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1 BPL union elects new president – Eye Witness News
2 Union boss knew of 'Lords of Doom'
3 BPL union “ready for war” over foreign labour
4 Maynard: We'll still have load shedding
5 UNIONS: BPL Mismanaged – Eye Witness News
6 No interference from BPL union on Wärtsilä hires
7 BPL union assured jobs safe
8 BEC statement on actions of Bahamas Electrical Workers Union
9 BPL staff must know 'the customer is king'
10 Maynard: BPL employees are also reaching breaking point
11 Volkswagen's Skoda says to cut 2% of admin jobs in 2021
12 No merit to BPL's 'end of load shedding', says union
13 Union Voters Are at Center of Trump vs. Biden Battle for Pennsylvania
14 BPL union: Blackouts worst it's ever been
15 'Lords of Doom' contractors put on staff
16 BPL's 'Lords of Doom' exposed by dismissal
17 Utility union presses Biden to ease energy transition's impact on coal workers
18 Maynard tells BTC boss: go back to Jamaica
19 Claims that BTVI intimidating workers over union
20 Unions give PM month to avoid 'national strike'
21 Minister: 'Slightest thing could derail' Shell talks
22 PM to meet with unions today – Eye Witness News
23 BPL worker gets token $6000 for 'lewd' dismissal
24 Renewable fear over BPL bond
25 BPL Union President makes courtesy call on Labour Minister
26 Wilkes-Barre police investigate shooting
27 Customers warned: No more slack on BPL bills
28 'Repair BPL hurricane damage' or union strikes
29 'Govt should have talked to unions on tax'
30 Please God, keep the lights on
31 Maynard fumes over BPL toilets
32 Electricity commission, union agree to reduce retirement age from 65 to 55
33 Moxey denies claims former workers are still employed
34 BPL union head predicts load shedding until Christmas
35 Union chief claims BPL hired 50 foreign workers
36 Maynard on the warpath
37 Electrical workers' union members charge corruption among leadership
38 Union leader's 'distress' on anti change labelling
39 Big Labor’s Big Senate Plans
40 BPL union chief to CEO: apologize to staff – Eye Witness News
41 COVID Vaccine Shots Given To Homeless In Secaucus, N.J.
42 250 plus approved for BPL VSEPs – EyeWitness News
43 Union Leaders Push Competing Candidates for Biden Labor Secretary
44 Maynard: BPL must act quickly to shore up generation
45 Maynard: BPL still teetering on crisis – Eye Witness News
46 What MOU? BPL to pay for Shell power plant
47 Hotel union instruct work to rule – Eye Witness News
48 Dangers facing workers on the frontline
49 Maynard: Shell is the answer to lowering power bills
50 BPL unveil job cuts
51 Staff morale at BPL said to be low
52 PM: This is a power crisis – Eye Witness News
53 Maynard: Only third world countries use BPL engines
54 Nurses could add to industrial action problems
55 BPL 'critical' without new equipment
56 BPL VSEP oversubscribed – Eye Witness News
57 Maynard on Wartsila deal: PM has assured Bahamian workers will be trained
58 Who do you support in the current row between BEC Chairman Leslie Miller and the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union?
59 Load shedding could continue until March 2020 – Eye Witness News
60 120 overseas workers coming in to install tri-fuel engines at BPL
61 No job cuts 'for now' at power company
62 Samaritan's Purse Airlifts Emergency Field Hospital To The Bahamas; Adding Critical COVID-19 Capacity As Positive Cases Continue To Rise
63 Keystone XL Oil Project Pledges Zero Carbon Emissions
64 TC Energy Reacts to Keystone Pipeline Development
65 About Joe’s Energy Jobs
66 “CURB POWER COST” – -Says BPL Union leader
67 BPL may take back employees – Eye Witness News
68 Unions told: 'Be bigger than this'
69 Puerto Rico power-company CEO resigns as thousands lack electricity
70 News of Bahamas power company management contract could come next week, says union leader
71 More power outages to come – Eye Witness News
72 Nothing Beats The Bahamas: The Tropical Destination Launches New Extended-Stay Program
73 Union asks for BPL to bring back redundant staff on contract
74 Maynard: LNG plant could be the answer to BPL woes
75 BPL's $95m Wartsila deal hit existing plant
76 The Cruise Ship Suicides Began After the Last Passengers Left
77 Santa Arrives in The Bahamas for an Extended Stay on Stocking Island
78 Consultants 'on hold' amid BPL union uproar
79 'Opaque' dealings hit City Markets HQ sale
80 BEC union call to fire Miller
81 Joe Biden Wants to Make Almost Every Policy a Climate Change Policy
82 Bannister: No 'forced' terminations to happen through BPL agreement
83 Union Boss Blows A Fuse
84 'Women are prostituting themselves to pay light bill'
85 Fiat Chrysler, Union Avert Canada Strike With Tentative Deal
86 We could have blackouts until November, warns Maynard
87 Maynard: BPL customers will pay more than $30
88 Isaias Menaces Bahamas and Florida as 2020 Season’s Second Hurricane
89 GM Uses Salaried Employees to Fill Vacancies at Missouri Pickup-Truck Plant
90 BPL VSEPs approved, final head count still pending
91 As Trump Courts Unions, His Apprentice Plan Risks Alienating Them
92 Argentina's grain port strike ends after 20 days, exports to resume gradually
93 BPL 'blackout' “totally unacceptable' – Eye Witness News
94 'Impossible to restore power to Abaco before 2020 hurricane season'
95 BPL targets fall 2021 for rental generation end
96 As Tropical Storm Laura batters Caribbean, at least 13 dead in Haiti, Dominican Republic
97 Union boss 'way off' on blaze bill
98 PLP says BPL's deal with Wartsila “does not add up”
99 Nurses sound alarm over capacity, overcrowded facilities – Eye Witness News
100 Extended Montreal Dock Workers’ Walkout Rattles Canadian Supply Chains