99 'Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans Purchases Rocking Chair from Famous Warren's Case
100 What Is Goatman Bridge? 'Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room' Will Relive Favorite Episode