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1 An "unending nightmare," Bashar al Assad's nephew is out of prison
2 Syria's Assad says billions locked in troubled Lebanese banks behind economic crisis
3 Syria, masculinity and how the Assad regime's priorities have changed during pandemic
4 Syria's Assad says U.S. pressure, sanctions obstructing return of refugees
5 Opening of museum to brother of Bashar Al Assad in Syria draws criticism
6 Top Syria diplomat Moalem, soft-spoken defender of Assad, dies at 79
7 US Fears Syria's Assad Meddling in Fragile Lebanon
8 Where 50 Years of Assad Family Rule Have Left Syria
9 Syria opens lavish museum for Assad's brother as its people go hungry
10 Escalating violence in strategic Syrian city belies Assad’s claim that he’s in control
11 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad makes big change in military service law
12 Kurds should be commended for fight against terror, says cousin of Bashar al-Assad
13 Syria president Bashar al-Assad names Faisal Mekdad new Foreign minister
14 Syria names Faisal Mekdad new FM after Walid al-Moallem dies
15 Arab Spring and Emergence of Syrian Crisis
16 Israel hit Damascus 2nd time in a week: Syrian army
17 Covert Action, Congressional Inaction
18 Victory for Bashar al-Assad has meant more suffering for his people
19 US imposes sanctions on son of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad
20 Can Syria's Assad Regime Survive a New Wave of Threats?
21 Casualties From Banned Cluster Bombs Nearly Doubled in 2019, Mostly in Syria
22 Russia Tries to Pin Syrian Refugees' Fate on US
23 Syria's War Has Arrived Inside Bashar al-Assad's Family
24 Could Assad row with cousin tear down Syrian regime?
25 Biden secretary of state pick Blinken admitted Obama administration 'failed' in Syria
26 French court finds Bashar al-Assad's uncle guilty of property fraud
27 Why Iran’s Syria Strategy Is Shifting
28 On Day of Remembrance for All Victims of Chemical Warfare, Most Victims of Chemical Weapons This Century Are Syrians
29 Airstrike kills Iranian commander on Syria-Iraq border
30 Syria’s Assad is confronting the toughest challenges of the 9-year war
31 Syria: Assad interrupts speech after brief drop in blood pressure
32 Is Bashar al Assad at risk of losing his Alawite base?
33 Trouble in Bashar al-Assad’s own ranks
34 Trump Says He Wanted To Assassinate Syria's Assad
35 Syria's Assad says Russian bases in his country keep balance of power in region
36 Why Did Assad Just Seize His Cousin's Assets?
37 Bashar al-Assad’s Hollow Victory
38 How the US Presidential Election Will Affect the Future of Syria and Bashar al-Assad
39 Has Russia grown tired of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad?
40 Donors to Syria Must Ensure That Aid Doesn't Go to Bashar al-Assad's Regime
41 UN wants to see 'progress' in latest round of Syria talks
42 Iran Strengthens Military Presence in Eastern Syria
43 Bashar al Assad’s social media complex
44 Syrian graffiti artist pays tribute to Maradona
45 Spirit of revolt lives on in Syria's exiles
46 Remembering Bashar Al-Assad becoming President of Syria
47 Syria chemical attacks: Case filed in German court names al-Assad
48 An Inconvenient Truth
49 Could Russia be preparing to abandon Syria's Bashar al Assad?
50 Syrians Face Growing Hunger as Winter Approaches
51 Turkish charity delivers humanitarian aid to Syria
52 The Extent of Assad's War Crimes in Syria Is Finally Coming to Light in a German Court
53 Syria's President Bashar al-Assad cuts tax for low-income workers
54 Assad pledges to continue onslaught that has displaced 900,000
55 Syria's richest man inflames rare public dispute with Assad
56 Bashar al-Assad is Criminally Responsible for Syria's COVID-19 Crisis
57 Ex-Syria intelligence chief fled to Austria with help from Mossad
58 Syria's Assad blames Turkey for fighting between Azeris and Armenians
59 Questions President Trump needs to answer before negotiating with the Assad regime over hostages
60 U.S. says Russia is working with Syria's Assad to move militia to Libya
61 US no longer demanding ouster of Syria's Assad: envoy
62 US envoy claims Assad has 'surrendered' Syria's sovereignty
63 First Syria torture trial opens in Germany
64 German court may indict Assad for war crimes
65 Bashar Al Assad's Support for the Franciscans
66 Top Trump administration official met with Assad regime over imprisoned Americans
67 These messages between an Army vet and her terrorist sweetheart will make you cringe
68 How Assad's Atrocities Became a Powerful Motivator for Terrorist Recruitment
69 Arab Spring, unrest and military clashes mark Bashar al-Assad's 20-year rule
70 Syrian President Assad turns 54, the throne he sits on has turned thornier
71 'Where is the democracy here?': Defiant Assad holds parliamentary elections in Syria
72 Syria: Assad’s Baath party wins majority in parliamentary polls
73 Robert Fisk's Long Career of Lies Comes to an End
74 Bashar al-Assad's cousin begs him for help with debts in unprecedented video appeal
75 Assad Exploiting COVID-19 Prevention Measures to Consolidate Grip on Syria, Observers Say
76 Putin Has a Syria ‘Headache’ and the Kremlin’s Blaming Assad
77 Assad and Putin are responsible for Syria’s latest wave of suffering
78 Assad's cousin says Syrian government is seizing his assets
79 Assad angered as Russia meets representatives of Syria's Alawites
80 Bashar al-Assad is Struggling for Influence in North and East Syria
81 Why Iran is more at ease with Bashar al Assad than Russia
82 For wounded Syrian photographer, Paris protest reawoke Aleppo trauma
83 Syrian regime promotes return of refugees by housing centers and postponement of compulsory military service
84 Car bomb kills Muslim mufti for Syria’s capital: State media
85 Syria's Assad appoints governors to opposition held Idlib, Raqqa
86 Syria's Assad says he wants to expand Russian investments to help offset U.S. sanctions
87 Editor's Letter: Ameer Alhalbi's beating exposes corruption of French political elite
88 Liberia: Milestone Swiss Trial for Wartime Atrocities
89 Assad: 'US assassination plan is obvious and expected'
90 Death in Istanbul: James Le Mesurier and Syria's media war
91 West looks for ways to combat Assad’s latest weapon: International aid
92 Syria's stateless Kurds can't afford to become citizens
94 NJ woman gave Syrian terrorists military advice & money, feds say
95 U.S. to sanction Syria to block Assad from military victory
96 The curious, spurious tale of David Hockney’s £23m pool painting and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad
97 OPCW report set to blame Syria chemical attacks on Bashar al-Assad
98 UAE praises Syria's Assad for 'wise leadership', cementing ties
99 The trouble with letting Assad 'win' – Middle East Monitor
100 Sudan Continues Its Evolution | Real Clear Wire |