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1 Barr says calls for coronavirus lockdown are the 'greatest intrusion on civil liberties' other than slavery in US history
2 Barr takes aim at prosecutors inside his own Justice Dept.
3 Attorney General William Barr: 'I don't think there are two justice systems'
4 Barr says Russia isn't the biggest threat to US elections
5 'His abuses have escalated': Barr's kinship with Trump fuels election fears
6 Bill Barr's Long-Held Ideas About America
7 New York Times: Prosecutor tapped by Barr to investigate Russia probe is now looking into Clinton Foundation
8 DOJ says it won't send officials to testify because Democrats were 'scolding and insulting' to Barr
9 Barr, AGs to meet on fragmenting case against Google
10 'The Department of Trump': Biden bashes Trump, Barr for DOJ interference
11 Anti-Trump dossier's primary 'source' investigated for possible Russia ties: Barr
12 Impeach Bill Barr
13 President Trump and Attorney General William Barr are a perfect match. The question is, who's using whom?
14 Barr says 'notion' of separation of church and state misunderstood because of 'militant secularists'
15 Fact-checking William Barr on fraudulent ballots in Texas
16 Barr dishonors Justice Department
17 AG William Barr in Milwaukee announces takedown of major drug trafficking ring
18 Vikings turn to Eric Wilson in Anthony Barr's absence
19 Barr accuses Justice Department of headhunting and meddling with politics
20 Minnesota Vikings LB Anthony Barr placed on IR with torn pectoral
21 Barr Justice Department to seek congressional curbs on immunity for internet companies
22 Temple Golfer Anthony Barr Chips In During the Pandemic
23 Barr Criticizes Prosecutors, Makes Incendiary Comments On Slavery And Pandemic
24 Bill Barr Is Right to Limit Overzealous Prosecutions
25 Eric Wilson Shouldering More Responsibility with Anthony Barr Out
26 Barr's undermining of the election is downright dangerous
27 Former DOJ lawyer: Barr's comments irresponsible and ignorant
28 Barr has brought DOJ to a dark new low
29 What Attorney General Barr really said about justice | TheHill
30 New York, Seattle and Portland Are Anarchies, Barr Says
31 Has Anthony Barr Played His Last Snap as a Viking?
32 During stop in Atlanta with Ivanka Trump, AG Bill Barr announces $100M to combat human trafficking
33 Barr claims DOJ program intended to combat violence was derailed by pandemic
34 AG William Barr Has Been Speaking About The Election Frequently
35 Letter: A career politician, Barr hasn't met a PAC he didn't like
36 Top NC GOP Official Asks Bill Barr to Investigate Democratic State AG and Elections Board for Collusion
37 Bill Barr compares coronavirus lockdown to slavery
38 Barr Remains Wary of Security Concerns in Oracle’s TikTok Deal
39 Barr compares coronavirus stay-at-home orders to slavery, dismisses Black Lives Matter
40 'I don't know what to say:' Lemon reacts to Barr's remarks
41 Fact-checking William Barr: Is your vote no longer secret with mail-in ballots?
42 Trump and Barr call NYC an 'anarchist jurisdiction' in brazen ploy to crush dissent
43 A repugnant and absurd choice by the Barr Justice Department
44 Barr tightens rules on surveillance of political candidates and advisers
45 Mueller prosecutor’s testimony about Roger Stone disputed by supervisors
46 Vikings' Anthony Barr out for season, one of many notable Week 2 NFL injuries
47 Whitmer calls Barr comments comparing lockdowns to slavery an 'unhinged distraction'
48 'Sheer lunacy': CNN analyst reacts to Barr's involvement
49 Clyburn says Barr's remark comparing lockdowns to slavery is 'the most ridiculous, tone-deaf, God-awful thing I've ever heard'
50 Barr defends DOJ involvement in Trump sexual assault lawsuit
51 Justice Dept. Denies House Panel’s Request for Officials to Appear After Combative Barr Hearing
52 As The Nation Gears Up To Vote, William Barr Is A Public Face For GOP
53 AG Barr: Mail-in voting is 'playing with fire'
54 How Attorney General Bill Barr Controls the End of John Durham's Investigation
55 Barr Goes All-In on Trump Campaign Themes Weeks Before Election
56 Barr's response to Trump's claim stuns CNN reporter
57 Schiff: Barr flat-out misled with 'blatantly false statement'
58 Santa Fe archdiocesan justice office urges no honor for Barr at breakfast
59 Schiff accuses Barr of lying over election intelligence
60 As Trump Campaigns on Law and Order, Barr Rolls Out Crime-Fighting Initiatives
61 Clyburn on Barr: The most God-awful thing I've ever heard
62 Barr reportedly removes national security official ahead of elections
63 Watch Live: Attorney General Barr Discusses ‘Operation Legend' in Chicago
64 Leonard Barr
65 Empowering American workers: A discussion with Reps. Andy Barr (R-KY) and Mike Johnson (R-LA)
66 Barr Ignores Lawyers’ Calls to Go Slow on Google Antitrust Case
67 Bill Barr Declares Ipswich Middle School Anarchist Jurisdiction After Finding ‘Circle-A’ Symbol Drawn On Noteb
68 Federal Judge Hands Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe a Big Procedural Win Against Bill Barr
69 Vikings Snap Count Analysis, Week 2: Barr Injury Causes Shakeup
70 Barr says streets are 'safer' after killing of an alleged Antifa member
71 Merkley’s thoughts on RBG, AG Bill Barr, Breonna Taylor
72 House advances Barr's legislation to improve online access for VA disability claim forms
73 Firefighters' Union Confronts Barr Investigation
74 Fact check: Echoing Trump, Barr misleads on voter fraud to attack expanded vote-by-mail
75 How William Barr Misunderstands America’s Founding Fathers
76 MS Attorney General Fitch to meet with President Trump, AG Barr to discuss online censorship
77 Anthony Barr And Others Lose 2020 Season | Eagan, MN Patch
78 Barr’s removal of career national security official, weeks before election, raises concerns
79 AG Barr: 'Separation of Church and State Does Not Mean Separation of Religion and Civics'
80 Two new stories ramp up focus on Barr’s willingness to boost Trump before election
81 Bill Barr's Hidden Truths About DOJ Rule of Forbearance in an Election
82 FBI agent who Trump accused of bias says Attorney General Barr's actions "smack of political partisanship"
83 William Barr floats theory of foreign mail-vote fraud that experts call impossible
84 Bill Barr's critics are wrong — again, and other commentary
85 Carter affirms safety of mail-in voting after Barr and White House cite him to diminish it
86 Barr’s Ploy to Protect Trump Is Blatantly Wrong
87 Biden rips Barr's comments on coronavirus restrictions as 'sick' | TheHill
88 Barr able to put his stamp on executive power as Trump's AG
89 Vikings update Anthony Barr's injury status
90 AG Bill Barr's election deceptions go from bad to worse
91 The irony of Bill Barr talking about truth as 'a meaningful concept'
92 Harris says Trump, Barr are in ‘different reality’ when denying systemic racism amid nationwide protests
93 Deutsche Bank Hires Barr Friend to Up Its Game in Washington
94 Vikings lose Anthony Barr for game in second quarter with shoulder injury
95 Barr under fire for comparing coronavirus lockdowns to slavery
96 Barr's Campaign Against Independent Expertise Claims Another Victim
97 Bill Barr, Personal Injury Attorney | Sheneman
98 Bill Barr ordered pandemic prison releases months ago -- but Byron Miller is still waiting.
99 Barr games with Flynn case ripped as 'corrupt political errand'
100 Bill Haisten: A casualty of the OSU spending cuts – the irreplaceable Johnny Barr