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Result Content Idea Research
1 Being alone and socializing with others each contributes differently to personal growth
2 Bar-Ilan doctoral student receives Google PhD Fellowship
3 Bar Ilan University warns Jewish students they will have to share dorms with Palestinian students
4 Bar-Ilan Study confirms novel theory of aging, could influence treatments
5 Light pollution at night wrecks coral reproductive cycle
6 Israel sees huge jump in college/university enrollment
7 Physics can assist with key challenges in artificial intelligence
8 Physics can solve key challenges facing AI, study finds
9 Breakdown of gene coordination during aging suggests a substantial challenge to longevity
10 Honoring Kurt Rothschild at 100
11 Bar Ilan Study Shows Declining Gene Coordination Threatens Longevity
12 Light pollution at night severely disrupts the reproductive cycle of corals
13 Israeli scientists pioneering new, less invasive breast cancer detection methods
14 Ancient Beer
15 Researchers use gold nanorod scattering to identify immune system's 'killer and savior'
16 Researchers just discovered a benefit of spending time alone in quarantine
17 Working to better understand brain
18 Light pollution at night severely disrupts coral reproductive cycle
19 Bar-Ilan University and Wolfson Medical Center sign cooperation agreement
20 Students walk through disinfection tunnels at Bar-Ilan University in Israel
21 Israeli envoy to Belarus flamed for shaking hands with 'tyrant'
22 A small number of self-organizing autonomous vehicles significantly increases traffic flow
23 Yoaz Hendel visits Bar-Ilan U., presented with latest 5G technology
24 Bar-Ilan University innovation center and Wolfson Medical Center join forces to promote healthcare projects
25 Bar Ilan University helps Nazareth combat coronavirus
26 New editor-in-chief appointed for Journal of Electronic Imaging
27 What will Biden's choice for foreign-policy appointments mean for Israel?
28 Bar-Ilan part of int'l team to receive grant for work in nuclear dynamics
29 On Jewish Unity and Antisemitism, Part 2
30 Bar Ilan President: We feel the impact of BDS but are not afraid
31 India and Israel to work together on perovskite solar cells and lithium sulfur batteries
32 Community invited for 'Coffee with the Consulate'
33 Bar-Ilan University appoints first Arab female full professor
34 Bar-Ilan initiative aims to address health needs in disadvantaged Galilee
35 Bar-Ilan University hones the power of multiple magnetic states
36 Network of sounds: New research reveals the magic secret of human networks
37 Making 3-D nanosuperconductors with DNA
38 Biden’s foreign-policy appointments and what they might mean for Israel
39 Latest Hamas attack on Israel might come from desperation
40 Secret Visit Shows Israel and Saudi Arabia Bracing to Face Biden
41 At-risk youth find solace with Gandyr
42 Bar-Ilan studies how breast cancer patients gain weight during treatment
43 Bar-Ilan's on-chip memory tech ranks in top 3 ventures in Swiss contest
44 The biblical warrior Goliath may not have been so giant after all
45 Israel pilots first-ever disinfectant tunnel for public spaces
46 Nina Hanan heads Bar-Ilan friends
47 Gut check: Teff grain boosts stomach microbiome health | Cornell Chronicle
48 Gold bead, apparently lost on Temple Mount 3,000 years ago, found by 9-year-old
49 Bar Ilan develops tech to turn tap water into coronavirus disinfectant
50 Bar-Ilan COVID-19 researchers join consortium for secure research
51 Bar-Ilan U. Hospital gets medical supplies donation from Chinese alumni
52 Bar-Ilan University: a habitat for interdisciplinary science
53 Israeli scientists use mRNA COVID-19 vaccine technology to fight cancer
54 Israeli researchers from NVIDIA, Stanford, and Bar-Ilan walk into a bar... Win 'Best Paper Award'
55 DNA origami makes 3D superconducting nanostructures – Physics World
56 State of mind: The end of personality as we know it
57 Poll: Israelis Want IDF to Take Over Coronavirus Response
58 Optimism over Pfizer vaccine bodes well for Israel’s COVID shot, experts say
59 Bar-Ilan study finds that hearts that drum together beat together
60 Bar-Ilan named co-winners of Parkinson's disease research challenge
61 Trump ‘bromance’ broke Israel’s bipartisan rule. Will Netanyahu pay?
62 Cell biologists and bioimaging expert team up to solve fourth dimension secrets
63 Coronavirus vaccination: Everything you need to know
64 Israeli health officials: 2 vaccines may be available by end of 2020
65 Bar Ilan student in quarantine after visiting same site as Korean tourist
66 A four-state magnetic tunnel junction for novel spintronics applications
67 A Platform for Making 3-D Nanosuperconductors With DNA
68 Immunodominant epitopes identified for designing peptide-based vaccine against SARS-CoV-2
69 Domestic abuse reports to WhatsApp hotline spike by 95% amid COVID-19
70 The Jewish Music Days Festival at Bar Ilan University
71 Bar-Ilan U. slams 'PR terror' against LGBTQ conference
72 Arab-Israeli Knesset Members: Enemies of Peace
73 Q & A with Sharon Goldman: Driving the engine of Startup Nation
74 Fans love musicians' personalities as much as their music
75 Analysis: Eytan Stibbe will blast off toward a new future of spaceflight
76 Sarit Kraus named ACM Athena Lecturer for contributions to artificial intelligence
77 Join ToI Community for rapid-fire COVID FAQS from top UK-Israeli epidemiologist
78 Bar-Ilan University: Nano-Institute at the cutting edge of medical research
79 How is COVID-19 affecting Holocaust survivors?
80 Magnetic memory states go exponential
81 Israeli prof blazes trail to help heroin overdosers, says anyone can save a life
82 Michael Oren published a book of short stories.
83 Lindauer in Hunt for University of Oklahoma Foundation Chief Advancement Officer
84 Researchers rebuild the bridge between neuroscience and artificial intelligence
85 Children hold leaders primarily responsible, not entitled
86 Israeli invention turns tap water into antiviral solution
87 Hearts that drum together beat together: Group drumming stimulates behavioral and physiological synchronization that contribute to the formation of social bonds and a consequent ability to cooperate
88 Optomagnetic Technology Could Reduce Coronavirus Diagnostic Time
89 Researchers suggest alternating lockdowns to exit corona
90 TAU Researchers Discover Antibody Combo that Fights COVID-19
91 Bar-Ilan University removes regulations requiring modest clothing, skullcaps
92 Bar-Ilan U. eliminates requirements of modest dress, kippah for religion
93 Shlomo Eckstein, 91, Former President of Bar-Ilan University
94 Netanyahu, MBS 'Joining to Face Biden': Foreign Policy
95 Gut bacteria linked to weight gain following chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer
96 Israeli university says new findings may lead to coronavirus vaccine
97 Israel launches int'l center for addiction research
98 Bar-Ilan U. study of Dead Sea mammal revolutionizes study of language
99 'Longevity protein' may help prevent fatty liver disease
100 Sino-Israel Center To Launch At Bar-Ilan University Nanotech Institute