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1 Southern Baptists oust 2 churches over LGBTQ inclusion
2 Southern Baptists Expel 2 Churches Over Sex Abuse and 2 for L.G.B.T.Q. Inclusion
3 Southern Baptists expel two churches for sex abuse and two for affirming homosexuality
4 Southern Baptists oust Ga., Ky. churches over LGBTQ inclusion
5 Southern Baptists oust St. Matthews church over LGBTQ inclusion
6 Southern Baptists expel 2 churches over LGBTQ inclusivity
7 Southern Baptists expel four churches for abuse and LGBTQ membership
8 Southern Baptists oust Kennesaw church over LGBTQ inclusion
9 Southern Baptists divided over politics, race, LGBTQ policy
10 Top church leaders say divisions, including on race and politics, are detracting Southern Baptists from core mission
11 Southern Baptists Expel Two More Churches Over Abuse | News & Reporting
12 Southern Baptist Convention expels Louisville church over LGBTQ policies
13 SBC President JD Greear: 'God did not call Southern Baptists to save America'
14 Southern Baptist Convention ousts Louisville church over LGBTQ inclusion
15 Canadian Baptists Push Race Conversation Beyond Black History Month | News & Reporting
16 NC Baptist Women's Retreat to be held virtually March 27
17 Southern Baptists Condemn Racist Letter Received by Arlington Pastor
18 Arlington pastor Dwight McKissic receives racist letter after leaving Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
19 Puerto Rico Baptists celebrate God's leading through earthquakes, pandemic • Biblical Recorder
20 Southern Baptist division | WORLD News Group
21 SBC may break ties with Kennesaw church over LGBTQ stance
22 Still Baptist. Still evangelical.
23 Southern Baptist Pastors Compare Kamala Harris To Bible's Queen Jezebel
24 Georgia SBC church faces banishment for accepting LGBTQ members
25 Metro Atlanta church faces backlash for accepting LGBTQ members
26 Oklahoma Baptists name new chief financial officer
27 Baptist Healthcare fiscal 2020 performance good through coronavirus impact
28 Some Southern Baptist pastors are calling Kamala Harris 'Jezebel'
29 A second SBC pastor in Texas called Vice President Kamala Harris 'Jezebel'
30 Carpinteria Valley Baptist Church | News |
31 A Very Special Baptism
32 Protesters and supporters denounce explosion at anti-LGBTQ First Works Baptist Church
33 Plans for a new Logsdon Seminary in San Antonio announced
34 Prominent Southern Baptists are dropping ‘Southern’ name amid racial unrest
35 Several Black pastors break with the Southern Baptist Convention over a statement on race
36 Christian roots: How Baptists came to be Scott County's predominant denomination
37 State partners with Tennessee Baptists to launch helpline for lonely, older adults
38 Baptists on Mission dedicate new Charity Rebuild Center
39 As some drop ‘Southern’ from name, Southern Baptists seem to be moving forward
40 Some in SBC warming to 'Great Commission Baptists' name
41 Conservative Baptist group leader nominee for SBC president
42 Kentucky Baptists must work together to deliver the good news
43 Baptists seem poised to leave 'Southern' behind
44 Unspecified Protestants grow, Baptists decline in Congress
45 Baptists and the rising tide of authoritarianism – Baptist News Global
46 Oklahoma Baptists address 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre ahead of centennial 'as a way to remember'
47 Fewer Southern Baptists Call Themselves 'Southern Baptist' | News & Reporting
48 Black pastor takes stand against Southern Baptist race statement
49 Southern Baptists Keep Quarreling Over Critical Race Theory | News & Reporting
50 Southern Baptists warm to alternate moniker 'Great Commission Baptists'
51 Yes, 2020 had COVID, but look what Southern Baptists did
52 Southern Baptists see historic drop in membership
53 Black Southern Baptists weigh in on critical race theory critique by officials
54 Ralph D. West, Houston pastor, cuts ties to Southern Baptists over critical race theory rejection
55 Will Southern Baptists ever list racism among the odious evils they must stand against, like abortion?
56 Time to celebrate with Ky. Baptists
57 Movement Wants to Make Southern Baptists Conservative Again | News & Reporting
58 Will Southern Baptists practice biblical conservatism or acceptable progressivism?
59 Ketchum: Southern Baptists should consider name change to drop geographical reference, promote inclusivity
60 Atheists are more likely to sleep better than Catholics and Baptists, study finds
61 Baptists and Walmart criticize rebel-themed Mississippi flag
62 Zion Baptist Church Celebrates Its 125th Anniversary
63 Kentucky Baptists' annual convention to be unlike last 182
64 Southern Baptist churches are dropping Southern identity as SC churches consider change
65 Oklahoma Baptists' Board approves abbreviated annual meeting, conducts other business
66 Southern Baptist seminary presidents nix critical race theory
67 Baptists on Mission feeds thousands every week by giving food that would otherwise go to waste
68 McKissic cuts ties with SBTC, potentially with SBC
69 Opinion Southern Baptists need a vaccine for racism
70 A prominent Southern Baptist calls on Trump to step down.
71 Seminaries reaffirm Baptist Faith & Message on its 20th anniversary
72 Southern Baptists, think carefully about your ways
73 Baptists respond to pope's endorsement of same-sex civil unions
74 Trained in rebuilding after disasters, NC Baptists now distribute food boxes
75 Southern Baptist president wants to retire famed gavel named for slave holder
76 Opinion: Mohler should step down from Southern Baptist leadership after embracing Trump
77 Southern Baptist Dwight McKissic to leave Texas group over critical race theory stance
78 Baptist Calvinists defend slavery of Southern Seminary founders
79 Texas Baptists on social media condemn violence and racism
80 In ‘historic’ move, Southern Baptists elect first black pastor to powerful chair
81 Alabama politician resigns as a Southern Baptist pastor after KKK leader’s birthday celebration
82 Southern Baptists Report Biggest Single Year Membership Drop In Decades
83 Arkansas Baptists angered by virus portrayal
84 How sports (and the Baptists) pushed the Confederate banner off Mississippi's state flag
85 Southern Baptists confront stain of racism, slaveholding past, but for some it's not enough
86 Baptists known for excellence in medical care in Indonesia
87 Two Prominent Pastors Break With SBC After Critical Race Theory Stat... | News & Reporting
88 Where's those Barbecue Baptists? | Navasota Examiner
89 SBC pastor calls Vice President Kamala Harris a 'Jezebel' two days after inauguration
90 Defiant Baptists? Surely not!
91 Dance floor where John the Baptist was condemned to death discovered, archaeologist says
92 Senate race shines spotlight on Ebenezer Baptist, ‘Black America’s church’
93 Southern Baptists serve meals, clear debris after Hurricane Laura
94 Southern Baptists respond to President Trump's contracting COVID-19
95 Vietnamese Baptist Church burns amid Philadelphia unrest
96 Southern Baptist leaders amplify Trump's lies about election fraud
97 A Southern Baptist leader's response to the Black Lives Matter movement | Opinion
98 SBC will come to regret the seminary presidents' statement on race
99 Thai Church Holds Record-Breaking Baptism Despite COVID-19 | News & Reporting
100 Wake Forest Baptist's COVID-19 antibodies study expands to Triangle, eastern N.C.