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Result Content Idea Research
1 Bar-Ilan professor honored by B'nai B'rith for rescuing Jews during WWII
2 Alternating lockdown strategy can help defeat COVID-19 and sustain socio-economic activity
3 What happens when COVID-19 meets a virologist, an immunologist and an epidemiologist?
4 Delayed treatment of shooting injuries may have better outcome
5 One dose of COVID-19 vaccine provokes strong immune response in those previously infected
6 Middle East matters
7 Israeli researchers develop AI mapping method to predict wildfires
8 Delayed medical treatment of high-impact injuries: A lesson from the Syrian civil war
9 Coronavirus: Willingness to be vaccinated linked to unemployment
10 Vaccine Origins, Unexpected Adverse Events, Variant Effects and Other News
11 Israeli study boosts belief post-COVID immunity stays when antibodies fade
12 Power/Performance Bits: March 2
13 What makes people want more self-control? BAR-ILAN UNIVERSITY
14 Web search data and help from Israel mean England can catch COVID spikes early
15 People previously infected with COVID-19 respond strongly to one dose of Pfizer vaccine
16 Single dose of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine provokes strong immune response: Study
17 Ozone can work as coronavirus disinfectant
18 A small number of self-organizing autonomous vehicles significantly increases traffic flow
19 Being alone and socializing with others each contributes differently to personal growth
20 Bar-Ilan University lays cornerstone for $30 million Alexander Grass Computer Science Building
21 Web searches could help detect Covid-19 outbreaks early, study says
22 COVID-19 Scan for Feb 12, 2021
23 First of its kind: Bar-Ilan and UAE University sign on to joint research
24 Israel vaccinates international students and researchers
25 Identiq Raises $47M in Series A Funding
26 Israel study: One vaccine shot sees strong response in COVID recoveries
27 Students walk through disinfection tunnels at Bar-Ilan University in Israel
28 Covid-19: More young children are being infected in Israel and Italy, emerging data suggest
29 YOUR HEALTH: Is hearing impacted by COVID-19?
30 Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Reduces Viral Load: Study
31 Bar-Ilan University archaeologist: Rare, engraved menorah discovered on tomb façade could date back to the Hasmonean era
32 Bar-Ilan University's Lookstein Center launches online professional development series for Jewish day schools
33 Two Bar-Ilan U. professors attain prestigious EU grants
34 Study sheds light on elements that drive people to improve self-control
35 Bar-Ilan University and Wolfson Medical Center sign cooperation agreement
36 Researchers have proved that that ozone is effective in disinfecting Coronavirus
37 Bar-Ilan University innovation center and Wolfson Medical Center join forces to promote healthcare projects
38 Researchers create a molecular 'Google map' of the brain
39 Researchers: Ozone is effective treatment against coronavirus
40 Promising Treatment for Covid-19 Enters Clinical Trials in Israeli Medical Centers
41 Yoaz Hendel visits Bar-Ilan U., presented with latest 5G technology
42 Israeli COVID cure? Researchers hope peptide treatment could slow disease
43 Decama Capital Ltd Kickstarts Green Energy Offering with Chief Development Officer Appointment
44 Rare 1,800-Year-Old Coin Discovered in Israel
45 Why Israel leads the world in covid-19 vaccinations
46 Bar Ilan University helps Nazareth combat coronavirus
47 Bar-Ilan University appoints first Arab female full professor
48 First-of-its-Kind Academic Collaboration
49 2021 Biopharma Update on the Novel Coronavirus: February 16
50 Bar-Ilan doctoral student receives Google PhD Fellowship
51 Sanofi Won't Have A Covid Vaccine In 2021
52 Coronavirus: Can a vaccinated person still spread COVID?
53 Neonatal antibiotic use associated with reduced growth in boys
54 How is COVID-19 affecting Holocaust survivors?
55 Bar Ilan University warns Jewish students they will have to share dorms with Palestinian students
56 Bar-Ilan part of int'l team to receive grant for work in nuclear dynamics
57 Israeli Archaeologists Find First Purple Fabric from King David's Era | News & Reporting
58 Bar-Ilan University: a habitat for interdisciplinary science
59 Grapevine March 3, 2021: It did not rain on his parade
60 Physics can assist with key challenges in artificial intelligence
61 Int'l Mother Tongue Day finds most Middle Eastern children multilingual
62 Optical Society Names Recipients of 2021 OSA Awards
63 Bar-Ilan Study confirms novel theory of aging, could influence treatments
64 Are vaccines more effective than we thought? Probably yes, experts say
65 Bar-Ilan initiative aims to address health needs in disadvantaged Galilee
66 Bar-Ilan's on-chip memory tech ranks in top 3 ventures in Swiss contest
67 Israel sees huge jump in college/university enrollment
68 COVID-19: Haredim drift further from Israeli mainstream
69 Israel pilots first-ever disinfectant tunnel for public spaces
70 Antibiotics stunt growth, impair weight gain in infant boys: Israeli researchers
71 Fans love musicians' personalities as much as their music
72 Sarit Kraus named ACM Athena Lecturer for contributions to artificial intelligence
73 Landmark decision recognizing non-Orthodox conversions performed in Israel sparks fierce debate
74 Israeli prof blazes trail to help heroin overdosers, says anyone can save a life
75 Bar-Ilan University: Nano-Institute at the cutting edge of medical research
76 Nina Hanan heads Bar-Ilan friends
77 IDF soldier finds rare 1,800-year-old coin
78 Magnetic memory states go exponential
79 Breakdown of gene coordination during aging suggests a substantial challenge to longevity
80 Bar-Ilan University removes regulations requiring modest clothing, skullcaps
81 Should vaccinated people be allowed to travel freely?
82 Israeli invention turns tap water into antiviral solution
83 Study suggests ozone is effective in disinfecting the coronavirus
84 Researchers rebuild the bridge between neuroscience and artificial intelligence
85 Illicit pandemic travel, Audrey Hepburn behind the glamour and Da Vinci's Loire Valley
86 State of mind: The end of personality as we know it
87 Bar Ilan develops tech to turn tap water into coronavirus disinfectant
88 Bar-Ilan U. Hospital gets medical supplies donation from Chinese alumni
89 Immunodominant epitopes identified for designing peptide-based vaccine against SARS-CoV-2
90 Bar-Ilan University and Hungary's Milton Friedman University Ink Academic Cooperation Agreement
91 Bar-Ilan U. eliminates requirements of modest dress, kippah for religion
92 Join ToI Community for rapid-fire COVID FAQS from top UK-Israeli epidemiologist
93 Gantz: What does Israel want in its leaders? Integrity or lies and manipulation?
94 Bar-Ilan University Hosts Israel Model UN Conference
95 UK-Israeli scientist's algorithm can predict Covid outbreaks 17 days in advance
96 Galilee Medical Center and Gulf Medical University sign agreement
97 Bar-Ilan University: Researchers Invent Nano-Drops That Improve Nearsightedness and Farsightedness
98 100 graduate students from India get special flight back to Israel due to virus
99 6 Little-Known Jewish Languages
100 Moderna chief medical officer to receive honorary doctorate from BIU