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Result Content Idea Research
1 Fast-acting hybrid insulin borrows tricks from sea snail venom
2 UnDisciplined: The Venomologist And The Behavioral Scientist
3 Snail Insulin Picks Up Speed For Diabetic Community
4 Marine snail venom could improve insulin for diabetic patients
5 Ginkgo Bioworks Co-Founder Honored with Rosalind Franklin Award
6 Could venomous snails be part of the solution to the opioid epidemic?
7 Carnivorous Marine Snails Use Insulin to Disable Their Prey | Biology
8 Breakthrough: The Killer Snail Chemist
9 Deadly Sea Snail Venom Could Hold Key to Faster Insulin Therapies
10 Could snail venom replace addictive opioid painkillers? Utah researchers are getting $10 million to find out
11 Snails' speedy insulin
12 Insulin found in snail venom is no slouch
13 Healing the Brain with Snail Venom
14 Small Molecule Found In Cone Snail Arsenal
15 Sea Snail Venom Could Provide a New, Long-Lasting Alternative to Opioid Painkillers
16 Venomous Cone Snails Weaponize Insulin to Stun Prey
17 Snail venom discovery at Utah school could lead to safer painkillers
18 Deadly cone snails liven up Philadelphia Shell Show, Oct. 7-8
19 Cone Snails Jolt Fish Into Insulin Shock
20 Can Cone Snail Venom Be the Next Treatment for Neuropathic Pain?
21 KCP-400 Relieves Chronic Pain and Demonstrates Disease Modifying Effects
22 Harvard Foundation names Scientist of the Year
23 A Filipino scientist found a cancer-killer in snail bacteria—and named it after Bohol
24 11 Amazing Animals That Improve Your Health
25 THE CANDLE: Cone snail may hold promise for diabetes treatment
26 Slow-Moving Snails Make Fast-Acting Insulin
27 Deadly Venoms Help Rather Than Hurt
28 Nature: The Master Medicine-Maker
29 Can venomous snails be part of the solution to the opioid epidemic?
30 HHMI Awards $79 Million for Science Education to Research Universities, Top Scientists
31 Non-addictive painkillers from poisonous Philippine seashells – The Manila Times
32 Snail Venom To The Rescue
33 Snail Toxins Reveal Novel Way To Fight Severe Nerve Pain
34 Snail Toxin May Spur New Drugs For Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Depression
35 Cone Snail Venom Could Inspire Fast-Acting Insulin For Diabetes
36 BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Venomous snails aid medical science
37 Prisoners are saving nature, one frog at a time
38 Dr. Lourdes J. Cruz: The Pinay biochemist who studied a deadly snail
39 Referees vs. 2019: End-of-season ratings
40 Outstanding UP alumni to be awarded on June 25
41 33 overseas Filipinos and groups to get presidential awards
42 A high-throughput peptidomic strategy to decipher the molecular diversity of cyclic cysteine-rich peptides
43 Smith in the World
44 Advocate-Area All-District Teams | Advosports
45 State wrestling tournament results for 2016-2017 season